Yowza Lido Folding Treadmill

Yowza Lido treadmill


The Yowza Lido is an entry-level model in the company’s Transformer series, non-folding style treadmills that fold with just a touch of a button for easy portability and storage.

With its patented Intelligent Weight Management system, it’s ideal for those looking to shed those extra pounds.

UPDATE: As of 2018, it seems that Yowza Fitness is not in business anymore. Several visitors have mentioned that calls and emails to the company have not been returned, and the company website has not been updated in quite some time. If you see a Lido or another model for sale, proceed with caution as you may not have any recourse if there are problems down the road. As such we recommend you go with a different brand.


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Speed : up to 8.8 mph

Incline : Two Levels/Manual

Motor : 2.5 HP Continuous Duty

Belt : 17" x 51"

Cushioning System : High Density Absorption Deck

Folding Option : included

Maximum User Weight : 250 lbs.

Unit Dimensions : 63"x32"x52"

Unit Weight : 194 lbs

Warranty : Lifetime for frame, 2 years for parts and electronics, 1 year for in-home labor


Display Info

There’s a large LED display with the ability to store up to 7 users’ age, weight, height, sex and fitness level.

Heart Rate Info

You can use the hand grip sensors to check your heart rate and keep yourself in the ideal range.

Yowza Lido display


The Yowza Lido includes a total of 8 workout programs, including time, distance, calorie, 20, 40 and 60 minute speed, Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) Program which automatically adjusts using the free included scale to meet your weight loss goals, and a manual program setting.

To start a program, press the program buttons when the treadmill is on Power On mode. If you’re a first time user, you must set up your profile. There are 7 available user profiles. Set gender, weight, height, age and the user target heart rate.

After completing user information setup, press Speed Up/ Down to adjust the workout load level from 1 to 9. Press Stop/ Enter to confirm. Begin the workout you want by selecting the appropriate button.

Calculate your maximum heart rate by using the following formula: 220 minus age.

IWM system

– included (see above)

Speakers with MP3 input

– included


The Yowza Lido treadmill is a solid entry level choice for walkers and joggers who are looking to burn calories and lose weight.

The included scale syncs with the machine to automatically figure out programs that will help you hit your target weight. Let’s look at some additional pros and cons.


The motor is powerful enough for joggers and walkers. The cool thing about it is that it incorporates technology that allows the smooth running of the tread belt. It’s quiet and smooth and has a lifetime guarantee.

The cushioning system does a great job at protecting users from impact. Although it doesn’t have the 8-point spring system like the two higher-priced models in the Transformer series have (the Osprey and the Sebring), it still offers good protection.

We like the fact that it offers the ability to store up to 7 user profiles. That’s plenty for the whole family and even a few friends to store their information and get the most out of their workouts.

There are a good amount of workouts to choose from, 8 in all, especially the IWM program that uses the information from the attached scale to figure out the ideal program.

The Yowza Lido, just like their other folding and non-folding treadmills, are very cool and modern looking, with a sleek design, which although it doesn’t mean it’s a better treadmill, it does motivate us just a bit more than those tired looking models you find elsewhere.


There are some drawbacks to the Yowza Lido treadmill, however. First off, it’s an entry level model and as such is ideal for walkers and joggers. More serious runners will be better served with one of the higher priced treadmills. The running belt is just 51″ long and it maxes out at a mere 8.8 mph.

Also, it has a lifetime frame warranty but only 2 years on everything else and 1 year on labor. But you can’t expect too much more for the $900 price tag.

All in all, it’s not a bad choice, especially for those who need to lose weight as the incline combined with the free weight scale can really help you meet those goals.

Check out the new Yowza Lido treadmill to get the best deals and check out all of the specs and features.

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