Yowza Osprey Transformer


The Yowza Osprey is an entry-level treadmill. It is part of the Transformer class, just like its more expensive sister model, the Sebring. It is based on solid quality components and beats many other treadmills in the same price range.

What it brings to the table is a series of indisputable advantages, but lacks some of the key requirements.

Read our Yowza Osprey review below and scroll to the bottom for our expert’s conclusions and where to buy for the best prices.

UPDATE: Yowza Fitness is no longer operating, as emails and calls to the company have gone unanswered. It’s possible that they will be back, but for now we recommend you look into another brand in this price range. You may see an Osprey for sale on Amazon or somewhere else, but proceed with caution as you may not have any recourse if there are problems with the treadmill in the future.


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Speed : up to 11 mph

Incline : up to 12%

Motor : 2.75 HP Continuous Duty

Belt : 20 in. x 52 in./ 51 cm x 132

Cushioning System : Swing Arm with Progressive shock absorption deck

Folding Option : included

Maximum User Weight: : 300 lbs/ 136 kg

Unit Dimensions : 69 in L x 34 W x 55H/ 175 cm x 86.4 x 139.7

Unit Weight : 183 lbs

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 5 years for parts and electronics, 2 years for in-home labor


Display Info

The large LED display records user’s age, gender, weight, height and fitness level. Feedback is offered on distance, time, speed, incline, pulse.

Other buttons are LCD display, Program button, Express Incline and Speed buttons.

There is a Sleep mode and a Display mode for store display purposes.

Heart Rate Info

You can either use the hand grips or the wireless strap to check your heart rate.


The Osprey treadmill comes with 16 programs of which there are 3 target programs (Time, Speed, Distance), 3 preset programs with 12 levels of intensity each, Speed interval program with 12 levels of intensity, Weight Loss program, 5K running or walking “LEARN” program, Heart Rate control programs and a Fitness Test.

To start a program, press the program buttons when the treadmill is on Power On mode. If you’re a first time user, you must set up your profile. There are 9 available user profiles. Set gender, weight, height, age and the user target heart rate.

After completing user information setup, press Speed Up/ Down to adjust the workout load level from 1 to 9. Press Stop/ Enter to confirm. Begin the workout you want by selecting the appropriate button.

Calculate your maximum heart rate by using the following formula: 220 minus age.

IWM system

– included

Speakers with MP3 input

– included

Water bottle holders



The Yowza Osprey treadmill was a surprise for us. Backed by unique engineering, the Osprey is suitable for users with average height and weight that focus on walking, jogging and running. Moreover, this is a good treadmill for those with a limited budget.


The motor is powerful enough for joggers and walkers, a step up from the 2.5 HP motor on the entry level Lido. The cool thing about it is that it incorporates technology that allows the smooth running of the tread belt. It’s quiet and smooth and has a lifetime guarantee.

The cushioning system does a great job at protecting users from impact. The cushioning system is also based on a Yowza patented system that adjusts the cushions to your stride and keeps you safe from harm all workout long. As far as protection goes, this is a very good treadmill.

A major plus is the 9 user profile availability. This treadmill not only invites your family to join in, but also your friends. It’s a great motivational tool that has proven results.

Once you hop on the Osprey, you can choose from 16 unique workouts, which is quite surprising and satisfactory. Workouts are specifically created for each type of goal and also include a Fitness Test which is an advantage for avid runners.

The console is eye-cathcing. Yowza is renowned for the sleek console designs and Osprey is here to take the legacy forward. It has nice perks, it’s easy to use and looks very cool.

Not to mention, you get a low maintenance deck which won’t require any extra and of course, the quality of all the components is indisputable. Yowza has proven to be a trustworthy treadmill producer. The warranty states it as well.

Main attraction

The highlight of this treadmill is the Transformer technology. No, it’s not going to turn into an airplane, but it has a new kind of folding frame, with components of higher quality than most folding treadmills. Not to mention it features a gas-assisted lifting system that makes folding much easier.

Interestingly, The IWM system patented by Yowza is not featured on the Osprey model, but is featured on the Lido and the up-level Sebring model. This system allows you to monitor your weight and adjust your workouts so that they meet your weight target. Plus, you get accurate feedback on no of calories you’ve burned, which is a kicker if you have weight problems and if you lack motivation.


But there is one detail that may throw you off completely. The deck is only 52 in. long. I know, it’s a major buzzkill. The Sebring model has a longer belt, so you may want to check it out.

And another minus is that you shouldn’t expect any fans to cool you off, because there aren’t any. But there is a cooldown mode that is kind of convenient.

We recommend the Osprey treadmill for the Transformer technology, high quality components, program variety, killer features and accurate feedback options, all for under $1000 on sale.

If you’re interested in buying the new Yowza Osprey treadmill you can check it out as well as the other folding models on the official site. Compare the specs and features to see which one appeals most to you.

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