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The FreeMotion Commercial Treadmill is a powerful machine, designed for efficiency and comfort. This product is part of the Commercial Series and it’s dedicated for Health Club use.

For this review we tested the Freemotion Treadmill Basic with Workout TV. The difference between the Basic version and the Treadmill Basic with Workout TV is the optional accessory, the Workout TV Console.

In this review you will be able to find out details the Treadmill Basic version and if it’s worth adding the optional TV accessory, considering the price difference.

Find more details in the Conclusions section.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5 – 12 mph (19km/h) There are Quick Touch Speed buttons available on the main console.

Incline : 0-15% Same as Speed there are Quick Touch Incline buttons available on the console.

Motor : 5.0 HP AC (with DRVS motor system and Controller)

Belt : 22’’ x 60’’ (56 cm x 152 cm)

Maximum user weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit Dimensions : Length: 80 inches (203 cm) , Width: 37 inches (97 cm) , Height: 67 inches (170 cm) , Unit Weight: 594 pounds (269 kg)

Warranty : lifetime warranty for frame and 3 years for parts and labor.


Display Info with the Basic Console

The Main console includes several controls that may appear complicated at first glance, but each has its use. Clear Button resets the console. Display Lock freezes the feedback shown on the console.

Main Display guides you through your exercises and offers the necessary information in order to keep track of your activity. Feedback includes details about incline value, pace details, distance run or vertical feet climbed, calories burned and power output in watts, speed and pulse.

Workout TV Console – Optional

This console can be added at any time and replace the Basic Console.

The WorkoutTV console is quite a kicker. It has entertainment features that can make workouts much more interesting.

To use this Console you need a CATV cable, a TV box, a DVR or a DVD player connected.

This console displays the matrix of the basic console on-screen. To view the matrix and also the programs, press TV AND MATRIX button. To select a channel, press CHANNEL + and – or the 10 numbered buttons. These are only the channels that are stored in memory. You must change the channel on the satellite TV box, VCR or DVD Player if there is a TV box, VCR or DVD Player connected.

freemotion treadmill basic with tv

You can adjust the volume as you wish and you can access Heart Rate training zones chart.

There is a configuration mode that permits you to change brightness, contrast or to start a channel-function program.

Heart Rate Readings

through HandleBars and Chest Strap

Stand on the foot rails and hold the metal contacts. Keep your hands still to receive accurate results. Your pulse will begin to flash and then results are displayed. To avoid problems with the heart rate readings, keep your palms on the upper contacts and your fingers on the lower ones.

This treadmill also gives you the chance to monitor your heart rate with the Polar telemetry wireless system. It’s great to have double readings of your heart rate, it makes workout much easier.


There are Quick Touch buttons for programs on the console. This consoles exercises selection includes:

– Manual program which allows you to enter age, weight and program goals.
– Fitness Tests, with 3 programs: the Gerkin Fitness Test, the Ebbeling Fitness Test, the Freemotion Fitness Test
– Heart Rate Programs, with 3 oprions: Constant Heart Rate, Variable Heart Rate and Fat Burn
– Interval program, with 3 options: Interval 1 To 1, Interval 1 To 2, Interval 1 To 3
– Walk/ Run Programs with 3 options: 5K, 10K and Cross Country
– Terrain programs with 3 options: Foothills, Peaks and All-Terrain programs
– Fixed or Random programs
– Custom Workouts

For the preset exercises the console automatically change and control settings based on your personal details that must be inserted by you before starting the exercise: age, weight, gender.

Most workouts need you to have the Wireless Chest Strap attached because the workout is based on your targeted heart rate (estimated by the console based on the personal information inserted).

The calculations apply for healthy people. If you know you have any heart problem, visit your physician first.

All workouts are designed to be smart and efficient. No matter what your training goals are, the treadmill will help you achieve them.

Maintenance Mode

In the Maintenance Mode you can to view reports and change default settings.

Press Enter and Clear buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. Press Enter to view total distance. Press it again and set a maximum program time. Press one more to set delay time for the timeout mode. To create Custom programs, press Enter once again. Do the same to select delay time for the sleep timeout mode. Press Enter again and enable or disable the TV console (if you decided to purchase it).


The Freemotion Treadmill Basic is worth the investment if you want to have it in your health Club. The Optional Workout TV Console is not needed (especially in a Gym where you have more treadmills close to one another). The noise would be too disturbing.

But if you want such a treadmill in your home, you can definitely buy the TV console too. It will be a pleasure to workout.

The price is an important factor. You can have the FreeMotion Commercial Treadmill with Workout TV Console for $1,500 more (at $7,988 from Amazon too).

But we guarantee this treadmill will rock your world!

First off the motor is exquisite. No matter what workout you do, it can take it. And always in silence. The rear-drive system is insurance for quality performances.

Then there is the large deck backed by a comfortable cushion system. Any user can benefit from this treadmill, no matter what height or weight you have.

The workout selection is various and smartly chosen. The programs are designed to replace a personal trainer if you follow a program all the way. You will be guided.

And the display and matrix will keep you well aware of how well or bad you’re doing. This is a great advantage that determines progression.

If you want to have it, the Workout TV console is worth it. Its features will make workouts much more interesting.

Still based on our experience there are other models you can look into before making a decision. There are other treadmills options that come with a more various workout selection, more audio options iFit Workouts or a fan. Browse our website by price to read more about your alternatives.

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  1. Jackie Jones says:

    I was just award my disabiliy.Im realy thinking
    about purchasing the Bowflex T-20.The price is kinda steep.Are any special going on? And why after paying 3,300. Have to pay a
    extra 219.00 To have it put it together. And I woud like to know can I purchase the TC 20
    at sears or exercise equiment store?

  2. admin says:

    @Jackie, We don’t know if the treadclimber sells at Sears anymore. Online it doesn’t for sure. The best offers are online and you should check regularly this link

    Bowflex TreadClimber TC20

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