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UPDATE: This review of the  FreeMotion T5.6, treadmill from 2010, is obsolete since this model is no longer mass produced and better treadmills are available on the market. Check out our latest Freemotion reviews here.

FreeMotion offers with the T5.6 model an inspired and richly featured machine designed for comfortable runs and walks, while you enjoy your favorite TV program.

The alternative to this model is Freemotion T5.2, which costs around $1000 less (but has no TV console included).

It’s true that T5.6 model gathers workouts diversity and entertainment so that home treadmills users satisfy all their needs and expectations.

To confirm if T5.6 really fulfills the promises made by FreeMotion check out our review and go to Conclusions for a better view over advantages and disadvantages it comes with.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0 - 12mph The console includes 12 Quick Buttons to control speed.

Incline : 0 - 12% The console includes also 12 Quick Buttons to control incline.

Motor : 3.5 CHP

Belt : 20 x 60 inches (51 x 152 cm) The belt is backed by an adjustable cushion system, excellent for those who know how to control this setting during workout.

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit dimensions : 78" Length x 39 " Wide x 57 " Height / 198 x 99 x 145 cm

Unit Weight : 300 lbs/ 136 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame, 20 years for motor, 7 years for parts, 1 year for labor


Display Mode

There are 4 distinct displays built to follow your workout. There’s the matrix that displays a ¼ mile/ 400 meters track. The flashing segment is your current segment.

The Time/ Incline display shows the elapsed time and incline. The Calorie/ Pulse display shows the approximate number of burned calories and the heart rate when hand grips are being used. The Distance/ Speed display shows the walked/ run distance and the speed of the belt.

You can opt to use the incorporated TV display if you feel like being entertained. To use it, you have to connect an antenna or a CATV cable and then follow instructions.

Heart Rate Monitor

Hand Grips and Optional a Chest Strap

Use the handgrips or the optional chest pulse sensor to read your heart rate. If you opt for the handgrips, stand on the foot rails and hold the metal contacts for about 15 seconds for accuracy.

If you want to use the chest strap, you can purchase it separately. This is a great option for heart rate programs, since it leaves you hands-free and encourages you to keep your workouts balanced.


The console gathers 36 preset workouts that control speed and incline, or you can create your own workouts.

Starting a preset workout is not difficult. First, press one of the available options: Weight Loss, Aerobic, Performance, Endurance, Hills, Plateaus or Mountains. After selection, the display will give you workout number and maximum speed setting. You can change the intensity by pressing Intensity Level increase and decrease. Start the belt and follow your progress with the displays.

And when you’re looking for some diversity, you can always create your own workout. Press one of the Custom buttons repeatedly. Make your selection and start the belt. Set the incline and speed of your choice. Also monitor your performance and provide yourself comfort with the fan.

iFit workouts are also available, but these are bought separately from the treadmill’s price.



Folding options


TV Included

This console was designed to keep your workouts long and comfortable. You have your own television that may provide the motivation needed to keep up with your workout routine.

To use it, connect the CATV cable, turn on the TV and scan available channels. Adjust the volume and turn it off when you’re done.

You can set-up your own settings by going to Menu. Adjust image and audio settings and after making all the selections, save your channels.

The remote control is easy to use while you run.

Sound System

iPOD compatible

This console gives you the chance to enjoy your favorite music through the console’s speakers. We like that the iPOD can be connected also.

iFit SD Card


Once you bought the iFIT cards just insert the it in the designated slot and select the workout by pressing Increase/ Decrease. Make your selection and change speed and incline whenever you feel your current values are too high or too low.

To read more about the iFIT Cards options read also the article iFIT Workouts.

Information Mode

This Information Mode keeps track of total distance that the belt has been in use and total number of hours that the treadmill has been used. You can select miles or kilometers to view distance.


FreeMotion T5.6 is a good home treadmill made of good components.

This is not the best treadmill deal you can get for this money. There are other options in this price range that may have more to offer. But even if a little overpriced, it’s definitely a good buy.

From our point of view the $3000 price is not justified, even if the console includes a TV option.

This model was designed for those users who need the pumping music or the movie of the day to stay on the belt longer. Of course, these features have nothing to do with the efficiency of the treadmill, its motor power or workouts settings. But they are included and work very well.

Another plus is that T5.6 is an appropriate model not only for those who seek entertainment, but also for those who are in need of consistent workouts, both efficient and diverse. There are 36 workouts to choose from. Our experience confirmed that diversity keeps you longer on the treadmill.

And when you’re bored with the preset programs, you can always customize your own exercises, although you can only insert speed and incline: no age, no weight, no gender. This is something we don’t understand. Why charge $3000 on an incomplete treadmill from workouts point of view.

You can always buy the extra iFit cards if the preset selection is still not enough. But honestly, it should be enough and you don’t need to pay the extra money unless you need a trainer’s voice to accompany you during exercise.

It’s true the incline can only be set up to 12%. For those looking for a tough challenge, this may be an inconvenient, since there are treadmills offering up to 15% incline. But there are other advantages that are relevant and make this machine quite interesting.

The belt is generous, which for us is important and also one of the first things we pay attention to when analyzing a new treadmill. The motor is also powerful and makes your workouts intense and long.

Users may weigh up to 300 lbs/ 136 kg and in addition, this treadmill is foldable. Having a treadmill that saves space when it is not used, is kind of a big deal.

If your home is not very spacious and more importantly, if the room you install your treadmill in is as large as a bedroom, you need to fold your machine. This treadmill does that.

But unfortunately is very heavy. You may have difficulties in folding and moving the treadmill around. So this is not that much of a plus unless you are comfortable with this limitation.

Also, when workouts become intense and you feel you can’t run anymore, you can turn on the fan and instantly cool down. This is so important during tough workouts. This treadmill, same as T5.2 has a good fan system.

Heart rate monitoring is easy to manage. We recommend using the wireless chest strap all the time. Is more accurate.

To sum this review, for $3000 standard price the FreeMotion T5.6 is a little too much, even if the warranty is good. Unless you get a good deal, such as $2500.

You can buy the exact model without the TV console -Freemotion T5.2 at $1800.

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