ProForm Power 990 (Discontinued)


This model is no longer available for sale. Check out all of the new ProForm treadmills here.

ProForm received a lot of attention after the launch of the ProForm Power collection. The 990 model was very popular in 2010 and it still has a lot of fans.

For its price ($900), the ProForm Power 990 Treadmill is a decent purchase. Read more about its features and go to Conclusions to see what its pros and cons are.


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Speed : up to 12 MPH

Incline : up to 12%

Motor : 3.0 Commercial Pro Motor

Belt : 20 in x 55/ 51 cm x 140

Maximum User Weight : 325 lbs/ 148 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame & motor, 1 year for parts & labor


Display Info

Press the ‘Display’ button repeatedly or the ‘Increase’ / ‘Decrease; buttons to get to the display of your choice.

You have display options for: incline, speed, walked/ run distance, elapsed time, pace in minutes/ mile or / kilometer, approximate no of burned calories and heart rate. Speed and incline will remain permanently on the display.

ProForm Power 990 has a high-resolution backlit display that offers precise and animated information.

Heart Rate Readings

As many models in this price range, ProForm Power 990 has handlebars with heart rate reading sensors.


ProForm Power 990 offers 16 preset workouts including: 4 calorie workouts, 4 distance workouts, 4 timed workouts and 4 performance workouts.

To go to a preset workout, use Increase/ Decrease to select the desired workout. After selection, the display will show name, duration, maximum speed setting, maximum incline and a profile of the speed settings of the workout.

The advantage of this model is that it is compatible with iFit training mode. This is how you can have access to more workouts. The disadvantage is that you have to buy it separately. Check the iFIT Workouts article for price details.

Information Mode

The Information Mode is like an electronic diary of the treadmill. It tracks the overall distance the belt has moved and total no. of hours the treadmill has been in use. You can measure distance in miles or kilometers and you can alter the contrast level and view the status of the iFit module.

Stereo Sound System

iPod Compatibility

You can connect any audio player you have, including iPod. You can use it for audio books, shows, music, or any other kind of audio motivation.

Folding Options





The ProForm 990 Power treadmill is a sum of decent functionality, nice aesthetics, workouts diversity and decent quality for a small price. It has convinced us it should be recommend as a good purchase in the $500 and $1000 price range. Here it is why.

First off, it has a self-cooling powerful motor, guaranteed for lifetime. The impressive thing about it is that it’s surprisingly quiet, given the fact that this is a motor that can support up to 325 lbs.

ProForm paid fair attention to small, but important details. The first one, is the adjustable cushioning. Because you can adjust it according to your workout intensity preference, this system guarantees protection for your joints and hips.

We also like the pre-set workouts (although the weight loss programs offer inaccurate reports).

And even if you pay extra, it’s nice to buy the iFit Live module.

Unfortunately, the treadmill lacks many features that superior models have and we consider them important (such as a wireless chest strap).

Changing the speed and incline won’t take you more than the touch of a button. And the fan works really well.

The sound system is good. We like the iPod compatibility. It’s a nice touch.

We also like that it’s a folding treadmill, so you can save space.

And for a $900 model, the warranty is satisfactory.

There is a disadvantage though. Because of the low price, you don’t have many important features other treadmills have. Other than that, the ProForm Power 990 can be a very inspired purchase.

UPDATE: The ProForm Power 990 is no longer available for sale. You can check out all of the latest ProForm treadmills for sale on the official site to see which one is best for your needs.

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