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The Freemotion Incline Trainer is a machine built for serious runners looking for a new challenge, in the comfort of their own home. It offers the means to reach high levels of intensity and ensures your comfort while doing so.

Follow us next into a short description of this machine and reach a final conclusion at the end.


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Speed : up to 10 mph

Incline : up to 40%

Decline : 3%

Motor : 2.25 CHP Drive Motor

Belt : 20 x 55 inches/ 51 x 140 cm

Cushion System : Reflex Cushioning

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs/ 130 kg

Unit Dimensions : 59.60 inches L x 36.50 W x 73 H/ 151.4 cm L x 92.7 W x 185.4 H

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 1 year for parts and labor


Display Info

The Graphical Display with Priority Display helps you view your performance quickly. You get speed, time, incline, distance, pulse, carbs burned and calories burned as you work out. The Priority Display helps you choose the exact statistics you want to see during exercise.

Speed and incline/ decline are easy to alter with the touch of a button.

Heart Rate Readings

Handlebars Sensors


The Incline Trainer provides 9 Calorie Goal workouts, each created for specific results.

Aside these built-in workouts, this machine offers iFit compatibility, which means more personalized training. You need wireless connection and the iFit Live Module. You’ll be getting Google Maps workouts and also terrain workouts, due to the high maximum incline and the innovative decline. Fat burning workouts are included and additionally, you’ll be getting intense cardio.

For more challenge, this model offers a Random Trail Generator that selects parts of your built-in workouts and mixes them into an entirely new workout.

iFit Live Module

compatible (you must buy the module and the subscription separately – see details here: iFIT LIVE MODULE)

Music Port for iPod


Sound System

Intermix Acoustics 2.0

Folding Options





The Freemotion Incline Trainer is a machine that we recommend to users of average heights and weights of maximum 300 lbs/ 130 kg. This machine is built for users interested in losing weight consistently. We recommend the Incline Trainer and here are the reasons why.

We also tested the previous version (Freemotion Incline Trainer PRO) and it was a nice experience. But this version is slightly better and we know this is the model you can find in stock.


The motor is suitable for high intensity. It is able to back up prolonged workouts, and still help you run smoothly and consistently. The internal fan does a swell job maintaining noise at a low level. It’s a major advantage given the built-in workouts. This machine helps you burn maximum amount of calories. You set your goal and time and the console does the rest.

The belt offers plenty of space for you to run comfortably. It does a great job for leg muscles.

iFit Live Module is an awesome advantage of any treadmill. Users who look for a good challenge will benefit from this feature that basically allows you to run all around the globe. For difficult terrains, the machine enables a decline of up to -3 and an extreme maximum incline.

Plus, iFit workouts add up to weight loss programs, only these are personalized. So far, so good.

The graphical display is user friendly and enables a priority display that allows users to select desired feedback. This feature has eased our workouts notably.

The cushioning has been working great for us. After maximum intensities, no injury and no stress. And to prevent exhaustion, this model comes with a cooling fan. You can turn it on at any time and works perfectly.

The warranty is satisfactory, although 1 year for labor and parts may be a bit low for an $1800 machine.

Main Attraction

The Random Trail Generator extracts parts of your workouts and rearranges them to create new challenges. This feature makes our workouts even more enticing. It has the iFit Live Module compatibility, but of course you have to purchase the module separately.

There is a Priority Display that allows users to choose preferential feedback. And last but definitely not least, the -3 decline can take you to high grounds of intensity, in addition to 40% maximum incline that is a major asset for avid runners.

To conclude, this is a treadmill that we recommend to intensive runners looking for higher peaks of training.

And if you are not sure how incline training can help you, check out our infographic.

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