Lifespan TR5000i Treadmill Review


UPDATE: The LifeSpan TR5000i has been replaced with the all new TR5500i treadmill. Check that one out, a great feature-packed machine at an affordable price.

The TR5000i was first introduced as a 2011 Lifespan treadmill, the last of a successful series that includes the TR400i, the TR300i and the popular TR1200i.

This is a commercial quality machine that will appeal to all professional runners out there. It provides power, stability, support and cushioning. It also enables the possibility to download personalized workouts and get full reports on your performance.


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Speed : up to 11 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3 HP Continuous Duty AC

Belt : 20 x 60 inches/ 51 x 152 cm

Folding Options : No

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 7 years for parts and 1 year for labor- residential warranty and 5 years for frame and motor, and 1 year for parts and labor for commercial warranty


Display Info

The multi-color LCD offers feedback on time, calories, distance, steps, heart rate, speed, incline. Also, the display shows name, sex, height, weight and age that are used as part of the USB feature to save workout information and to calculate calorie loss more precisely.

Heart Rate Readings

You can use the hand grips or the chest strap.


This unit comes with a package of workouts from 5 areas: 7 Sports Training, 5 Healthy Living, 5 Weight Management, 2 Heart Rate Control and 2 User defined programs.

Sports Training includes Long Slow Distance of 40 minutes default and Short Interval of 20 minutes default. Healthy Living offers Uphill Climb, Pyramid Climb of 30 minutes default, Plateau Climb of 40 minutes default and Ladder of 30 minutes. Weight Management comes with Steady Pace of 20 minutes and Cardio Run of 20 minutes.

There are 2 Custom User programs. Heart Rate Control workouts include Constant and Interval programs. The first allows you to select a heart rate by adjusting speed or incline. Select the program and then select Speed or Incline mode.

Interval Heart Rate control helps you increase aerobic endurance and improve heart rate recovery.

To start a preset program, first select the desired workout and then the program mode, Speed or Incline. Set the intensity level out of 3 available. Set the time and insert your weight. Start the program. To start a User program, select User 1 or User 2, set the time and weight, and ultimately the intensity level. Press Start. For Heart Rate Control programs also set the target heart rate.

The Intelli-Guard feature is a safety measure. As soon as you stop walking, the treadmill stops. There is also an Intelli-Step feature is useful for those who want to maintain a step count, although the results depend on user’s profile.

USB option

connected to the LifeSpan Fitness Club

Workout information automatically saves to the USB, you upload it on Lifespan official website (the LifeSpan Fitness Club) and you get workout reports and customized workouts.

Sound System



The TR5000i is a treadmill that we highly recommend to running enthusiasts. This is a machine built for high performance and is backed up with proper cushioning and features that keep workouts fluent and injury-free.


As all other commercial quality treadmills, this one comes with a generous running surface. Either taller or heavier, you’ll get the best use out of the TR5000i. And of course, the belt provides cushioning and support for the entire workout, no matter how long or how difficult. Then, there is the display that makes it easy for users to stay connected to specific workout feedback.

The best part of this treadmill is that you get to enter your age, weight, height and sex. This is good news not only because the console helps you engage in workouts that suit your specific needs, but also you receive accurate feedback on your performance. This is a great advantage for users who are determined to lose weight.

We are most satisfied with the preset programs this treadmill features. When we came across this treadmill, the first thing that got our attention was the Sports Training workouts. This is a great way of increasing sports performance. If you’re training for a marathon, this machine is the one you need.

It’s a 5 star machine in all departments: endurance, fitness, cardio, weight loss, basically everything a runner, especially a professional, needs.

It’s a non-folding machine, and it couldn’t have been otherwise with a unit of this power. And it comes with a killer warranty.

Main attraction

What’s cool about this treadmill is that the belt stops when you stop running. Any accident that may happen, don’t worry because this treadmill comes with the Intelli-Guard safety measure.

During your workouts, information is copied on the USB. You go the Lifespan official website, log into your account since you get the free Lifespan Fitness Club membership after purchase, and you download the info. You’ll get reports on your performance and you’ll download customized workouts.


There is none, except the fact that you can’t fold it.

For $2400, the TR5000i is one of the best buys you can make as an avid runner. You also can check the official page for additional details.

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