Life Fitness Platinum with Achieve LED Console

Life Fitness Platinum Club Treadmill


UPDATE: This machine has been replaced by the all new Life Fitness Platinum Club series. Check it out for the latest review.

We did this review after the Premium Club Series Inspire 7” Console which gave us a more clear view about the differences between them.

This model has a different console, with less features, but the frame quality and specifications are the same.

Actually, when you select this commercial treadmill, you have the same frame and 3 console options: Achieve ($6,000), Inspire 7’’ ($7,000) and Engage 15’’ ($8,000).

The price of each option is very high, but this treadmill is suitable for health club use rather than home use.

For example:

– Life Fitness Platinum Treadmill with Achieve LED Console costs $5,800 if you buy at Big Fitness

– Life Fitness Platinum with Achieve Led Treadmill costs $6,000 at Sears


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5 - 12 mph/ 19 km per hour

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 4.0 Hp AC

Belt : 22’’x60’’ (50 cm x 152 cm), The belt is backed by the same cushion system as on any LifeFitness Treadmill, FlexDeck.

Maximum user weight : 400 Ibs/ 180 kg

Treadmill Dimensions : The frame in this Series is the same. Length: 80 inches (203 cm), Width: 37 inches (94 cm), Height: 64 inches (162.5 cm), Machine Weight: 453 Ibs/ 206 kg

Warranty : lifetime guarantee for frame and shock absorbers, lifetime warranty for motor, 10 years for electrical and mechanical parts, 1 year for labor. This is the same warranty as you receive for the Premium Club Series Inspire Console Treadmill.


Display Info

The Achieve LED Console is basic. Some of the valuable info displayed and that we appreciate is: time remaining or elapsed time, time of day, distance climbed and heart rate.

There are other details listed too like incline, calories, Watts and METs.

Inspire 7 and Engage 15 consoles are much more complex, more advanced and more featured. Of course they also have a higher price.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Wireless Chest Strap and Contact Handles

The Platinum Club Series uses the same two heart rate monitoring systems patented by Life Fitness: the Polar wireless telemetry and Lifepulse digital contact.

To use the Lifepulse readings just grasp the handlebars for 20-30 seconds. During workout use the wireless Polar chest strap that leaves your hands free.

It is recommended that you use it on bare skin for more precise results.


The Achieve LED console comes with 6 pre-programmed workouts:

Classic Workouts

– Manual Workout with complete control over speed and incline

– Hill Workout which grows in difficulty progressively

– Random Workout offers a combination of hills and valleys

HeartSync Workouts

– Fat Burn Workout with preset use of 65% of targeted heart rate

– Cardio Workout works with 80% of the targeted heart rate

– Fit test Workout is a submax VO2 test. It monitors how the heart supplies oxygenated blood to the muscles and how the muscles receive oxygen

Entertainment Features

Not Included

Folding Treadmill

Not Included


The model is definitely dedicated for health clubs. We could recommend it only for them. As a home machine it’s very difficult to use or to store and costs too much for what you need.

This is a powerful treadmill that provides strong workout. You can use it for hours and you will not feel any difference. It makes very little noise even after intensive use. And this is an important detail to consider.

The powerful 4 hp AC is the key of this Series. This is the precursor of intense workout.

As we mentioned the Achieve LED console is only the first option in this series. It has 6 pre-programmed workouts, of which a Fit Test that we found quite effective and necessary.

The deck is comfortable, the cushioning system prevents strong impact on joints and the belt is quite generous. It can support tall or heavy runners without any problem. Plus the design is very user friendly and ergonomic.

Personally for $ 6,000 we find it a little too expensive. But the price matches a strong warranty and this is why you have a good deal when balancing warranty versus costs. If you own a Health Club, you need this type of product.

The Platinum Club Series has great potential and amazing features. From our point of view you can truly enjoy a unique Platinum Club Treadmill if you buy the Inspire 7 or the Engage 15 Consoles. Both are extremely elaborate and offer so many benefits and advantages that it makes you never want to step off of it.

Nevertheless plain and simple workouts (what Achieve LED Console has to offer) can be a wonderful experience too.

Check out our Inspire 7 and Engage 15 reviews for a more clear view on what each console offers.

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