Life Fitness Platinum with Inspire 7″ Console


UPDATE: This machine has been replaced by the all new Life Fitness Platinum series. Check it out for the latest review.

The Platinum Club Series from LifeFitness is dedicated for gyms. For the same frame you can buy 3 consoles : Inspire 7″, Achieve LED and Engage 15”.

The first console we reviewed is the Inspire 7” which offers unlimited benefits. Not only it comes with a set of 36 pre-set workouts, but the customization options are multiple.

It comes with iPod compatibility, entertainment features, virtual trainer, USB connectivity and the possibility to change the desired landscape.

Read more about the Inspire 7” console and go to the Conclusions section for more details on the advantages and disadvantages it comes with.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : up to 12 mph/ 10 km per hr

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 4.0 hp AC

Belt : 20" - 60" (50cm x 152 cm)

Maximum user weight : 400 Ibs/ 180 kg

Technical Dimensions : Length: 80 inches (203 cm), Width: 37 inches (94 cm), Height: 64 inches (162.5 cm), Weight: 453 Ibs/ 206 kg

Warranty : the frame, motor and shock absorbers come with a lifetime guarantee, electrical and mechanical parts have a 10 year warranty and there is a 1 year warranty for labor.


Display Info

This console helps you keep precise track of your improvement and allows you to go from one workout to another easily. You have:

– Touchscreen Display where you can choose, set up and monitor workouts
– Activity Zone with Incline Up/ Down arrows, a QuickStart button, Walk/ Jog/ Run preset buttons
– Options Panel to plug in headphones, an USB and Ipod
– Control Panel to change workout settings without affecting the workout progress
– Data Display to see reports on distance, heart rate, calories burned

Our favorite options from the TouchScreen Display are the Virtual Trainer Setup, the Workout Summary information and the Language options.

From the Control Panel you access easily the Cool Down mode (needed at the end of each workout), the Media options (TV or iPOD) or the Change View option which allows you to toggle between 4 possible landscapes: 400 meter track, classic profile, mountain and 5 K nature trail.

Workout Setup is complex. But the most important details that you can select are the Goal Type (time, distance, calories, pace, distance climbed, time in zone or marathon mode) and personal details (such as Weight, Age, Gender).

In the Activity Zone all Life Fitness have a seconds smaller console with easy access to: Incline arrow keys, Speed arrow keys, Walk/ Jog/ Run, QuickStart, Stop.

Heart Rate Readings

Handlebars and Wireless Chest Strap

The Inspire 7 has double heart rate reading system, the Lifepulse System which you use by grasping the handlebars and the Polar chest strap. The chest strap must be ordered as it is an optional feature.


There are 36 workout programs and 6 goal workouts that you can access on this console:

– Manual
– Random
– Hill
– Fat Burn
– Cardio
– Heart Rate Hill
– Heart Rate Interval
– Extreme Heart Rate
– Around the World, an interval training workout designed with hills that recreate different parts of the world
– Foothills
– Kilimanjaro, a workout where intensity levels gradually increase until it reaches a peak and then gradually declines
-Cascades, a 2-peak workout with gradually increasing and decreasing intensity levels
– Fit Tests (Fit test, Life Fitness Fit Test – with 6 workouts that measure cardiovascular fitness, Military Fit Tests, Gerkin Protocol, Physical Efficiency Battery, Army Physical Fitness Test, Navy Fitness Readiness Test, Air Force Physical Readiness Test, Marines Physical Fitness Test)
– 5 K sport training
– 10 K sport training
– Speed training
– Speed interval
– Distance Goal
– Calories Goal
– Time in Zone Goal
– Distance Climbed Goal
– Pace Goal

And you create and save 10 custom workouts in addition to the previous list.

Audio Cues

This feature is disabled when the TV feature is on. What it does is that it alerts you on different stages of your workout with Start, Pause, Finish and Heartbeat sounds.

iPod Compatibility


Virtual Trainer

The Virtual Trainer educates, monitors and motivates the user. It was mostly designed for beginners.

USB Connectivity

With this feature you can save your previous workout information and use it later.

Zoom Feature

It enlarges speed, incline and time display.

Media Center

You can access Life Fitness Attachable Television and your iPod.


The Inspire 7” console is definitely an option we recommend for any Fitness Club but it’s suitable even for home use, especially if you have a large family.

This console incorporates both utility and entertainment. Oh, and a very stylish look. If you’re looking for an equipment able to reach your every fitness dreams, this is it. The Inspire 7” does it all. It is designed for beginners, for intermediate users and professionals.

You may find it hard to believe, but this is the fitness equipment that really does it all, and for a price that matches its performance.

This console is much more featured than the Achieve LED. Firstly, the 36 workouts definitely boost you energy and keep you on the deck. Not only they are extremely efficient, but they keep you motivated always.

On top there is the possibility to access one of the 4 landscapes that you find most compelling. Then there is the Virtual Trainer ready to educate you and guide you through your training.

In addition there is the Media feature that lets you access either a TV channel or your iPod playlist. We find all these great perks, especially for beginners.

For professionals entertainment may be less important and they may not need audio guidance, so as far as media goes it may be an insignificant feature to mention to them. Still the rigorous workout you are about to get with this console is worth the money.

And talking about money, this cool machine is worth $ 7.000. Yeah, we know. This is no reasonable price for average users, but it is the price you need to pay if you want it in your home or your gym.

This is an irresistible machine. Its display features are more than complex and detailed. It gives you complete and easy control over workouts, over goals and values, over all the great features and it also incorporates an Activity Zone.

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  1. Khin Maung Sein says:

    I like the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Inspire or Engage and it is very beautiful. I have to buy it. I would like to know is there any retail store who like to sell this machine to me and the price for CIF Yangon,Myanmar by Air Freight.
    Khin Maung Sein.

  2. admin says:

    You can buy the unit online here :

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