FreeMotion T5.2


IMPORTANT: This review of the FreeMotion T5.2 treadmill is obsolete since this model is no longer mass produced and better treadmills are available on the market in 2012. Read our reviews to learn more about these current models.

The FreeMotion t5.2 is part of the Home Series Treadmills, and one of the expensive models ($2500)

This is a recommended model for a good, comfortable walk or run. There are some details that make it worth this money.

But it’s better you read about the T5.2 details and then decide if this is the treadmill you’ve been looking for.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0-12 mph (19km/h) For each value you have also Quick Speed Buttons located on the console.

Incline : 0-12% Same as speed, you have 12 quick buttons for incline on the console.

Motor : 3.0 CHP The motor has a self cooling system. This helps increase the motor life.

Belt : 20 x 60 inches (51 x 152 cm) The belt is backed by an adjustable cushion system. This is a good point we give to the T5.2 model. The cushioning system reduces impact on joints, knees and ankles. To increase firmness, step off the treadmill and take the platform cushions toward the front. To decrease it, slide it toward the back.

Maximum user weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame, 15 years for motor, 5 years for parts and 2 years for labor.


Display Info

There are 6 displays options available. The progress matrix offers a 400 meter/ ¼ mile track that represents your progress. Consecutive segments will appear according to your performance.

The incline display gives you the incline value during workout.

The speed display offers you information about the speed of the belt.

The time display shows you the elapsed time or the remaining time, when a workout is selected.

The Calorie/ Pulse Display shows the approximate number of burned calories and your heart rate.

The distance display gives you the walked/ run distance.

Hear Rate Monitor

Through Handles Sensors and Wireless Chest Strap

It’s good to have the wireless chest strap included because it’s much easier to use during workout.


FreeMotion T5.2 console features 16 preset workouts, 6 weight loss workouts and the possibility to customize 4 workouts.

To go to a preset workout, first press Weight Loss, Aerobic, Performance, Hills or Plateaus. After selection, you’ll be shown maximum incline setting, maximum speed setting, workout duration and the number of your workout. Change the Intensity with Increase/ Decrease. It will appear on the Calorie/ Pulse display. Start the belt and follow your progress with the available displays.

If you want to create your own workout, press one of the Custom buttons repeatedly. When the selection is done, you’ll have max incline and max speed, duration and number. When the custom workout is not defined, the displays will offer a workout time of forty minutes and flat profiles. Start the belt and set your incline and speed. Continue the same way as with the preset workouts.

You can also use iFit cards that you purchase separately. Insert the card into the console. Select your workout by pressing iFit Increase/ Decrease. Make your selection and start the belt. Then, continue the same as you do with other workouts.

iFit Cards


You can purchase the iFit cards and benefit from personalized workouts that will add more variation to the program selection than this treadmill features. We wrote more details about this option in the article: iFIT Workouts



Folding Options


You can fold up the deck, but this is not an easy process. To be able to lift the deck, you must be able to lift minimum 20 kgs. If you need to, better ask for help.

Sound System

You can plug in your player and enjoy the music of your choice with the integrated speakers. iPOD is compatible as well.

Information Mode

This is like the personal file of the treadmill. Here is where you’ll find total distance of the walking belt, total number of hours that the treadmill has been used. You can select miles or kilometers as measurement unit for your distances. Hold down Stop/ Start to get to this mode.


The T5.2 is a good treadmill, with plenty of advantages. We warmly recommend it to those in search for a good walk or run. Still we we find it a little too expensive for its features, even if it comes with a good warranty.

We like that the running surface is designed to provide comfort and control. By control we mean that the cushioning system is easy to adjust by the user. If you want more firmness, take the platform cushions to the front.

Otherwise, take it to the back. It’s that easy. Also, the running surface is quite spacious. We felt comfortable and enjoyed our workouts from this point of view. Plus the belt is of good quality.

The display system is basic but easy to read.

The workout selection is also worth mentioning. The 22 preset workouts are various and goal oriented. Plus you can add more challenge with the iFIT cards.

An aspect that is not that glittery is that you cannot enter your age, weight and gender. So feedback is only given with approximation.

This is something we definitely want to have on a $2500 treadmill.

Apart from this inconvenient, there are several advantages that make this treadmill a good purchase decision. The sound system can be used to entertain during workout.

The quality is pretty good, and it works with an iPOD. Plus the treadmill is fold-able, even if it’s not easy.

In conclusion, the experience on T5.2 is good and it’s worth the investment if you’re not looking to save money. If you’re not sure, you can always wait for a sale or look into other FreeMotion models.

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