LifeSpan TR 3000


The LifeSpan TR 3000 HC Treadmill review was one of the easiest and hardest reviews we’ve done so far. Easy because the machine is so good and it’s a real pleasure to test it. Hard because it can get kind of boring saying this is good, this is perfect and works well all the time.

Overall this unit comes with great features and excellent quality; this is why we highly recommend it.


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Speed : 12 mph TR 3000 reaches a top speed of 12 mph easily adjusted via 2 standard buttons or by four quick speed keys.

Inclination : 0-15% This machine has a top elevation of 15% that can be changed via 4 quick speed keys or through a set of standard controls.

Motor : The TR 3000 treadmill features a 2.75 CHP motor mounted in the center. The incline motor supports 800 lbs. max lift.

Belt : 20’’ x 56’’ You get 1" Phenolic belt mounted over 2 Aluminum Side Rails. The cushioning system is composed of 8 Variable Density Elastomers.

Warranty : The TR 3000 treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for motor and frame, 5 years for parts and one year for in house labor.


Two My Zone Heart

The model includes two My Zone Heart Rate programs for monitoring your heart rate. They ensure that speed and incline are automatically adjusted to keep your pulse in the targeted zone.

Aluminum Side Rails

This machine comes with aluminum side rails and 1″ thick deck to add extra strength.

It can support a maximum user weight of 350LBS.

The following features are also included: EZ Drop folding system, handlebar controls and large blue backlit display.


It seems that LifeSpan did it again: TR 3000 is one of the best machines you can buy for $1500 price.

This unit comes with a 2.75 CHP motor, very quiet but powerful at the same time (backed by a lifetime warranty!). The running area is generous (has 56’’ inches length) and comes with 8 variable density elastomers. This system works very well in providing the correct shock protection.

The console has a slick design and we like the futuristic look of the matrix display. The controls are easily accessible, plus there are speed & incline keys mounted right on the handlebars.

The TR 3000 model comes with 6 incline and 5 preset workouts that have 3 different intensity levels each. Above these add the 2 My Zone Heart Rate Control workouts and the Body Mass Analysis program.

Since this is a one of the best machines we’ve tested so far we don’t have anything bad to say about it. The quality of the materials used is excellent, the whole assemble is solid and it comes with an impressive warranty.

As a conclusion of LifeSpan TR3000 treadmill review: you can buy this machine with your eyes closed. You will not be disappointed.

PS: At the end of our review we realized we wished for a 60’’ long belt. Many other inferior models have such belt so why not this one too!

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