The Precor TRM 425 Treadmill

Precor TRM 425 Performance Series Treadmill


The TRM 425 is the base model in Precor’s higher end Precision Series. Designed for residential use, the treadmill comes loaded with a variety of advanced features, many of which are adopted from Precor’s commercial treadmills.

Let’s take a look at the specifications…


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Speed : from 0.5 to 12 mph

Incline/Decline : -2% up to 15%

Motor : 3.0 HP Continuous Duty

Belt : 22" x 56"

Cushion System : Ground Effects Impact Control

Stride Support : Integrated Footplant Technology

Unit Dimensions : 79" L x 34"W x 59.5" H

Unit Weight : 358 lbs.

Power : 120v plug in

Warranty : Lifetime for frame, 10 years for parts and wear items, 3 years console and 1 year for labor.


Maintenance-Free, Reversible Deck

One of the USPs of Precor treadmills is the maintenance-free tread belt. The belt is infused with dry silicone and does not require lubrication on a regular basis like regular tread belts. This feature is a real time-saver. At 22”, the belt is also two inches wider than normal tread belts, which offers you more space to jog or run comfortably.

The deck is reversible. You can simply flip it over and use it. This again is a very good feature which ensures even usage on both sides and increases the lifespan of the deck.

Innovative Shock Absorption System

The 425 features the highly innovative Ground Effects Impact Control system, which reduces the strain on your joints considerably. The deck has a number of shock absorbers at the front end to reduce the amount of stress on your joints. The back end is more rigid to offer you a solid platform to push off from. The deck is ideal for joggers and runners and also for those with joint and back problems.

Integrated Footplant Technology

This is yet another great feature from Precor to reduce the strain on your joints while you jog or run. The patented Integrated Footplant Technology adjusts the belt speed automatically to match your jogging or running speed. The belt slows down when you do and picks up pace when you run faster. The technology works in tandem with the cushioning system to ensure your joints do not take a pounding after each training session.

Incline and Decline

The TRM 425 can incline up to 15% and decline down to 2%. The decline feature is not available in the Energy Series machines and is a welcome addition. You can simulate running up and down a hill, which is a terrific workout to lose weight, develop cardio, and tone the muscles in your lower body.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The treadmill has touch sensors that monitor your heart rate during training. It also has a wireless heart rate transmitter. So, if you have a chest strap, you can use it as well. The SmartRate display shows you the heart rate zone you are in. It makes it easier for you to stay in the right heart rate zone and achieve your fitness goals faster.

User-Friendly Console

The console is neatly designed and easy to use. It displays 13 workout metrics and allows you to store two different user profiles. You can use the tap style dome keys to adjust speed and incline instantly.

For more workout feedback and additional programs with tracking capability, check out the top of the line TRM 445 model as well.

The console has a tablet holder, where you can attach your tablet and watch your favorite songs and movies. It also has onboard volume controls for iPod, iPhone, and Android devices.

Safety Features

The TRM 425 has a solid, stable base. There are two base levelers at the back end of the machine, which keep the deck stable during intense workouts. It also has full length handlebars that you can hold on to while training.

There is a safety key, one end of which can be attached to your clothing and the other end can be attached to the console. In case you fall or faint while working out, the key will detach from the console and the belt will stop immediately.

The console can also be password protected, which is an excellent safety feature. The treadmill cannot be operated unless you key in the right sequence. So, you do not have to worry about the kids in the household accidentally operating the machine.


Limited Number of Workouts

The TRM 425 only has nine preset workouts, which is a disappointment, especially at this price point.

Lack of Chest Strap

The treadmill has a built-in wireless heart rate transmitter, but the chest strap is not included in the package. We believe it should have been, given the machine’s price tag.

Lack of Bells and Whistles

The console has a minimalistic design and is easy to use. Many other treadmills in this price range, however, have touchscreen consoles with web browsing facility. Also, it is not fully compatible with Android and iPhone devices, but only has onboard volume controls.


The TRM 425 is a solid treadmill from Precor. It is sturdy as a tank, has an excellent cushioning system, reversible deck, power incline and decline, long warranty, and a host of safety features.

Precor is known for making machines that are durable and require very little maintenance. It also has a reliable customer care team to resolve technical issues in a fast and efficient manner. So, you do not have to think twice before buying a Precor machine in general.

The lack of a flashy, advanced console and the limited number of preset workouts are the only downsides, but they pale in comparison to the wide range of excellent features the machine comes loaded with.

The price tag could be a concern for some of you, in which case you can opt for the TRM 243, the top-of-the-line machine in the Energy Series. Though it lacks the decline option, it is cheaper than the TRM 425 and comes with a much larger number of preset workouts, personalized workout options, and workout tracking facility.

In summation, the TRM 425 is a commercial grade machine designed for residential use. If you are looking for a machine that can deliver fitness club quality workouts at home, this is the one for you.

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