NordicTrack Commercial 1500 (2011 Model)


The Commercial 1500 is no longer being produced. It has been replaced with the all new NordicTrack Commercial 1750, one of our top picks in the category. Take a look at this updated model.

The NordicTrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill was launched on the market in the improved version at the end of 2010.

We had the chance to test the previous model one year ago, so it was easy to compare it to the 2011 version. We admit that there are a few improvements which are hard to overlook: better warranty and the decline option.

See the Conclusions for more details.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : up to 12 mph (1 Touch Control)

Incline : up to 15%

Decline : up to - 3%

Motor : 3.25 HP DURX Commercial Pro Motor

Belt : 20 in x 60 in (50.8 cm x 152.4 cm) The treadmill has a pre-lubricated belt. So you don't need to worry about lubrication.

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs

Treadmill's Dimensions : 79.5" Length X 37.75" Width X 71.5" Height

Warranty : lifetime for frame & motor, 5 year for parts & electronics, 2 year for labor.


Display Info

The treadmill has a 8 backlit display. The advantage is that you have more information on the console at the same time.

The treadmill registers the following workout information:

– The elapsed time
– The distance that you have walked or run
– The approximate number of calories burned
– The number of vertical feet you have climbed
– Speed of the belt
– Heart rate

The display also offers details about the workout progress and intensity:

– The matrix
– The workout intensity bar
– The incline level of the treadmill

Heart Rate Readings

: wireless chest strap and hand rails sensors
We strongly recommend using the wireless chest strap when working out. It reads the heart rate more accurately.


The treadmill has 24 pre-set workouts and it’s compatible with iFIT LIVE Module workouts (these are purchased separately, see more below).

The preset workouts are:

– 6 calorie workouts
– 6 intensity workouts
– 6 speed workouts
– 6 incline workouts

This improved model has a different way of warning you when the workouts segment changes. You hear different tones if the speed or incline will change in the next segment.


– optional

If you decide to buy the iFIT wireless Module, it’s a good option. The console gives you access to the latest iFIT workouts designed by the iFIT team. You have the buttons right on the console.

You simply need to purchase the module, activate your subscription, install the wireless connection and login with your account. See more details in the iFIT workouts article.

The module costs around $130 if you buy it from

If you want to lower the trainer’s voice, use the volume buttons.

Information Mode

Hold the Stop button while you insert the key in the console, then release the button. Now you are in the Information Mode set-up.

From this setting you have access to the following information:

– the total number of hours the treadmill has been used
– the total number of km or miles run by the belt
– the status of the demo mode (and you can enable or disable it)
– the unit of measurement (and you can change it from Metric to English and vice-versa)
– the status of the WiFi Module

If you buy the iFIT Live subscription, from this menu you control the wireless connection set-up and the communication to your iFIT account.

Stereo Sound System

iPod Compatibility
The console has pre-installed Intermix Acoustics drivers. The sound clarity is pretty good.

Folding Options:





Our experience with the NordicTrack Commercial 1500, the 2011 model was quite interesting. We liked its strengths and this is why we warmly recommend it to all those who want a home training machine.

It has also some disadvantages (even for its price) but if you don’t mind its minuses, then you will be a happy user.

We will begin with the pros. We really like the warranty. Adding 2 years for labor, it’s a plus. And 5 years for parts, it’s really good.

Another detail we like, is the belt. Although the previous version had adjustable cushion, this version is even better. Plus, the pre-lubricated belt it’s a big bonus.

An important details is the decline mode (-3 is the maximum decline). This feature has a great impact over your body. See Muscles Developed when Running on the Treadmill for more details.

We can’t overlook the pre-set workouts. The 24 workouts options cover the most important options any regular runner needs.

But if you want a personalized workout, you need to buy the iFIT module and the activate your iFIT subscription. It’s not a big cost, but it’s extra money nevertheless. Even so, it’s worth the money.

There are also disadvantages you need to consider. The machine is heavy and it’s hard to store in an apartment. Its dimensions make it hard to place in a small room, even if it’s not too noisy.

When you buy it, consider this is a heavy treadmill. Moving and assemble it may be hard. So if you don’t have who to help you, consider paying the extra money to the delivery company.

Another disadvantage is that the number of calories calculated are inaccurate. There are treadmills that allow you to insert your personal information and calculate calories burned based on your target heart rate zone (which is the right way), but this model doesn’t.

But, as we said above this is definitely a better version of the old NordicTrack Commercial 1500 model which is worth the money.

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