NordicTrack X15i Incline Trainer

NordicTrack X15i Incline Trainer - 2019 Model with 14


Note: The X15i seems to jump in and out of the Incline Trainer lineup, so when you are reading this review it may or may not be available for sale. The X11i, X22i and X32i are part of the regular lineup and always available.

The X15i is a new top-of-the-line incline trainer from NordicTrack. This unique treadmill is designed to offer you the perfect combination of intense training and exciting entertainment.

It joins the base X11i and the newer X22i and X32i, and together they make up the most advanced series in the company’s lineup, with more incline and decline capability than any other treadmill on the market today.

Let’s jump into our review of the X15i to see what it is all about…


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Speed : up to 12 mph 1-Touch

Incline : up to 40% 1-Touch

Decline : -6-0% 1-Touch

Motor : 4.0 CHP DurX Commercial Plus

Belt : 22" x 60"

Cushioning System : Reflex system

Workout Programs : 50 Built-In

Heart Rate Monitor : Built-in Dual CardioGrip sensors in both handlebars and a wireless chest strap included for accurate heart rate readings

iFit Compatibility : iFit Coach enabled

Display : 14-inch Smart HD touchscreen monitor

Sound System : Bluetooth audio sound system with built-in speakers included

Cooling Fan : Two Autobreeze cooling fans included

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs.

Footprint : 70” L x 40” W x 72.5” H

Warranty : Lifetime on motor, frame and deck, 5 years for parts & electronics, 2 years for labor.


Incline Training

The X15i inclines up to 40%, which is quite phenomenal, considering the fact that most treadmills incline only up to 15% or 20%.

At 40% incline, you do not even have to run or jog. You can burn a huge amount of calories just by walking. You can see why the machine’s tagline says ‘no running necessary’.

If you are someone who has never trained at such a steep incline before, you will be able to feel the difference almost instantly.

Try walking at 40% incline for just ten minutes and you will be sweating bullets. This is why professional fitness trainers say that incline training is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight.

High Definition Entertainment

The X15i comes with a beautiful 14” Smart HD touch screen.

You can swipe through all of your workout stats as well as view awesome Google maps of any location worldwide through the iFit Coach program.

(Note that the X22i has a 22″ touch screen and the X32i has a 32″ touch screen.)

Enhanced Durability

The machine is fitted with an incredibly powerful, commercial-quality 4.0 CHP motor (a step up from the motor on the X11i model). It is durable enough to withstand high-intensity workouts on a regular basis.

High Quality Tread Belt

The tread belt is extra large and offers you plenty of space to jog or run comfortably, regardless of your height. It is infused with a special lubricant which improves its performance and also makes it less prone to wear and tear.

NordicTrack Incline Trainer stats

Noise-free Workouts

The X15i offers a surprisingly noise-free, stable performance. Even at high speeds, the machine does not wobble or make a lot of noise.

So, you can watch TV or listen to your favorite songs without having to put up with a jarring noise in the background.

Diverse Workout Programs

The machine comes preloaded with 50 workout programs that are divided into four categories – calorie, intensity, speed, and incline workouts.

If you are an iFit subscriber, you can download customized workout programs that are specifically designed to meet your fitness goals.

You can also choose various terrains and running tracks from around the world and the machine will automatically adjust the incline to simulate the features of the chosen terrain.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

The touchscreen monitor is incredibly easy to use and gives you complete control of the treadmill.

You can adjust the incline, change the speed, choose a workout program, and check out your workout data at the touch of a button.


Large Footprint

The X15i is large and heavy and takes up a lot of space, so it might not be ideal if you have a very small area to put it.

Price Tag

Although customers say it’s worth every penny, at $2,499 on sale it may be out of reach for some.

Still, if you have the budget for it you’d be hard pressed to find more features and capabilities, plus this kind of incline and decline.

Final Thoughts

The new NordicTrack X15i treadmill is stylish, sturdy, innovative, and easy to use. It has all the features that you would like to see in a treadmill and then some more.

The slightly higher price tag might be an issue if you are on a tight budget. In which case, you can opt for the X11i, which is an excellent machine in its own right.

If the price tag is not a concern for you, go for it by all means. This is by far the best machine in its class and is designed to offer a gym-like workout experience every time you step on it.

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