NordicTrack A2750 Pro 2011


IMPORTANT: This post is obsolete since this model is no longer mass produced and better treadmills are available on the market today. Read our NordicTrack reviews to learn more about these current models.


You may see the NordicTrack A2750 PRO Treadmillall over the Internet. If you’re reading this review you were probably attracted by something this machine has to offer (the good reviews, great ratings or the good price).

We found it online at $1,000 best price but you can do even better if you wait for a special offer from NordicTrack.

The main attractions are the iFit workouts and the folding system. The folding feature is a great advantage for those who need to save space. The iFit programs are wonderful workout support (even if they are OPTIONAL).

So does it offer enough to spend $1,000?


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0-12 MPH 1-Touch Speed The 1-Touch system allows changing speed through one touch of a button (from 1 to 12 mph). You can also change the speed with the up/down arrows located on the console. Each time you press one of the buttons, the speed setting will change by 0.1 mph; if you hold down the button, the speed change increment is 0.5 mph. To select a speed level with decimals, like 6.5, press 6 and then immediately 5.

Inclination : 0-12% 1-Touch Incline Same as speed incline is changed through the 1-Touch system. Options available are from 1 to 12. You can change incline also through the up/down arrows located on the console.

Motor : 2.75 HP DurX Commercial Plus Motor

Belt : 20’’x 60’’ Backed by ComfortShox Cushion System

Supported User Weight : 350 lbs

Treadmill Dimensions : 79.5'' Length x 37.75'' Width x 71.5'' Height

Warranty : This treadmill comes with a Lifetime Frame warranty, a Lifetime Motor warranty, 3 Years for Parts and 1 year for Labor.


1. Display info:

During a workout you can follow the next workout details on the treadmill console:

* elapsed time
* distance walked or ran
* approximate number of calories burned
* pace in minutes per mile or minutes per km
* incline
* speed
* heart rate

The screen includes Touch Screen Display.

2. Heart Rate Readings Through Handles Contact

For an accurate heart rate reading keep the hands in the same position for approximately 15 seconds.

3. Workouts:

Each time you insert the key in the machine, you have 2 options displayed: the preset workouts or the iFit LIVE module workouts (the last require you buy the iFIT LIVE module and activate your subscription ).

The console includes 22 preset workouts: 10 performance workouts, 6 distance workouts and six weight loss workouts. Each preset workout automatically controls the speed and incline of the treadmill.

If you buy this treadmill to lose weight, pay attention. The calorie goal set for each weight loss workout is just an estimate of the number of calories you will burn during the workout. The actual number depends on your weight, age and your target heart rate zone which this treadmill doesn’t consider.

When you manually change the speed or incline of the treadmill during the workout, the accuracy of the number of calories you burn will be affected.

4. Fan

The console includes a fan controlled through a console button named ‘Fan’. You have fast and slow speed settings available. The fan will automatically turn off when you stop the treadmill.

5. Safety Key - always use it when you train!

When you finish the workout, make sure you remove the key and put it in a safe place for the next training session.

6. Folding Treadmill

Pay attention to the folding and unfolding process. This way you don’t hurt yourself and you don’t destroy anything else around you.

7. Sound System Included

iPod compatible

You have an audio jack available on the console to connect any player you want. The console has a sound system incorporated and a volume button at hand.


You can purchase the iFit module (additional to the treadmill’s price). To read about this module see click on this review.

9. Information Mode

This NordicTrack model uses the Information mode to keep track of the total distance moved by the walking belt or the total time the treadmill has been used.

To select the Information Mode, hold down the Stop button, insert the key into the console, and then release the Stop button. When the information mode is selected, the following information will appear in the display:

– The unit of measurement (From here you can change the measurement to be in km instead of miles and vice versa).

– The contrast level of display (With the up/down arrows of the Incline controls you can change the contrast intensity)

To exit this mode, just remove the key.


We admit this is a decent treadmill, dedicated for regular runners with interest in having a home training machine. You don’t use it to train for a marathon, but you can for sure use it to train for a 10k, to keep your body fit and your health in good shape.

The new 2011 model is slightly improved than its predecessor (you have a better parts warranty and the preset workouts slightly changed). We like this new version better.

The treadmill warranty shows its price is backed by a good quality: a decent motor, a decent belt, a decent cushion system. If you use it properly and take good care of it, it can be a treadmill for long term use.

The machine can take easily 1 h of daily intense workout. Maximum speed (12mph) is fast enough to keep you motivated. Not to mention the workout options (especially the iFit LIVE workouts) that can challenge you to intense running sessions.

The motor is a little noisy when you use it at maximum power and the fan doesn’t cope very well especially in small spaces. This is why we don’t recommend using the sound system when you run. The treadmill noise combined with music can be a little stressful for the ears.

The machine is large and heavy. You need 2 persons to assemble it and 2 to move it around.

If you buy it, be aware it doesn’t have the iFit LIVE module included (it’s just iFit live compatible). Check our iFIT LIVE article for price and installation details.

To end our conclusions, $1,000 is a good price for this treadmill. It can’t disappoint you if you’re looking for a basic treadmill machine to use for your basic training sessions.

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