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UPDATE: This is an older model. Check out our newest Freemotion treadmill reviews here.

The FreeMotion XT is a machine with a positive image on the market. According to rankings, this is one of the best deals in the price range of $1,000 (down from $2000, original price).

From our point of view this is a richly featured machine, with perks worthy of a second look.

Read next to see if this machine is really a good purchase or not.


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Speed : up to 12 MPH There are 12 buttons available on the console to control speed with one touch.

Incline : up to 12% One Touch The same as speed, you have 12 buttons to control incline.

Motor : 3.0 CHP Commercial Pro

Belt : 20" x 60"/ 59 cm x 153 cm The belt is backed by an adjustable cushion system. You increase the firmness if you move the cushion handle to the front of the treadmill. Our advice is to make sure you set the cushion levels on both sides, at the same level.

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 1 year for parts and labor


Display Info

The Graphical Backlit Display ensures high quality, easy-to-read feedback about incline, speed, walked/ run distance, elapsed time, pace in minutes/ mile or minutes/ km, approximate number of burned calories and heart rate.

During the manual mode of the console the incline and speed can be adjusted with the touch of one button, which saves you time.

Heart Rate Readings

Use the handgrip pulse sensors on the metal contacts in order to monitor your heart rate. Hold them for 10 seconds or longer for more accurate results.


The Freemotion XTr offers 28 performance workouts, of which 14 time workouts, 6 distance workouts and 4 calorie workouts. You can also create your own workout to match your specific fitness needs. And when you want to diversify your array of programs, try the iFit Live Module (optional), a source of downloadable personalized workouts.

If you want to start a Performance workout, go to Increase/ Decrease near Enter and highlight Workouts. Press Enter and highlight Performance. Press Enter again. Select the desired program category and press Enter. Then choose your workout and start. Select the display mode for feedback and monitor your performance. Measure your heart rate during tough workouts or Heart Rate workouts.

To create a My Memory Workout, go to the Increase/ Decrease buttons next to Enter and highlight Workouts. Press Enter and highlight Memory and once again press Enter. Select incline and speed. Then, start the belt and select the display you prefer for feedback.

To use the My Memory Workout, also use the Increase/ Decrease buttons next to Enter and highlight workouts. Press Enter and highlight Memory. Press Enter or the memory buttons. Select the workout and the display will offer the name, duration, maximum speed setting, maximum incline setting and a profile of the speed settings.

Alongside the default workouts, there are the iFit workouts you can download using the iFIT LIVE module. Unfortunately this is purchased separately.

Folding Options

This treadmill is foldable, which gives the user the freedom to deposit it wherever.

But pay attention to not hurt yourself during he process. The treadmill is heavy.

Sound System

The Freemotion XTr has a cool sound system that you may find quite helpful and motivational during exhausting workouts. The music port is also compatible with iPods.

Information Mode

The Information Mode keeps track of total distance of the walking belt and total number of hours the treadmill has been used. You can monitor distance in miles or kilometers. Also, you can set the contrast level of the display. To select this mode, hold down Stop, insert the key and release Stop. To exit, simply remove the key.


The Freemotion XTR is a richly featured machine that we recommend to anyone looking to lose weight and stay fit. This is a provocative treadmill that will make you outrun your own performance. It will help you jump higher and run faster and will help you become the athlete you want to be. There is only one detail that disturbed us, and that is the poor warranty value.

As far as functionality goes, this treadmill is above average. There are 34 default workouts to choose from. These workouts are designed to meet the training needs of avid runners and walkers. And as far as we are concerned, they perform very well.

If interested in enlarging your options, you can purchase the iFIT LIVE module. This is a gadget you don’t really need, but it’s fun to play with.

And since we’re talking about workouts, you should know that the running belt offers reasonable space for comfortable and effective workouts. For easy usage, this treadmill comes with adjustable cushioning and also one-touch adjustable incline and speed. It only takes one touch of a button to adjust the speed and incline.

This is not the first treadmill, nor the last that comes with these features. But what we observed is that on this treadmill they perform very well, and our standards are pretty high.

In addition, the powerful motor is silent even at high speed and after 30 minutes of intense workout.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the graphical backlit display has nice lines and also offers easy-to-read feedback.

Entertainment is also something the producers closely cared for. The sound system is great. It delivers a high-quality clear sound. And it is also compatible with iPod and any other MP3 you may have. It is easy to use and that is the first detail we like about it.

There are also several flaws that you want to consider when evaluating this machine. As we said above the warranty is not that appealing. Only 1 year for parts and labor is not something you may find advantageous for a $2000 machine. This may be the most notable issue with the Freemotion XTr. Secondly, there are the heart rate sensors that were rather disappointing. For this price and for what it can do, it should have a wireless reading system included.

To be fair, this model is stunningly similar to the Reebok T12.80 and it also resembles to the NordicTrack Commercial 1500. The detail you may want to pay attention to is that these similar models may be found at a lower price. It is not imperative to spend $2000 on this equipment.

7 Responses to Freemotion XTr

  1. Maria says:

    Costco is currently selling this treadmill for $979 CDN.

  2. marie-joelle says:

    Hi runnreviews,

    Can I use I-fit card with this treadmill or just the module?


  3. admin says:

    @Marie-Joelle – only the iFIT Live Module is compatible with this treadmill. You can check the article we wrote about iFIT treadmills: We update it often with details about new iFIT compatible treadmills we review.

  4. Marc says:

    I paid it only 899$ CDN at Costco (Québec). Seems to be the regular price.

  5. admin says:

    @ Marc – I didn’t find this offer on Costco’s official website, but it’s a great info for our readers if the offer is available all the time. Thanks!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    I confirm that it’s still at 899$ at costco around quebec. December 23 2010

  7. Mark says:

    Costco in Hawaii also sells this unit for $899.00 US

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