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The Precor 9.27 is an older model that is no longer available for sale. Check out our Precor Reviews section for the most up to date models.

The Precor 9.27 is a club quality treadmill built for avid runners. Its features allows a large range of users to benefit from this machine, at high intensities and comfort levels. Plus, it’s smaller so it can fit in smaller spaces as well.

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Speed : from 0.5 to 12 mph (0.8-19.3 kph)

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3 HP Continuous Duty

Belt : 20 x 57 inches/ 51 x 145 cm (Maintenance-free)

Cushion System : Ground Effects® Impact Control System (only with the latest 2011 model)

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit Dimensions : 81 inches L x 31 W x 54 H/ 205 cm L x 79 cm W x 137 cm H

Unit Weight : 238 lbs/ 108 kg

Power : 120v plug in

Warranty : lifetime for frame, 5 years for parts, 5 years for wear items and 1 year for labor.


Display Info

The display offers feedback on time, distance, incline, calories, heart rate, Smart Rate, pace and program profile. The console is structured into several displays, each showing specific information. The Center display shows program profile, with a blinking column that indicates your current position.

The Lower display shows incline, pace and speed. The Upper display workout statistics are heart rate, calories, distance and time.

You can customize a workout by pressing the User key. When chosen, this option offers personal info such as time, age, weight and preferred programs.

There are 2 User profiles. To update user information, like time weight and age, press User for at least 3 seconds. Adjust time, weight and age and press Enter.

Heart Rate Readings

You can wear a chest strap that is included in the price or use the Heart Rate Touch-sensitive Handrail grips. You’ll also benefit from the SmartRate function, that keeps you in your fat burn target heart rate during exercise.


There are 10 programs you can choose from: 2 Heart rate, 2 Walk, 5 K Track, Fun Run, Hill Climb, Interval, Manual and Weight Loss.

Press “Programs” continually to check out available workouts. Choose the program and press Enter. Choose workout time and press Enter. Then, do the same with weight and age. If you’re using personal information, press the User key you’ve designed previously. Start the program.

It’s recommended to include a cool out period after workout.

During Weight Loss workouts, your heart rate should be in the Fat Burn range between 55% and 70% of your maximum heart rate. Interval training offers intense cardio while raising and lowering exertion.

“Hill Climb” is an endurance program that uses full incline.

“Walk 1” is suited for beginners and serious walkers while “Walk 2” offers more intense cardio. Heart rate programs increase your cardio fitness so that you can reach weight loss and fitness goals.

Compared to Precor 9.35 and 9.33, this version does not have Personal Best Tracker or Password protect system. It also does not support Workout log or Pacer features (only Precor 9.35 support these last 2).

Informational Displays

The 9.27 enables info about its use and software. It includes an odometer and hour meter.

Folding Options

not included


not included


Precor 9.27 is a club quality treadmill that we recommend to any serious runner, mostly when it’s priced below $2,000. You can find it at higher price, but from our point of view that would be too pricey for the features it offers.

This is a quality treadmill that we recommend to users weighing up to 350 lbs/ 159 kg. Taller users can benefit from this machine due to the belt of reasonable above average length.


As mentioned above, this is a quality treadmill that will require no repairs. The motor is powerful enough to fuel prolonged, intense workouts, and believe us, this machine will work you out big time. The belt is longer than what you most find in a treadmill, but then again this is a club quality machine. It’s supposed to be larger than average machines.

What we like in a treadmill is easy feedback reading, which is something this console offers. Due to the divided display, we can check our performance at all times, without all the movements that would perturb training. According to the info you want to see, check out the upper, center or lower display. Incline and speed are easy to alter, which is crucial during tough programs.

A major plus is that you can insert age and weight which is highly important for users who want to lose weight. And talking of weight loss, this console will make your money worth it. With an inline of up to 15%, the 9.27 will work you out until you lose all the extra weight and build lean muscle.

Heart rate workouts provide great cardio, and with this console you’ll be getting all the cardio you want, according to your personal fitness level and requirements. The plus is that you can read your heart rate by touching handrails or by wearing a chest strap, and pay attention to this, the chest strap is included in the price (for this price it’s normal). You also receive the SmartRate feature, which helps you train in your fat burn zone. This is an insurance of your desired workout results. And the warranty is decent.

Main attraction

The motor is powerful and sturdy, able to provide the highest intensity you want. And to back up a motor of this caliber, Precor introduced the Ground Effects® Impact Control System that keeps users safe and injury-free even during impossible workouts. We believe this combination couldn’t have been any other way. We like the high incline and the intensity that comes along, but we wouldn’t have tried this treadmill if it hadn’t had a proper cushioning system. Well, it does have proper cushion, which makes us quite pleased of our purchase.

The chest strap is included in the price and the console is user-friendly and easy to read.


There are also some disadvantages that may determine you to look for a higher end model.

First, it’s a bit expensive for the features it offers. For example, it doesn’t have the Footplate Technology that other models like Precor 9.31 or Precor 9.35 have, but it does have more programs and features than Precor 9.23.

The control panel may be too small for some users. It’s aesthetic though.

It doesn’t provide cool off fan nor folding options. Then again, how could you fold a machine this powerful?

All in all, the 9.27 is a worthy machine for avid runners, but recommended at a price lower than $2,000. If you need additional info you can check the official page located here

Andrea's review

I bought this treadmill in November 2011 from the local Dick’s Sporting Goods store and have used it for seven months now, and I absolutely love it. I’ll admit that I was nervous about this treadmill because I previously owned a used commercial grade treadmill purchased from a gym…

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