Life Fitness Platinum with Engage Console


UPDATE: This machine has been replaced by the all new Life Fitness Platinum Club series. Check it out for the latest review.

The Engage Console is the top of the Platinum Series (it’s the superior model of the Inspire 7’’ Console and Achieve LED Console).

The frame features and components quality is the same for any model in the Platinum Series. What differentiates this model from the 2 other options is the console’s specifications.

And all features of Engage 15’’ come with a $8,000 price.

Read more details below and find out how our experience felt like in our Conclusions.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5-12 mph (0.8-18km)

Incline : 0- 15%

Motor : 4.0 HP AC motor with Magna Drive Motor Control

Belt : 22’’ x 60’’ (55cm x 152cm)

Maximum user weight : 400 lbs/ 180 kg

Unit Dimensions : Length: 80 inches (203 cm), Width: 37 inches (94 cm), Height: 64 inches (162.5 cm), Machine Weight: 453 Ibs/ 206 kg

Warranty : lifetime warranty for frame, shock absorbers and motor, 10 years for electrical and mechanical parts, 1 year on labor. This is the same warranty as on all console models in the Platinum Club Series.


Display Info

The Engage Console comes with Touchscreen Display (the latest technology in the field).

The main display’s controls are: workout selection, virtual trainer set-up, workout set-up and languages selection.

As feedback during workout you can see incline, time run or to be run, time of day, speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate. These are only some of the details listed. Workout feedback includes very detailed information which is useful to track progress accurately and correct mistakes easier.

Every LifeFitness model has also the Activity Zone with quick options for adjusting incline and speed during workout. It includes also a Quick Start button, Walk/ Jog/ Run preset buttons and a Stop button.

Heart Rate Readings

HandleBars and Wireless Chest Strap

These are the same options as detailed in the Achieve LED Review or the Inspire 7’’ Review.


This console comes with 36 workout programs, 6 goal workouts, 2 Create Your Own workouts and 10 custom workouts. They are split into 3 categories: Classic workouts, Heart Rate Workouts or Special Workouts:

Quick Start is the fastest way to begin exercising. You then select your workout you first set your goals: time, distance, calories, pace, distance climbed, time in zone. You can also select the intensity of your workout.

There are 20 intensity levels options available and each level has a different incline value set.

We love the Marathon Mode because it allows us to train for the first marathon we plan to complete this fall. We have been preparing for the first marathon for 6 months, but this treadmill (and the others versions in this series) improved our results a lot.

The console will ask you to insert your personal details for accurate data calculations such as: weight (for calories burned), age (for targeted heart rate workouts), and gender (for accurate fitness testing).

Last but not least, note that this console alerts you on different stages of your workout with the Audio features. They are disabled when TV or FM are turned on. It’s cool to have this feature as it keeps you permanently aware of your performance.

Virtual Trainer

With this option you can select a male or female trainer to assist during workout setup and provide audible feedback during a workout.

You can also go online, meet with your trainer virtually, create custom workouts and track results. It’s a great feature and it’s free.

You can create and save workouts to USB then transfer them into the treadmills console. The USB port is available on Inspire 7’’ model and the Engage 15’’model only.

TV Screen and Radio Options

The console has the TV screen incorporated. This option is controlled from the Touch Screen options. If you have CATV cable connected you can watch the desired TV channel. Plus you manipulate TV options as you please.

FM Controls allow you to surf through different Radio Stations and also configure channels. You listen to radio or TV and browse through the other workouts settings at the same time.

iPod Compatibility


The console includes iPod compatibility. But it’s different than on other consoles. Once you insert the iPOD dock, the iPOD is controlled from the console through the Touch Screen Options.


We are in love with this treadmill. It has everything you have dreamed about to have on a treadmill. It’s both useful (for ANYONE) and fun.

To have EVERYTHING on a treadmill it costs you $8,000. This is a huge amount. But if you can afford it, buy it.

As Health Club Gym, you must pay attention how you allow people to use it. You need to train them first because the TouchScreen display must be correctly controlled.

The most important thing is that the warranty is great. In fact it’s the best you can have for this type of equipment.

The treadmill can be used in any field that requires you to have a high fitness level: running, military, professional contests, mountaineering. You name it and this treadmill can take it.

To sum it up, this is purchase to go for without hesitation if you can afford it.

You can also choose any of the other models in this Series, even if they come with more simpler controls.

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