NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer Review

NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer With 10


UPDATE: As of late 2020/early 2021 it looks like the X11i might be discontinued. Check out the new NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer, which might be replacing the X11i for the new model year.

The NordicTrack X11i is a feature-packed incline trainer from the most famous treadmill brand in the world. Rated highly by users and experts alike, the machine is built for serious fitness enthusiasts who love to work out regularly.

Sturdy and visually appealing, the machine has a lot going for it. But is it the best machine in its class? Is it worth the price tag? Let’s find out.


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Speed : up to 12 mph 1-Touch

Incline : up to 40% 1-Touch

Decline : -6-0% 1-Touch

Motor : 4.0 CHP DurX Commercial Pro

Belt : 22" x 60"

Cushioning System : Reflex system

iFit Technology : iFit Coach Plus Ready

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Footprint : 71.6” L x 39.6” W x 70.2” H

Warranty : Lifetime on motor, frame and deck, 6 years for parts & electronics, 3 years for labor.

NordicTrack X11i - Best Features

Incline/Decline Capability

The most appealing feature of the NordicTrack X11i as well as the other incline trainers is the ability to incline and decline the machine.

Ramping up to 40% and declining to -6% gives you the most complete lower body and cardiovascular workout, unlike any traditional treadmill can provide.

NordicTrack X11i iFit Coach Console

Enhanced Display with iFit Coach

The NordicTrack X11i comes with a 10-inch Smart HD touchscreen monitor that displays your workout stats and all the built-in training programs. The display is fully web-enabled and allows you to check your email, surf the web, watch videos, and lots more.

The treadmill is also iFit Coach Plus enabled. You can set it to simulate different terrains and running routes from around the world via Google maps to make your workouts more exciting.

You can also track and share your results and tap into an endless library of personalized workouts.

Heart Rate Monitor

Both handlebars have Dual CardioGrip sensors built into them. A wireless chest strap is also included to give you accurate heart rate readings to improve the efficiency of your workout.

Large Workout Selection

The NordicTrack X11i gives you 44 built in workouts, more than you’ll find on any other treadmill, giving you plenty of ways to vary your training from one day to the next.

This is on top of the endless library that you can access through your iFit Coach account.

Let’s take a look at the main pros and cons of the X11i…

NordicTrack X11i Review - Conclusions


Variable Training

This is, without a doubt, the USP of the machine. The X11i has a 0-40% incline range, which is incredibly steep. By training at a 40% incline, you can burn five times more calories than you would do by training on a flat surface. It is akin to running up a mountain. It can give you great results in a short period of time.

Large Running Track

The 60” long, 22” wide running track is large enough to accommodate tall people with long strides. It does not restrict your movement and gives you a feeling of running outdoors.

The patented Reflex cushioning absorbs impact smoothly and offers enhanced protection to your joints and back.

Powerful Motor

The 4.0 CHP motor is powerful enough to withstand strenuous workouts on a regular basis, and a nice jump up from the 3.0 CHP motor in the X9i. So, you can use the machine every day without worrying about wear and tear.

Quiet Workout Sessions

The X11i is surprisingly quiet for a large machine. It has a rear roller which reduces friction and prevents wear and tear. It also reduces the noise from the tread belt.

Easy Assembly

You can easily assemble the machine in a few steps. It takes less time to assemble the NordicTrack X11i than any other machine in its class, or any other class for that matter.


Generous warranty is always a hallmark of NordicTrack machines and the X11i is not an exception.

Lifetime warranty on the motor, deck, and frame and six years on parts and electronics is quite amazing, even for a high-end machine like this one.

You also get a 3 year labor warranty which is extremely rare in the industry.


Large and Heavy

The X11i is quite heavy and has a large footprint. It is also not foldable.

So, make sure you have enough room to accommodate the machine before you buy it.

Price Tag

The price tag is very much justified considering it is a commercial-quality machine with excellent features.

Still, it might be out of your reach if you are on a relatively small budget. If that is the case, you can try the X9i from NordicTrack, also a great machine, just less expensive.

Final Thoughts

The X11i from NordicTrack is a very good incline trainer with a greater amount of features than most other machines in its class. Though slightly pricey, it is built to last long and definitely worth the investment.

You can check out the new NordicTrack x11i Incline Trainer at the official site, and see if this is the right treadmill for you.

Also take a look at the new X22i with a, yes you guessed it, 22″ Smart HD display!

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