Yowza Fitness Siesta Treadmill (Discontinued)


IMPORTANT: This model is no longer available. Check out all of the current models on our Yowza treadmills review page.

The Siesta treadmill is the most affordable model of the three high-end folding units that Yowza produces. After several discounts, Siesta has now reached the generous price of $1000.

Still, you’ll be getting much more quality and features than many of the $1000 – $1500 range treadmills. From the CHP motor to a great warranty, the Siesta was designed according to high quality standards.

Check out the Siesta specifications and features and go to Conclusions to learn more about this Yowza model.


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Speed : up to 10 mph

Incline : up to 12%

Motor : 2.5 HP, quiet, Continuous Duty

Belt : 20" x 55"/ 51 cm x 139.7 cm

Cushioning System : Patented Swing Arm system with progressive Shock Absorption Deck

Folding Options : included

Maximum User Weight : 300 lbs/ 136 kg

Unit Dimensions : 74" L x 34 1/2" W x 58" H/ 188 cm L x 89 cm W x 147 cm H

Unit Weight : 201 lbs/ 91 kg

Frame : Steel

Power Supply : Plug In (AC 110V)

Warranty : lifetime on frame and motor, 5 years on parts & electronics, 2 years in home labor


Display Info

The large Blue Backlit LCD display offers feedback on time, distance, calories, speed, pulse and features the following buttons for user to manage their workouts quickly and easily: express speed (quick speed button), express incline (quick incline button), mode button (allows you to exchange the display).

Heart Rate Readings

Use the hand pulse grips or the wireless heart rate receiver to monitor your heart rate at all time.


The Siesta comes with three target programs, Time, Distance and Calories, four preset programs ,15/ 30 and 45 minute speed interval programs with seven levels of intensity each, Weight loss and Heart Rate Control Program.

Press Stop/ Enter to confirm the program of your choice and press Start to begin the exercise. Press Stop/ Enter before starting exercise to run presetting procedure.

For the 15 min/ 30 min and 45 min preset speed programs and Weight Loss program, the LCD will display L1 after pressing the Stop/ Enter button. Press Speed Up/ Down to select the level from 1 to 7 and press Stop/ Enter to confirm.

You can shift between programs 5, 6 and 7 by pressing Stop and then Speed Up/ Down to choose the desired program.

For the Heart Rate Control program, you can set the time, target heart rate and speed. There is a 3 min Warm-up program that you can use to get ready for the workout.

Incorporated Speakers

– included

iPod compatibility-



– 2 fans included

Water Bottle Holder

: included


The reason why Yowza Siesta is a notable treadmill is that Yowza really focused on delivering quality components and useful features, instead of eye-catching frills that users never use anyway. Add the $1000 generous price and there you have it, a nice long-lasting quality treadmill that we definitely recommend.


Starting with the motor, let me say the Siesta provides a reasonable amount of power for both the workouts it incorporates and price range. One more perk is that this motor is CHP and not HP, which means more consistency and more benefits for your workouts.

Then, there is the large running belt that you don’t really find on other treadmills.

Well, maybe in the $2000 markets, but definitely not for a price less than $1000. And check this out, the belt is backed up by the Floating Deck system that provides a soft landing surface in the front and a firm surface in the back. And there is one more advantage that we fully take advantage of during workouts. It’s the cushioning system that really takes all the stress and injury off of you.

Having fast adjustment touch controls at your service is a blessing during workout. They make it so easy for us to simply change speed, incline and resistance. Sure, it’s no mind blowing discovery, treadmill producers have been using it for a long long time. Still, it’s nice to benefit from it for a $1000 price.

The workouts range is also something worthy of attention. Depending on your goal, you can embark on speed, calorie, time-focused workouts. Or maybe you want to lose the extra weight OR you’re simply interested in keeping your cardio up to date. You can do it all. We definitely do it all.

You get to fold it, listen to your iPod music and you get to do it for lifetime. Oh yes, there’s a lifetime warranty for frame and motor to take all your worries off of you. Quite competitive for this price range, wouldn’t you say?

Main attraction

We were stunned by the wireless heart rate receiver. You usually have to pay some extra cash to get this useful feature. And you should know it also works great. No stopping, no flaws. It’s the perfect heart rate monitor during Heart Rate Control workouts.

There is a reasonable user weight limit that allows almost all users benefit from this treadmill. And the $1000 price plus highly satisfying warranty make a great buzz.


Sure, there is also one drawback. For many it’s minor, for some it’s a decisional factor. Taller users may have issues on the Siesta track because it shortens their stride, which is definitely a good reason to look for another model, even if it means spending the extra cash.

All in all, the Siesta is an attractive package of generous price, quality components, eye-catching features, user-friendly motivating programs, injury-free absorption system and a great warranty to back it all up.

If you need more details you can visit the official product page located here.

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