Yowza Sebring Transformer Treadmill


The release of the Sebring Transformer treadmill is living proof that Yowza is keeping up with the pace of technology.

The Sebring model includes all the features that have gained many Yowza friends, and also an additional technology that boosts the treadmill experience. Plus, you get a wireless scale that counts your precise weight. Users with weight issues, this one is for you!

Read our Yowza Sebring review below, and scroll to the bottom of the page for our expert’s conclusions and where to buy for the best deals.

UPDATE: Please note that as of 2018 it appears that Yowza Fitness may be out of business. We noticed that the company website is not being updated any longer, and calls as well as emails are not being returned. So we would recommend that you look at other brands in the price category, including NordicTrack and Sole.

Even if you see a Yowza Sebring on sale, we would stay away as you won’t have any recourse if something goes wrong with the machine.


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Speed : up to 11 mph

Incline : up to 12%

Motor : 3 HP continuous duty

Belt : 20 x 55 in/ 51 x 140 cm

Cushioning System : Swing Arm with progressive shock absorption deck

Folding Option : included

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs/ 136

Unit Dimensions : 73 in L x 34 W x 55 H/ 185 cm x 86.4 x 140

Unit Weight : 188 lbs/ 85 kg

Warranty : Lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and electronics, 2 years for labor.


Display Info

The Yowza Sebring model comes with a user-friendly LED display that offers feedback on speed, incline, time, distance, heart rate, intensity and no of calories you’ve burned.

Also, there are 9 individual user memory slots that can record user’s age, weight and fitness level.

The console also features an IWM button, an Audio input button, Express incline and speed buttons and the Fit Test button. Additionally, there is a Quickstart mode and a Cool down mode, easy to access.

Heart Rate Info

You can check your heart rate by using the handrail contacts or the wireless chest strap that is not included in the price.


Sebring is packed with 16 workouts: 3 Target programs (time, speed, distance), 3 preset programs with 12 levels of intensity each, Speed Interval, Weight Loss, Intelligent Work out Management (IWM) custom computer-generated program, 5K, Heart Rate control and Fitness Test.

Up to 7 users can create their own profiles.

To use the IWM program, press the IWM button. Stand on scale steadily until the weight is displayed and blinks 3 times. Press Incline Up/ Down or Speed Up/ Down to select user ID and press Enter. Insert gender, age and height and press Enter after each selection. The display will now show you the recommended user weight. Start the workout.

To enter the Program Mode and to set User parameters, press Enter.

Up to 3 custom workouts can be created on the Sebring console.

Hi-Fidelity speakers without iPod compatibility

– included

Quick Speed/ Incline keys-


Intelligent Weight Management patented technology

This system helps users manage body weight easily. You press the IWM button and then you step onto the free weight scale. Weight, body mass index and other auxiliary data will be wirelessly downloaded into the treadmill’s computer. Press Start.

This latest technology is available also on Yowza Daytona, but for a higher price ($2000).

2 GB USB stick

– included


The Yowza Sebring is a solid entry in the mid-range category, offering a lot of innovation for the price. It is also quite compact, and won the Best Buy prize for compact treadmills in 2015.


First of all, it’s called a Transformer because it’s incredibly sturdy, and yet it folds, and easily that is. Then, the IWM technology helps users transform their shape into the figure they’ve always wanted but never had the motivation to really do it.

But first and foremost, the motor is a catch. It’s powerful, it provides great power, high speeds and inclines. And if you’re wondering, it also remains surprisingly quiet, so that’s a good combination.

Then, the cushioning is just as good as the motor is powerful, so this is a good match that should take all worries off your back. The cushion is variable, so you can adjust it according to your workout. The swing arm deck definitely provides extra shock absorption and we are the first ones to say it. Of course, a treadmill called Transformer can only be backed up by a high end console. 2 heart rate monitoring systems are the highlight of this console, and of course the display is not second to it.

One of the great things about this treadmill is that the quick start button allows users to adjust speed and incline as you want and as you go. No worries, the program array is designed for all types of goals, from low to high. You and 2 other users can even create your own workout programs so that you maintain a good workout rhythm.

Another awesome perk is that the deck doesn’t require close maintenance. While we’ve had a tough time with other decks that required regular maintenance, we’ve finally stumbled upon one that doesn’t.

The speakers have not let us down so far and the warranty is a above satisfactory.

Main attraction

Of course, we’re talking about the IWM technology. It’s not the innovation itself that gained us over, but the utility of it. This system really is helpful for monitoring your body shape and is a major motivation booster.

The renowned Yowza quality is another major advantage which you can rely on.

A popular advantage is the wireless heart rate transmitter and I haven’t met any user who doesn’t appreciate this feature.


But of course, if you’re not interested in what this treadmill specifically has to offer, you shouldn’t spend $ 1400 on the IWM system. It’s a matter of choice really.

The drawback is that the running surface is surprisingly short. We appreciate the space-saving technology, but we also enjoy a comfortable running surface. 5 inches more would have been just perfect.

The reversible deck has its advantages, but also a disadvantage, unless you like flipping the deck around at a certain point.

All in all, the Yowza Sebring is indeed a Transformer that incorporates a wide series of advantages that can fulfill the dreams of many users. We recommend this treadmill for its quality and for the innovative technology it brings forward.

Check out the new Yowza Sebring treadmill on the official site for the best prices and also to compare all of the available models. See which one is best for you.

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