FreeMotion T5.8


The FreeMotion t5.8 has received good reviews which make it a notable machine, as far as quality and features go. It ensures variety of programs, a nice feature package and nice aesthetic lines.

This is a good-looking treadmill built for professional athletes, average walkers or joggers. But the price is an impediment and makes you more attentive to each small detail.

Read more about the Freemotion T5.8 to find out if this $2700 treadmill is worthy of a purchase decision.


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Speed : up to 12 MPH

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.0 CHP commercial drive The key of this treadmill is the Reflex Cushion System.

Belt : 22 " x 60 " / 56 x 152 cm

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit dimensions : 85 " Length x 34 " Width x 63 " Height/ 216 cm L x 86 " W x 160 cm H

Unit Weight : 370 lbs/ 168 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and deck breakage, 20 years motor, 7 years parts, 2 years labor


Display Info

The display is multi-screen, 160 x 50. This console offers 6 display modes with the following information:

* Elapsed time

* Walked/ run distance

* Speed

* Incline

* Approximate number of burned calories and burned calories/ hour

* Intensity in METs

* Walking/ running pace

As a plus, the console keeps track of total walked/ run distance and approximate number of burned calories.

Heart Rate Monitor

Wireless Chest Strap Included

Use the handrails to measure your heart rate. Grasp the contacts and hold them for about 10 seconds, or more for a plus of accuracy. You can also use the included Polar wireless strap. Just make sure you don’t use them simultaneously.


The program selection of the T5.8 includes 12 interactive trainer workouts that enable the possibility to customize workouts. The interactive trainer workouts include 3 heart rate workouts and there are also 3 Fitness test workouts to measure the VO2 max (in translation, your fitness level).

For a personal trainer workout, go to Interval Workouts, Terrain Workouts or Random Workouts until you reach the workout you want. Press Enter and insert age, weight and duration. Press Enter after each selection. Press Start to begin and monitor your progress with the displays. Measure heart rate and cool down with the fan.

For a Walk/ Run workout, press Walk/ Run workouts until you reach the one you want. Follow instructions and don’t forget to monitor your progress and your heart rate.

You can opt for a fitness test workout, after you put on the chest strap. Select the workout and begin exercising by pressing Start.

For a heart rate workout, also wear the chest strap. Select the desired workout by pressing Heart Rate Control repeatedly. Press Start and off you go.

For a Custom workout, press Custom Workouts repeatedly until you get to the one you want. Select age and weight and press Enter after each selection. The display will give you name, maximum incline, maximum speed and duration. Follow instructions to make your selections.

The console also offers an iFit slot where you can insert the iFit card. It’s great to have this option for more workout diversity. Follow instructions to make your selections and press Enter after each one. Start your workout and monitor progress.



Sound System

There’s a high quality sound system that you can use during workout, to play whichever music you want on whichever player you have. You can also insert your iPod and also your headphones, if you want to.

iFit Cards


The treadmill has an iFIT card slot included, but cards must be purchased separately. Our recommendation is to go for this option only if you consider mandatory. The console already gives you the tools to create or use a diverse workout system.

If interested you can read more about this option in iFIT Workouts article.


The Freemotion T5.8 is a powerful machine, built for both average runners and walkers and avid athletes looking for real provocations. But it’s too expensive for the features it offers and the alternatives on the market are much more challenging.

The manufacturer price is $3500. But at special stores, like Amazon you buy it for $2700.

Still, in this price range, we definitely prefer Life Fitness Life Fitness T3 Treadmill – for $2500 with Basic Workout Console. Or you can buy the advanced Workout console for $2800.

About FreeMotion T5.8.

The motor is sturdy and can keep up with intense workouts.

Light joggers and walkers will be also satisfied with the motor.

The belt is advantageous for taller or heavier users.

The cushioning system will ensure the safety and comfort of your workouts, keeping you injury-free. Actually this is why FreeMotion T5.8 costs so much. The Reflex Cushion is built to absorb much more stride impact, but without reducing the strength so runners can train longer time without feeling joint or knee pain. It’s was a new experience but very pleasant.

Another detail is that this treadmill comes with the chest strap included. We used it for fitness tests and heart rate workouts and it was helpful.

A nice advantage is that you can insert your own age and weight values. This is a very important feature. It helps you receive proper, personalized feedback, rather than standard feedback as many treadmills do. But you don’t have to pay this money to have these controls.

The warranty pack reflects well in the budget invested. Lifetime warranty for frame and deck breakage, 20 years motor, 7 years parts and 2 years for labor is a decent offer.

The treadmill doesn’t fold. This may be a problem with those lacking storage space.

To sum our conclusion, we had a nice experience (which we would have valued at $1500-$2000). We didn’t meet any problems with the machine or it’s components.

Still from our point of view the price is too high for what it offers. In the end the decision remains yours.

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