The Precor TRM 211 Treadmill

Precor TRM 211 Energy Series Treadmill


The Precor TRM 211 is the entry level model in the Energy Series, which also includes the 223 and the 243. The most affordable of the company’s residential models, the 211 is strong, durable and designed to provide a natural feel with minimal impact. It has a commercial-gym feel and is ideal for those looking for a health club quality workout.


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Speed : from 0.5 to 12 mph (0.8-19.3 kph)

Incline : up to 15%

Decline : NA

Motor : 3.0 HP Continuous Duty

Belt : 20 x 57 inches/ 51 x 145 cm (Maintenance-free)

Cushion System : Energy Stride Shock Absorption

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit Dimensions : 81 inches L x 32 W x 54 H/ 206 cm L x 80 cm W x 137 cm H

Unit Weight : 227 lbs/ 103 kg

Power : 120v plug in

Warranty : Lifetime for frame, 5 years for parts and wear items and 1 year for labor.

Best Features

Advanced Cushioning

The Precor TRM 211 features Energy Stride technology which uses the same mounting as their commercial treadmills.

It reduces impact by providing the ideal cushioning and support, making your workouts much more enjoyable without the typical discomfort in the knees and joints afterwards.

Precor TRM 211 Energy Series Console

Incline Capability

You get up to 15% incline capability with the TRM 211, which is a nice way to target different muscle groups in the legs and burn more calories.

Also, you don’t have to run to reap the benefits. Walking at incline provides a very solid workout and can burn just as many calories as jogging on a flat surface.

Decline is also a great option, but is only available on the higher level models in the series.

Smart Rate CardioTraining

The TRM 211 features Smart Rate Cardio Training, which helps keep you in your ideal target zone: fat burn, cardio or peak.

This feature makes your workouts more efficient, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals quicker.

You can monitor your heart rate via the grips on the front of the machine. Note that the 211 does not have wireless heart rate monitoring capability. You’ll have to bump up to the TRM 223 or TRM 243 for that.

Other Features

Some of the additional features you will find on this machine are water bottle holders, 6 preset workouts, maintenance free multi ply deck, a 3.0 HP motor and a generous warranty.


The Precor TRM 211 is a nice choice for those with a bigger budget who want a gym-quality treadmill in their homes.

The quality and design are nearly identical to the popular machines that you find in high-end health clubs, so it’s really like you are working out at the gym every time you get on the machine.

Cushioning is great, you have incline, a number of programs to choose from, and the machine is relatively maintenance free, providing years of use no matter how hard you hit it.

Any drawbacks? Other than being extremely well built, there aren’t too many bells and whistles to speak of. There’s no touch screen, internet or any entertainment besides being able to change the volume on your music device.

We would recommend bumping up to the TRM 243, which gives you a lot more workouts as well as tracking capability so you can monitor your results and set goals for yourself.

If you also want decline training, look at the TRM 445, which is one of our top choices in the lineup.

Still, for just under $2000 on sale, the TRM 211 is a great treadmill. If quality and feel is more important to you than bells and whistles, by all means go for this one.

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