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UPDATE: This treadmill has been discontinued. Check out our top picks in the $1500-$2000 range for a similar model.


The FreeMotion 770 Interactive is presently one of the complex treadmills on the market today (slightly better than its predecessor, FreeMotion 750 Interactive Treadmill Review). And it’s only fair. With impressive functionality, a wide range of features, the internet browsing option, iFit and user-friendly display, the 770 makes a good deal, especially for the affordable price of $1,900.

Stay tuned to learn more about the 770 and go to Conclusions to see if this is the treadmill you’re looking for.


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Speed : up to 12 mph 1 Step

Incline : up to 15% 1 Step

Decline : 3%

Motor : 3.5 CHP Commercial Pro

Belt : 20 x 60 inches/ 51 x 152 cm

Cushioning System : Surface Response Suspension

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit Dimensions : 80 inches L x 36 W x 73.5 H/ 203 cm L x 91 W x 187 H

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and 2 years for labor


Display Info

Touch Screen

The 770 Interactive offers a 10″ touch screen display that allows you to both track your performance and surf the internet while working out. With this display, you’ll be getting feedback on incline, elapsed time, approximate no of burned calories, walked/ run distance, speed, a ¼ mile track, pace, current lap no, time remaining, approximate no of burned calories, number of vertical feet and heart rate.

This console enables several display modes. The one that you select determines which info is displayed. To reach the one you want, touch Display increase/ decrease repeatedly. The top displays can offer 2 types of info. Access the one you want by touching each display repeatedly.

Heart Rate Readings

This model offers two options of heart rate monitoring, the built-in handgrip pulse sensors and the chest pulse sensor. It’s better to use the wireless chest strap for more comfort and better accuracy.


The 770 Interactive provides 28 onboard workouts, of which 7 calorie workouts, 7 intensity, 7 speed and 7 incline workouts.
To start an onboard workout, touch the Workouts button. Now touch Calorie Burn, High Intensity, Speed Training or the Incline Workouts button. Select your workout and the screen will give you name, duration, distance, approximate number of calories you’ll burn and a profile of the incline.

Start the workout. Change Speed and Incline by pressing Speed or Incline. Monitor your progress and heart rate. Turn the fan on at any time.

The 770 Interactive features iFit Live (BUILT-IN). You need access to a wireless network and membership. Log in to and select the start-up menu.

Select a workout by touching the iFit Live button. If there is more than 1 user working out, they can switch by touching the user button near the lower right corner. Create a workouts queue before starting any workout.

Some workouts feature an audio trainer. If you start a competition workout, the screen shows the speeds of the runners and the distances they’ve run.

iFit Live - included

Internet Browser

powered by Google Android

To use this feature, you need access to a wireless network. To open it, touch the globe button near the lower left corner. Select the website. For navigation, use Back, Menu and Home buttons. You can open a new window, bookmark the websites you want to access more often, refresh your current page, find on page, select a certain text, access page info, download and also you can make the settings you want.

Settings Mode

This feature is important in order to use iFit. It allows you to connect to a wireless network and log in to You can also select the unit of measurement and turn on/ off the display demo mode. To access this mode, insert the key into the console and select the start-up menu. Touch “i” button near the lower right corner.

Maintenance Mode

This mode enables you to calibrate speed and incline, restore default settings, update the console, set the screen, access technical information and you can also manage a network test. Touch Maintenance in the lower right corner.

Stereo sound system with iPod compatibility

You can use this feature to enjoy the music of your choice, be it on MP3 players, CD Players or iPod.

Folding Options





The 770 Interactive is one of the best treadmills that come for an affordable price. Presently, there are many models of this kind (Another of our favorites is the 2011 NordicTrack Elite 9500 PRO.

Among all, the 770 Interactive seems to best gather a wide range of features, media, intense functionality, complex display and aesthetics, all for $1,900.

We recommend this complex treadmill to everybody looking for a smooth and powerful motor, and a whole load of advantages. Due to a generous running surface, this model is suited for users of any height and weight, as long as it doesn’t exceed 350 lbs. The powerful motor will meet the requirements of avid runners, aiming at winning world’s marathons.

The motor is designed for superior performance, which is even more surprising. When we first discovered how smooth and quiet it remains even during tough and prolonged workouts, we were fairly impressed. It’s a sure ticket to noise-free and consistent workouts. The cushioning system was quite predictable. We expected FreeMotion to provide a complete model, which they did. When we’re using the highest incline available, our bodies remain injury free, no stress, no pressure, due to the highly effective cushioning system that massively absorbs impact on knees and ankles.

Changing incline, decline and speed is so easy, simply touch the appropriate button. Advanced runners know how important this is during hard workouts. Having the decline option can help you enhance your workouts with notable advanced results.

One key feature of the 770 Interactive is the media features. This model provides the option of browsing the internet, which you imperatively need for iFit. iFit Live worked amazingly for us. As other models that feature iFit, having the option of personalized workouts with audio training is a straight way to high performance. Having a browser helped us a lot. We just bookmark the pages we need for our next workout, which makes it all so much rapider.

The display is one of the largest on the market. Having a 10″ display makes this treadmill notably user-friendly. It’s not only about dimensions, but also about the multiple informational feedbacks you get during workouts. It’s highly effective to stay in contact with your performance, as the motor runs. It helped us increase productivity.

Workouts are structured on intensity, speed, incline and calorie-burn. With 15% incline and -3% decline, the built-in workouts can be manipulated to meet highest requirements.

You get the fan, the EasyLift Assist folding system, the iPod compatible sound system, and all of high-quality.

The warranty adds up to make this an impressive machine. All in all, this is one of the greatest present deals.

2 Responses to FreeMotion 770 Interactive

  1. Stacy says:

    Can you use and store this treadmill in a non-controlled climate garage?
    We love all of the features of this treadmill, but we have no space in our house. We will have to use it in our garage…in Texas.

  2. admin says:

    @Stacy – Unfortunately, it is not recommended to keep the treadmill in a garage. You can do that, but it’s risky and you have to pay extreme attention to not get it near water and to not freeze during winter.

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