Yowza Delray Grande Mid-Range Treadmill

Yowza Delray Grande


The Delray Grande is a mid-range treadmill from Yowza. The third machine in the Delray series, the Grande comes with a larger motor and thicker tread belt than the base models and has a smaller price tag than the top-of-the-line Elite treadmill.

One of the better treadmills in its class, the Grande is rated highly by critics as well as customers.

UPDATE: As of 2018 it appears that Yowza Fitness may be out of business, as the website has not been updated in months and there is no answer at customer service. Although you may find a Delray Grande for sale somewhere, proceed with cautio as you may not have recourse if you have any problems with the machine.


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Motor : 3.25 HP continuous motor

Speed : up to 11.2 mph

Incline : 12 levels

Track : 20" x 60"

Display : Deluxe LCD computer with dot matrix display

Built-in Workout Programs : 15

Heart Rate Monitor : Heart rate transmitter belt

Tablet Holder : Included

Water Bottle Holder : Included

Transport Wheels : Included

Sound System : Included

Footprint : 78" x 34” x 53”

User Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

Warranty : Lifetime warranty on frame, five-year warranty on parts and electronics, and two-year warranty on labor


Powerful Motor

The Yowza Delray Grande has a larger, more powerful motor than the Delray and the Delray Plus. The 3.25 HP motor has enough horsepower to support intense training sessions and also remains quiet even at top speed.

Workout Programs

The treadmill is preloaded with 15 workout programs. Your choices include time, speed, distance, speed interval, weight loss, and heart rate control programs.

Can Be Used by Multiple People

The machine can be used by up to seven people and has memory slots to record each user’s age, weight, and fitness level individually.

Swing Arm Cushioning

The running surface on the Grande is quite firm, yet it protects your joints better than the softly cushioned surfaces you find on other treadmills. The unique Swing Arm Suspension system moves the entire deck up and down with each step, which reduces the strain on your joints greatly.

The Swing Arm Suspension system also boosts your metabolic rate considerably and allows your body to burn up to 23% more calories than it normally does.

Thicker Tread Belt

The Grande has a thicker tread belt (2.5 mm) than the Delray base model and the Delray Plus (1.6 mm and 1.8 mm respectively). A thicker tread belt is generally less prone to wear and tear and has a longer lifespan. So, it is definitely a much-needed upgrade.

Ideal for Runners

The machine has a 60” track, which is sufficient for runners. It also has 12 levels of incline and a top speed of 11.2 MPH. The console also has Express buttons that allow you to change the speed and incline instantly.

Plenty of Features

The Grande has plenty of additional features and accessories including an MP3 music port with speakers, a tablet rack, a USB charging port, a water bottle holder, an LCD display, a heart rate transmitter belt, and transport wheels.

Excellent Customer Service and Warranty

Yowza is known for its strong warranty and excellent after-sales service. The company is also known for making low-maintenance treadmills that last long, but if there is a problem with your machine, you can get it fixed easily. This is one of the key areas where Yowza outclasses the competition.


The only notable downsides are the lack of a decline training option and the lack of a full color touchscreen console.


The Yowza Delray Grande is a high-quality mid-range treadmill. It is reasonably priced, sturdily built, has an impressive suite of features, and comes with an excellent warranty.

It does lack a flashy console and the option of decline training, but the combination of generous warranty and top-notch customer service more than makes up for it. So, the Grande is a very good buy and definitely worth spending your money on. Definitely check out the other models as well.

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