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UPDATE: This review of the Freemotion T7.5 treadmill is obsolete since this model is no longer mass produced and better treadmills are available on the market. Read our Freemotion reviews to learn more about these current models.

The FreeMotion Treadmill t7.5 is part of the “Best Freemotion products” top.

This equipment is part of the Light Commercial Series so you can choose it for Home Use and Health Clubs.

For those who haven’t read FreeMotion T7.4 Light Commercial Treadmill Review, we highly recommend you visit this link so you can compare 2 almost identical products from the same series before making a buy decision.

Regarding costs, T7.4’s price is $4,000, around $500 more than this version (T7.5).

Read next about the Freemotion Treadmill t7.5 and go to Conclusions to find out more about our experience.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : up to 12 MPH

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.0 HP DC continuous duty (less powerful than FreeMotion T7.4 )

Belt : 22 x 60 inches (56 x 152 cm) The belt comes with BioStride Deck Cushioning.

Maximum user weight : 350 lbs / 159 kg

Warranty : 2 Options

Home Use Warranty : lifetime for frame, 10 years for motor and parts and 2 years for labor

Light Commercial Warranty : 7 years for frame, 3 years for motor, 2 years for parts and 1 year for labor


Display Info

The following feedback is shown during workout:

– Elapsed time
– Walked/ run distance
– Speed
– Incline
– Approximate nr of burned calories and the approx nr o burned calories/ h
– Intensity in METs
– Walking/ running pace in min/ mile or minutes/ km
– Power output in watts
– Animation of the road

To reach to some info you will need to push display buttons more times.

While navigating between workouts and the manual mode, the console will record the total distance and approx number of burned calories. Speed and incline can be changed with the touch of pre-set buttons inserted in the console.

This console features an optional TV which you can use to watch your favorite programs or connect a VCR or DVD player. This is a feature that you must purchase separately. And it’s worth it, if you’re the kind of runner that needs media-based encouragement.

Heart Rate Readings


You can measure your heart rate by grasping the metal contacts on the handrails. Optional (but recommended) you can buy the wireless chest strap. It will be really helpful for the Cardio workouts.


This treadmill offers 14 personal trainer workouts, 12 interactive trainer workouts that allow you to customize workouts and 3 fitness test workouts. You’ll have:

– Manual
– Pulse
– Interval
– All-terrain
– Fit test
– Custom
– Random
– Walk/ run: 5K, 10 K
– 3 heart rate workouts

To start a Personal Trainer workout, select Random workouts, Interval Workouts or Terrain workouts until you reach the one you want. After selection, the display will give you name, max incline setting, max speed setting and duration. Select your age, weight and workout duration by pressing Increase/ Decrease. Press Enter after each selection.

Start workout and begin exercising.

You can monitor your progress with the flashing segment that is your current segment of workout and with the display mode of your choice.

To get to a Walk/ Run workout or Manual Control workout, press Walk/ Run Workouts repeatedly until you reach 5K, 10 K or the Cross Country Workout. For a Manual Control workout, press Manual Control workout repeatedly until you get to Manual Time, Manual Distance or Manual Calories. Select your age and weight. For the Cross Country workout, enter a distance goal. Start your workout and monitor your progress.

For a Fitness Test, it’s best to not feel tired, to not have eaten for at least 2 hours and to not have exercised for at least 24 hours. Your options are the Ebbeling Fitness Test (lasts for 9 minutes), the Gerkin Fitness Test (14 minutes) and the Freemotion Fitness Test (28 minutes), each having its own purpose.

First, put on a Polar compatible chest pulse sensor (you can buy it separately). Select your test by pressing Fitness Tests repeatedly until you get to the desired test. Select age and weight and press Enter after each selection. For the Ebbeling Test, enter gender. Note that Speed and Incline don’t function during a Fitness Test. Monitor progress and use the fan, since you’re going to need it.

To get to a Heart Rate Workout, press Heart Rate Control repeatedly. Enter age, weight and target maximum heart rate for the workouts that require it. Follow the steps and start workout.

To use a Custom Workout, press Custom Workouts repeatedly. Follow the set-up steps and begin exercising.

iFit Workouts


The T7.5 incorporates iFit SD Card Slot for which you can buy iFIT SD Workouts and have access to professional trainers advice.

Go to iFIT Workouts and you will find more details about what SD Workouts you can buy and how they can help improve your fitness level.

Stereo Sound System

This treadmill allows you to connect your MP3 player, CD player or any other player to the console.

Personal Television

This console features a personal television that you must purchase separately if interested.



Maintenance Mode

It allows you to adjust maximum workout time, pause timeout and sleep timeout duration and select the language you want. To select this mode, hold down Clear and Enter for 3 seconds. To set-up your preferences, just follow the instructions on the display. You can also create a custom workout. Press Display until you reach the desired custom workout. Program a speed and incline setting for the first 1 minute segment. Press Enter after each selection. You can also enable or disable the safety key.

freemotion t75 treadmill review 2


If you’re looking for a powerful treadmill, then you should check out Freemotion T7.5. This is a treadmill that we recommend to anyone interested in quality and efficiency.

The Freemotion T7.5 respects the quality standard that ICON has got us used to. This is a high quality treadmill that can be quite persuasive. At least, it was for us.

It has a 60″ long belt that is runs quietly. Add this to the 3 HP self-cooling motor and you have a real comfort insurance. The BioStride Deck Cushioning reduces impact on the feet with 38%. With these 3 elements put together, you are off to a great start.

You can choose out of 14 personal trainer workouts. The array of options is more than enough to follow your routine. Plus you can customize your own workouts depending on your personal goals. We appreciate that during workout we could enter personal details, such as age and weight. Our results were more accurate.

What we especially like is that you can test your aerobic capacity with one of the 3 available Fitness Tests.

Even if it costs more, we strongly recommend to buy the iFIT SD Cards too. It’s worth the investment, we assure you.

Regarding the entertainment features, we strongly consider you could spare some dollars for more useful accessories than buy the TV console. Speakers work well and are enough to take the treadmill boredom away.

On the long term a disadvantage is the warranty. From our point of view, T7.4 has a much more valuable warranty. It should be at least the same warranty for this treadmill too to take the money out of your pocket.

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