FreeMotion T7.4 Light Commercial


UPDATE: This model is no longer available. Check out the latest Freemotion treadmills here.

The FreeMotion T7.4 Model is part of the Light Commercial Series. This translates as a machine that can be used as home equipment or as gym equipment. We recommended mostly for gyms.

In this Series prices are high because products are addressed to gym owners.

FreeMotion T7.4 costs reach $4,000. You have to look at this product as a long term investment. Its features should be considered only if they can bring the buyer good Return of Investment.

See our Conclusions for more details.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : up to 12 MPH

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.5 CHP commercial motor

Belt : 22'' x 60'' (56 cm x 152 cm) The Belt is backed by Reflex Cushion technology. For this treadmill FreeMotion used wood core to absorb vibrations.

Maximum User Weight Supported : 400 lbs/181 kg

Technical Dimensions : Length: 82" (208 cm) , Width: 34" (86 cm) , Height: 63" (160 cm) , Weight: 370lbs (168 kgs)

Light Commercial Warranty : lifetime for frame, 3 years for parts and labor. This applies when the treadmill is bought to be used in gyms.

Home Warranty : lifetime for frame and deck breakage, 20 years for motor, 10 years for parts and 2 years for labor This applies when the treadmill is bought as home gym.


Display Info

You have 6 display options to monitor your activity:

– Elapsed time
– Distance walked/run
– Speed
– Incline
– Approximate number of total calories burned or calories burned per hour
– Intensity in METs (1 MET is the amount of energy you use when resting)
– Walking/running pace in min per mile or per km
– Heart Rate

Heart Rate Readings

Chest Strap and HandleBars

The treadmill offers double readings, but the important thing is not to use both systems simultaneously.

With option 1 you wrap the Chest Pulse Sensor around your chest and you have your hands free during workout. You can adjust the length of the chest sensor and make sure the logo faces forward and is right-side-up.

Or you can choose the second option, the hand grip sensors. The disadvantage is that when you use this feature you must stand on the foot rails and hold contacts for almost 15 seconds for accurate readings. This is very difficult to do during exercise.


You can choose between 14 personal trainer workouts and 12 interactive trainer workouts that can be customized. There are also 3 heart rate workouts and 3 fitness tests to measure your fitness level.

We especially enjoyed the 3 fitness tests workouts:

  • Ebbeling Fitness Test
    measures VO2 max or aerobic capacity. Its duration is 9 minutes
  • Gerkin Fitness Test measures VO2 max
  • FreeMotion Fitness Test measures your fitness level on a scale of 1 to 10

iFIT Workouts


The console also incorporates an iFit slot to be used with iFIT Cards Workouts. iFIT cards are bought separately from the treadmill cost. We did a review on this feature which we strongly recommend you read before making a decision. See the iFIT Workouts article.

The advantage is that you can insert your age and weight in the workout profile when you select this option. This ensures workout feedback is displayed according to the number of calories your body burns during exercise.



TV Screen

This treadmill includes a television screen in the console.

If you have an antenna connected, you can scan the available channels and save them just as you do with your TV set.

If you want to use a VCR or DVD player, connect them to the console through the available input.

A remote Control is offered for easy access to channels and settings.

Sound System


The console has audio jacks compatible with MP3, CD player or iPOD.

Folding Feature

NOT Included


The T7.4 is a treadmill that we recommend. Its high-quality components and workouts selection comply with your need to get in shape and stay fit.

As we mentioned at the beginning this machine is also built for gyms. It is a good selection for gyms also, especially with its entertainment features that attract more customers.

The treadmill is strong, powerful and offers stability. The motor may not be the strongest, but it’s enough. The console is easy to use and has all controls at hand.

The workouts selection is various and effective. If you buy the iFIT SD cards the treadmill can be a real hit.

Then the T7.4 has double heart rate readings. You can either use the chest pulse sensor or the handgrip sensor, of which the chest pulse sensor is more attractive, since it leaves you free-handed during workouts. You have to know that on treadmills you can rarely find an accurate heart reading system. This technology is still imperfect.

And for $4,000, you also have entertainment. You have your own TV that you can set however you want and choose whichever channel you want (as long as you have cable).

Plus the console incorporates a sound system. Both add some fun during workout.

But there are two details you should take into account. First, the speakers are fragile. Ours gave in after a short while. And second, entertainment is great, but only if you really need it. Especially if you’re low on cash, you should go for a cheaper model with a similar offer of workouts, if you feel you can give up the entertainment sources.

And remember this is not a foldable treadmill either.

To conclude FreeMotion is a notable treadmill producer. They’ve earned our trust and we pass it on. The comfortable and spacious deck allows you to run in full comfort and safety.

The Quick Incline and Quick Speed buttons allow you to quickly adjust speed and incline with one touch of a button, which is a very good option to have during workout. To sum it up, if you have already set your eyes on this model go for it.

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