Yowza Biscayne (Discontinued)


The Yowza Biscayne treadmill is no longer being sold. For the newest models check out our Yowza Fitness Reviews section.

In treadmill world, the Biscayne treadmill from Yowza is the rising star of slim design. No other treadmill can fold up almost perfectly vertically, to a size as minimal as this unit. Still, you won’t be getting only the sleekest design ever, but also some attractive features and advanced programming so that you meet your specific requirements and goals.

For $1700, the Biscayne is a good machine. But Yowza also has other models that are a few $ cheaper and offer the same range of features. But of course, not the same design.


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Speed : up to 10 mph

Incline : up to 12%

Motor : 3 HP Continuous Duty

Belt : 20 in x 60 in/ 51 x 152 cm

Cushioning System : Swing Arm with Progressive shock absorption deck

Folding Options : included

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit Dimensions : 78 in L x 36 W x 56 H/ 198 cm x 91 x 142

Unit Weight : 254 lbs/ 115 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and electronics, 2 years for in-home labor.


Display Info

The LED display shows workout information on time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate. Other buttons are Mode button, Metric/ English, Express Incline and Speed buttons, Fitness Test, iPod volume controls, Custom Save button, Fan controls and Speed profile.

There is a Sleep mode that activates in 4 minutes without receiving any input.Quick Start is enabled when pressing the Start button.

Set up user code is easy to use by pressing Incline Up/ Down buttons. 9 user codes are available. Enter height, weight, age.

Heart Rate Readings

Check your heart rate by using the hand grips or the wireless receiver.


The Biscayne treadmill is packed with 3 Target programs (Time, Speed, Distance), 3 preset programs, Speed interval program, Weight loss programs, 5 k or walking LEARN program, Heart rate control programs and a Fitness Test.

For Target workouts, press Speed Up/ Down to set the target. Press Stop/ Enter to save and Start.

For Heart rate control programs, the display shows a calculated initial Target heart rate, based on age. You must now set Target heart rate by using Incline Up/ Down according to your own physical condition. Warm up contains the Speed adjust phase, the Incline adjust phase and the Extended monitoring phase.

3 custom programs are available. You can set and save the user program and also you can edit previously saved program.

iPod Dock

– included

Hi-Fidelity Speakers

– included

3-Speed Fan

– included

Transport Wheels

– included

Cup Holders

– included


The Biscayne treadmill is a unit for both beginner and more experienced users. It has an impressive variation of features that provide a commercial-grade experience. This unit is designed for most users who want to either walk, jog or run.


The Biscayne treadmill has its share of pros that make it a good machine. Starting with the motor, this treadmill is a commercial-grade unit. It’s powerful, sturdy and able to fuel a 15% incline. Avid runners should find this feature appealing.

An aspect that many users tend to ignore is the deck. The running deck is very important, it has major effects on the overall functionality of the treadmill. This treadmill incorporates a system that ensures a soft landing in the front and a firm push-off in the back. Add the quality cushioning system and you can consider yourself secured.

Cardio passionate users will find the wireless chest strap a turn on. We like it when we don’t have to pay for the wireless receiver, mostly when the treadmill is packed with great heart rate workouts. The console keeps users in their optimum target heart rate zone throughout the workout, which is a guarantee that you’re on the right path towards an intense cardio experience.

All other workouts are equally appealing, it only depends on your goals. The cool thing is that you can finally get your friends to join you on the treadmill, as 9 user profiles are available. And on top of it all, you can customize 3 workouts. Being allowed to enter your values such as age, height and weight insures an accurate feedback for your performance. An effective way of keeping up motivation.

The user data slots are one other advantage, as you get to create and store your favorite workouts.
iPod followers can enjoy a clear sound of their favorite tunes. When you’re done, just fold it.
The warranty is strong enough for you to rest assured you’ve made a wise decision.

Main Sttraction

The main attraction of the Biscayne is its sole characteristic sleek design. The truth is that no other Yowza treadmill folds up like the Biscayne does. It’s almost perfectly vertical, so you see why this is the real space-saving treadmill.

And it also looks nice in general.


But if Yowza hadn’t designed other treadmills with equal features but lower price, the Biscayne would have been a great recommendation. Take Smyrna for example. It is $300 cheaper and has the same features and functionality.

The Biscayne is a good machine, it rates well in all categories, but the truth is you’ll be spending the extra cash for the particular design. If you want a Yowza treadmill, buy one of their latest machines that feature all the technologies, the Yowza Sebring or the Yowza Daytona.

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