Freemotion Incline Trainer Pro


The Freemotion Incline Trainer is a a great machine for fitness enthusiasts interested primarily in burning calories and losing weight.

The machine is very similar to the Nordictrack Incline Trainers. They are produced by the same manufacturer, ICON Health and Fitness, and you can find similar features on both brands.

For example, on this product the incline range is from -6% to 40% to ensure tough workouts for those who want to lose weight or enjoy good and rapid training for different muscle groups. And it resembles a lot (it’s almost identical) to the NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer.

You can read more about this particular model below, or just scroll to the bottom for our summary and how to find the best deals.


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Speed : up to 12 MPH You have all predefined quick speed buttons on the console, except value 9.

Incline and Decline : 6% up to 40% Speed is limited, depending in what incline range you select. When incline is from -6% to 20%, speed is the maximum possible, 12 mph. If incline is set from 20.5% to 30%, you can't have more than 8 mph. And from 30.5% to 40% incline,the maximum speed is 6 mph.

Motor : 3 CHP Commercial PRO motor

Belt : 20 " x 55 "/ 51cm x 139 cm

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 136 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor and 1 year parts and labor.


Display Info

This treadmill has an innovative display, controlled through touch screen technology.

This makes it very easy to read information about speed, time, incline, distance, number of burned calories, current lap progress and time, pace in minutes per mile/ km, number of vertical climbed feet and heart rate.

Heart Rate Readings

Contact Handles

Heart rate can be read by using the contacts on the handlebars for about ten seconds, or more for more exact results. It’s nice they are positioned in an ergonomic way, but readings have a 15% error percent. This happens frequently on treadmills, not just on this one.


This console integrates a pack of 29 preset workouts, of which 20 calorie burn and 10 all-terrain trails workouts.

To select a Calorie Burn workout or an All-Terrain Trails workout, press Workout and select one of these 2 options or you may also press the Terrain Stimulation Workouts buttons. For a calorie burn workout, select the level of difficulty. You’ll see from the beginning the approximate number of calories that you will be burning, the duration and distance of the workout. Additionally, the display will give you the number of vertical feet you’ll be climbing and an incline profile.

For an all-terrain trails workout, also select the difficulty level. Select the workout. You’ll have the duration and the approximate number of calories you’ll burn. Also, this type of workout will offer a topographic map of the trail.

Start the workout. Monitor your performance and measure your heart rate. Turn on the fan and enjoy your workout.

For a Set-a-Goal workout, select the main menu and then select a workout. Set the time, distance or calorie goal. Start the workout and follow the same steps as for all other workouts.

This treadmill also features an iFit Live Mode that allows the incline trainer to communicate with a wireless network. This enables the console to simulate a live terrain workout, after conecting to your wireless account and downloading interactive google maps workouts.

Fan - included

It’s nice that this model has a large fan which copes better when the workout gets too hot.

Sound System

This unit incorporates a high quality sound system that provides a nice, clear, equalized sound. You can connect your MP3 player or iPod to the speakers and enjoy the music you like.

iFit Live Module

This Incline Trainer incorporates an iFit Live Mode that will diversify your training with personalized workouts and will help you track and analyze your performance. The model we tested had the iFIT subscription included in the price for 3 months only. Then you start paying a monthly fee to have access to this interactive workout system.

What it does is to allow you to download personalized workouts and track your performance on the iFit Live website, in your subscription account.

Check this URL to find our more details about installation and price:
iFit Live Mode

Information Mode

This mode allows you to keep track of the total distance run or walked on the belt. You can see this info in miles or kilometers.

There is also a calibration mode that allows you to calibrate the incline and speed and to update the console software.

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