Nordictrack X5i Incline Trainer


UPDATE: NordicTrack no longer sells the X5i trainer. The newest lineup includes the X9i, x11i and X22i all of which you can read about on our NordicTrack review page.


The NordicTrack X5i Incline Trainer X3 Incline Trainer and X7 Incline Trainer.

This is the last model from this series we had the chance to test and we can honestly say it made a very good impression on us. We find it a strong competitor for X7 Incline Trainer, especially because if costs $400 less ($1,600 total).

As all Incline Trainers, the treadmill focuses on high incline (up to 40%). This is the first model in this series to have also -3 Decline option.

Our conclusions will help you get acquainted better with this product.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0-10 mph 1-Touch

Incline and Decline : 0%-40% Incline and 0% - Minus 3% Decline To control incline you can either use the Increase/ Decrease buttons or one of the 1-Touch options from -3 to 40 levels. After pressing the desired value, the incline will progressively change according to the selected option. Note that with every change of the incline, the maximum speed modifies according to your selection: If the incline is between -3% and -2, 5%, the maximum speed will reach 8mph. With an incline between -2% and -1, 5%, the maximum speed will be 8,5mph. When the incline is between -1% and -0, 5%, the maximum speed will reach 9mph. An incline from 0% to 15% will offer a maximum speed of 10mph. Between 15, 5% and 25%, the maximum speed will be 8mph and Between 25, 5% and 40%, the maximum speed will reach 6mph.

Motor : 2.25 HP Compared to the Nordictrack Incline Trainer X3 Interactive, adding 0,25 HP power makes the motor run quieter and longer than other motors.

Belt : 20’’ X 55’’ This is a belt that will make workout smoother than the common treadmill belt. The belt is backed by Reflex Cushioning. In comparison with its predecessor mode, Incline Trainer X3 Interactive, this cushion system absorbs the impact in the heel area and provides greater stability, strength and flexibility.

Supported user weight : 300 lbs

Warranty : This incline trainer comes with a lifetime frame and motor warranty and 1-year guarantee for parts and labor.


Display Feedback (CrossTrainer Display)

The most powerful feature of the console is that it offers complex display options. You can choose whichever information you need to be aware of during workout and it will be revealed on the display. You can select the display mode by repeatedly pressing the Display button or the Increase/ Decrease buttons next to the Enter button. The available display information regards:

– speed of the walking belt
– elapsed time
– walked or run distance
– incline/ decline level
– approximate number of burned calories
– pace in minutes/ mile or kilometer
– heart rate

The volume is adjustable by pressing the Volume increase/ decrease buttons.

If you wish to resent the console, just press Stop, remove and reinsert the key.

Heart Rate Reader:

through handlebars

Just stand on the walking platform and hold the metal contacts on the handrails for almost 10 seconds (or 15, if you want maximum accuracy). But make sure you keep your hands still while doing so.

2.5" Precision Rollers

The rollers help reduce noise and add up to the smoothness of the treadmill.


You can turn on/off the fan by pressing the Coolaire Fan Increase/ Decrease buttons until it reaches the desired speed. The fan turns off automatically if the walking belt stops.


The Nordictrack X5i Incline Trainer comes with 9 calorie workouts and a random workout generator. These are preset workouts which you can also find on NordicTrack X3 Incline Trainer Interactive.

You can also choose to buy the Optional iFIT LIVE Module, but this is separate cost from the Incline Trainer’s price. To see what iFIT LIVE module’s features are and if it’s worth your money read this article (iFIT Workouts).

To activate one of the calorie workouts or a random workout, you must insert the key into the console. To select one of the calorie workouts, you must press Increase/ Decrease near the Enter button and select Workouts. Repeat in order to select the desired workout range and press Enter. Press Start to start the program. During workout, the display will offer you information on your progress.

About the number of calories displayed, note that the real calories burned depend on your weight. The display only gives you an estimate on how many calories you consume during workout.

Monitor your heart rate and turn on the fan, if you feel like it.

About the Random Generator, you need to press Increase/ Decrease next to Enter, select Workouts, press Enter and once again Increase/ Decrease until you reach Random Trail option.

After your selection is confirmed, the display will inform you on the name of the workout, maximum speed, maximum incline and a profile of the speed settings.

Monitor your progress and remember that the number of burned calories depends on your weight.

When finished, remove the key.

Stereo Sound System

Connect your audio player to the console. Make sure that the audio wire is fully plugged in. If you plead for a personal audio system, make sure you don’t put it on the console but on a flat surface.

Information Mode

The information mode holds information on the total distance of the walking belt and the number of hours that the incline trainer has been used. You can select either the kilometers or miles option in order to measure distance.

To change the unit of measurement, press the Speed increase button. For miles, select English. For kilometers, select Metric.

This mode also informs you on whether there is an accessory plugged in or not. Therefore, if you have you iFit LIVE MODULE connected, you will also be able to see the WIFI connection Status displayed.

Folding Option:

NOT included

You can only move the treadmill, but it’s a heavy piece of equipment. Minimum 2 persons are required for this operation.


If you’re interested in hiking, the Nordictrack X5i Incline Trainer is what you need to properly train for your adventures. You need to get your lower body in good shape and this incline trainer is just the machine to do that.

This is not the best equipment choice if you want to run on it, but it’s highly efficient and smooth if you are a walker or a hiker.

The belt is a little short for running and the motor is not the best choice. This is why our running experience was poor and it’s not a machine we would recommend for this type of exercise.

We would also recommend buying the extra iFIT LIVE Module. Although it costs more for you to add, it provides the right professional guidance for efficient weight loss workouts. Because in the end this is a machine you can only use efficiently to lose weight.

The possibility of walking downhill and uphill (using decline and incline features) is definitely a powerful asset of this incline trainer as it makes workout much more efficient.

For us, it has definitely been a good equipment choice. Although it did come with small flaws- such as missing a cup trail. But considering the efficiency of this machine, it was a small detail that was subsequently taken care of.

Note that this is heavy machinery. It may be tough for one person only to engage in its assemblage. For us it was quite easy, but only due to that fact that we shared the burden.

We highly recommend the Nordictrack X5i Incline Trainer. It is definitely a great choice for only $1,600! But, you must also see the next release in the series, X7 Incline Trainer. Its features are built for running, hiking and using the iFiT LIVE Module. Don’t miss this review.

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