Yowza Smyrna (Discontinued)


UPDATE: The Yowza Smyrna treadmill is no longer being sold. For the latest available models check out our Yowza treadmill reviews section.

The Yowza Smyrna Transformer folding treadmill is particularly designed for runners. It has the quality, tools, features and the functionality that suits all users. Check out our Smyrna review and or scroll down to the bottom for our expert conclusions.


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Speed : up to 11 mph

Incline : up to 12%

Motor : 3 HP, Continuous Duty (quiet)

Belt : 20 x 60 in/ 51 x 152 cm

Cushioning System : Patented Swing Arm system with progressive Shock Absorption Deck

Folding Options : no

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs

Unit Dimensions : 79 in L x 34 W x 54 H/ 200 cm L x 86 W x 137 H

Unit Weight : 254 lbs/ 115 kg

Frame :  Steel

Power Supply : Plug In (AC 110V)

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and electronics, 2 years for in-home labor


Display Info

The Smyrna treadmill comes with a large LED display with 9 individual user memory slots that record user’s age, weight and fitness level. You also get feedback information on speed, time, pulse, calories, distance, incline.

Aside the available buttons for each of the feedback information, the console integrates buttons for mode, Metric/ English, express incline, fitness test, iPod volume controls, custom save, fan controls.

Heart Rate Readings

The heart rate control program reads your heart rate while the user has the wireless chest strap on. You can also use the pulse grips.


The console comes with a collection of 15 workout programs of which: 3 target programs – Time, Speed, Distance, 3 preset programs with 12 levels of intensity each, Speed interval, Weight Loss, 5K running or walking “Learn” program, Heart rate control and Fitness Test.

After setting the user’s age, the Speed profile displays a blinking P1, which indicates that the user can select between P1-10 and C1-3. Press Incline up/Down to select the program of your choice and press Enter.

The Warm-Up includes 3 phases: speed adjusting, incline adjusting and extended monitoring. After completing the Heart Rate control program, the 1 min cool down program starts. There are 3 customizable programs and you can set and save the user program.

iPod Compatibility

– included




– Hi Fidelity, included


First off, let me tell you that Yowza is selling the Smyrna treadmill for a 62% saving, which means you can buy this model for $1400. What does this mean? It means you can purchase the Smyrna that we highly recommend for a decent price, which makes this treadmill one of the best treadmills in the mid price range. Here is why Smyrna is worthy of your consideration.


Those who can benefit from this unit are walkers, joggers and runners. Still, the running surface is averagely large, so really tall users won’t be too satisfied on this treadmill.

The motor is powerful enough to sustain really challenging workouts you may enroll onto. You can raise the speed as much as you like and the incline as high as you desire, the motor will work smoothly all the way. And also quietly, which is always a plus.

We particularly like the console and here is why. It has a Quick Start buttons, which is good. It also has single-touch adjustments, which is even better. On top of it all, it has quick speed and incline control buttons, which is a godsend during hardcore workouts.

The running surface has a Floating Deck system. It’s not a magic deck, but it is an efficient way to keep your ankles, knees, hips and back safe during the toughest of workouts.

The workout range is quite generous. Either cardio, weight loss, interval or other demanding workouts you may think of, you may be quite satisfied with what Smyrna is offering. At least, we are.

You get the cooling fan, the option to plug in your iPod and a nice looking console.

Main Attraction

The wireless chest strap is always an eye-catcher. Those who are into Heart Rate Control programs can really expand their workouts with this hands free heart rate reader.

The warranty is quite amazing, given the purchase price.
And last but not least, up to 3 users can create their own workout profiles and customize their workouts.


By now, we haven’t noticed and bug with Smyrna. It seems to flow really well.

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