Life Fitness T5

Life Fitness T5 High End Treadmill


Life Fitness is a leader and an innovator in high-grade, gym-quality cardio equipment. The brand’s popularity grows with every new product they release. The T5 is one of their higher end models, with two consoles to choose from and the FlexDeck Select cushioning system, among other great features.


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Speed : 0.5 - 12 mph (20 kph), You have 3 Quick Buttons to control speed:walk, jog or run and pre-set values are saved by you/per each user profile.

Inclination : 0%- 15%, Same for incline, you have 3 Quick Buttons to control incline:Low, Medium and High and pre-set values are saved by you per each profile (2 profiles are available).

Motor : 3.0 CHP with Magna Drive controller

Belt : 60" x 22" - The Belt offers Adjustable Flex Deck Cushion System.

Console : Two Choices with app integration

Supported User Weight : 400 Ibs (182 kg)

Technical dimensions : Length: 79.5 inches (202 cm), Width: 32 inches (82 cm), Height: 61 inches (155 cm), Weight: 341 Ibs (155 kg)

Warranty : The treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for frame, shock absorbers, 10 years for motor, 7 years for electrical and mechanical parts and 1 year on labor.

Best Features

Clear and Helpful Display Info

The display of this treadmill is designed to make it simple for any user to browse through or set up the treadmill according to his/her requirements.

The display offers great feedback that will help you keep track of your performance: Speed (miles per hour or km/hour), Heart rate (beats per minutes), Distance, Incline, Total Calories burned or Calories per Hour, Time spent in workout or Time in zone (the amount of time spent in a certain heart rate zone).

The Activity zone is the smaller console below the main console. Its purpose is to gather most used keys for quick access: Incline Up/ Down, Stop, Safety Stop and Lanyard, Speed Up/ Down.

Up to 16 Built-In Workouts

for Beginners, Athletes (Advanced) and Experienced (Fit) Runners

– Manual – basic, with no predefined intensity levels. It starts at the lowest incline and speed. You manage settings.

– Random – based on different hills and valleys.

– Hill, an interval training workout built on alternating intervals of intense aerobic and regular periods of lower intensities.

– EZ Incline, a cardiovascular workout aimed at enhancing cardiovascular resistance

– Sports Training Time-Based Goal, a workout meant to simulate outdoor running in order to train you for outdoor conditions.

– 5K and 10K

– Fat Burn Workout

– Cardio – designed for fat burn

– Heart Rate Hill – adjusts to the user’s fitness level

– Heart Rate Interval – adjusts to the user’s fitness level, but it’s much more challenging

-Extreme Heart Rate – simulates hill running in order to increase leg muscle endurance.

– Custom and Save workouts (1 per each User Profile)

Life Fitness Track + Console
User Menu:

2 users (4 with the Track + Console) can save their preferred workout info: body type, Go Speed values preferences, Go Incline favorite levels. You also save: name, weight, age (important for calories burned to be counted with accuracy).

Total Statistics available are: total hours, miles, how many times a workout was used.

Most important settings you control from this menu are:

Sleep Mode (set the time the console goes in idle mode, if not used) or

– Attract mode (enable a screen saver like for the console. Colors are pleasant to the eye)

– Eng/Met mode (to show distances in miles or km)

– Audio controls (on/off for a beep sound when pressing any button)

– HR telemetry (enable/disable wireless heart rate readings)

– Marathon Mode (enable or disable)

– Workout timer (if you want to count down time goals distances)

– Mets Setting (METs = unit of oxygen consumption for measuring cardiovascular endurance)

My Workouts

These are the preset workouts an user saves for his profile so he can start using them quickly (and not need to enter his personal info every time he chooses a preset workout). On the Life Fitness T5 a user can save up to 4 workouts for his own profile (workouts names are editable).

Heart Rate Readings

The T5 treadmill offers both contact and wireless heart rate monitoring, but you will need a chest strap as it is not included on the machine. Note that the top of the line Club Series model has a chest strap included for free.

Two Console Choices

You can opt for the Basic Go Console or the Track + console, which offers more workouts plus integration with your smart phone or tablet for syncing as well as multiple popular app usability.

Other Appealing Features

The T5 features FlexDeck cushioning, which can reduce impact on your knees and joints by up to 30%, as well as Quick Start functionality, space saving design and a 400 lb. max weight capacity.


The Life Fitness T5 is an awesome treadmill that bridges the gap between its little brother, the T3, and the top of the line Club series treadmill, with all of the features you would expect from a commercial grade machine.

It has incline capability, speciality cushioning, a generously sized runner’s deck, a powerful motor, console choices and a solid warranty.

If you are in the market for a high end treadmill and money is not an object, the just under $4,000 T5 is a really great choice. We’d opt for the Track + console for an additional $400 as it gives you many more features to keep yourself motivated to reach your fitness goals.

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