ProForm Boston Marathon 4.0 Treadmill

ProForm Boston Marathon 4.0


UPDATE: The Boston Marathon 4.0 has been discontinued. Take a look at our Best Running Treadmills for a comparable model.

The Boston Marathon 4.0 aims to offer you the ultimate in marathon training. The treadmill has plenty of selling points – beastly power, an exceptional range of features, and an endorsement from the Boston Athletic Association itself.


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Speed : up to 15 mph

Incline : up to 20%

Decline : up to 6%

Motor : 4.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Grade

Tread Belt : 20" x 62" non-stretch, 2-ply commercial belt

Workout Programs : Built-in training programs to prepare for Boston Marathon

iFit Compatibility : Yes

Heart Rate Monitoring Tool : Adidas ANT+ wireless chest strap

Display : 10" web-enabled full color touchscreen display

Cooling Fans : Dual CoolAire workout fans with adjustable speed settings

Sound System : Built-in iPod compatible sound system with speakers

Weight Capacity : 400 lbs

Footprint : 63.75" x 37" x 74"

Warranty : Lifetime warranty on motor and frame, six-year warranty on parts and electronics, and three-year warranty on labor


Powerful Motor

A powerful motor is a prerequisite for any high-end treadmill and the Boston Marathon 4.0 is no exception. The 4.25 CHP drive motor is built for heavy use and ideal for high intensity interval training, marathon training, or any other type of training.

The biggest surprise is that the motor makes very little noise even when you operate the treadmill at the highest speeds. So, you can comfortably watch TV or listen to music while working out without any distraction from the machine itself.

Designed for Runners

The treadmill is designed to meet every single need of serious runners…

  • The 20″ x 62″ track is very spacious and allows even tall people to stretch out their stride fully.
  • Unlike regular treadmills, the Marathon 4.0 does not have a motor hood or handlebars. Thanks to the unique minimalist design, the running surface is large and wide open – just the way runners like it.
  • The cushioning on the track can be turned on or off. If you want a safe and comfortable running surface, leave the cushioning on. The patented Runners Flex Impact Control cushioning reduces the impact on your joints while you run and lowers the risk of stress related injuries. If you want to prepare for a race or marathon, turn the cushioning off.
  • With a top speed of 15 MPH, the treadmill is ideal for even the fastest of runners among you.

Marathon Training

The treadmill, as the name indicates, is specifically built to help you quality for the Boston Marathon. Under the guidance of the Boston Athletic Association, ProForm has created special training programs that can help you prepare for the big event,

There are 16-week and 20-week training programs for you to choose from. You have to choose a program and choose the right level (beginning, intermediate, or advanced) to get started with the training.

The treadmill is preloaded with HD video workouts filmed on the Boston course. So, you can watch the landscape as you train. The treadmill also adjusts the incline and decline as and when needed to simulate the marathon route.

Incline/Decline Training

The treadmill inclines up to 20% and declines down to – 6%. With the incline/decline training option, you can push yourself to the limit every day, burn more calories, and improve your cardio and stamina greatly.

ProForm Boston Marathon Speed Ring

Speed Ring

The 4.0 comes with SpeedRing, one of the features you won’t find on the Boston Marathon 3.0 model. This is a unique Bluetooth based wireless device that can be worn on the finger. The device allows you to adjust the treadmill’s speed wirelessly.

You no longer have to lean forward to adjust the speed on the touchscreen display. You can do it effortlessly without breaking your stride. The device allows you to increase or decrease the speed in one-tenth MPH increments. This is a great feature for any serious runner.

Cadence Coach

Just like the Marathon 3.0, the Marathon 4.0 too comes with the Cadence Coach. The feature lets you set a pace for your workout and emits an audible tone to make sure you stay in sync with the target cadence until you finish the run.

Wireless Heart Rate Tracking

The treadmill comes with a Bluetooth based wireless chest strap, which measures your heart rate accurately throughout your training session. It helps you set heart rate based goals and stay in the right zone for better, faster results.

More Features

There is a 10″ touchscreen display, which shows all the stats you need in bright colors. It comes with an Android browser, which means you can check your email, connect with your friends, read the news, watch your favorite videos, and do lots more while you train.

The machine has a built-in iFit module, with which you can log into your iFit account and access the workout video library, download customized training programs, replicate real-life runs with Google Maps, and more.

The treadmill has two cooling fans to keep you comfortable even in the midst of a grueling training session. The iPod compatible dock allows you to plug your MP3 player and blast some music to match the intensity of your workout.


The Boston Marathon 4.0 is basically the same as its little sister, the Boston Marathon 3.0, except for two features – the SpeedRing and the wireless chest strap. You essentially have to pay a few hundred dollars more for these two features.

Many runners, however, believe that the increase in price tag is justified because the SpeedRing technology is so useful and convenient. But it’s a personal choice.


The Boston Marathon 4.0 treadmill is the ultimate training companion for marathoners. Flawlessly designed and filled to the brim with great features, the machine is built to exceed the expectations of everyone – from elite athletes to the harshest of critics.

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