LifeSpan TR100 Compact


UPDATE: The LifeSpan TR100 is no longer available. Check out the latest models here.


The LifeSpan TR100 is an ultra compact treadmill, perfect for small apartments and light users, same as LifeSpan TR200 ($630).

You receive it fully assembled and you save the space when you don’t use it.

Read more about the TR100 and see if this is the treadmill you need.


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Speed : up to 8 mph

Incline : No Incline

Motor : 1.5 hp continuous duty

Belt : 17 in x 48 in/ 43 cm x 122 cm

Maximum User Weight : 250 lbs

Unit's Dimensions : 60 in L x 31 W x 52 H/ 152 cm x 79 cm x 132 cm

Warranty : lifetime for frame, 5 years for motor, 1 year for parts and labor


Display info

The LifeSpan TR100 comes with a blue LCD that offers simultaneous readouts. You have basic feedback on time, speed, calories, distance, pulse.

It comes with 4 quick select buttons for speed. It’s easier to go directly to the speed value you want, rather than navigating through all speed options.

Heart Rate Readings Handle Bars Sensors
The readings will appear only if you keep your hands steady on the sensors for minimum 10 seconds.


The LifeSpan TR100 model includes 5 speed preset workouts, as it follows: Long, Slow Distance, Interval, Pyramid and Speed Walk.
To start a preset workout, press peed Up/Down buttons until you reach the desired program. Press Mode and use Speed Up/ Down to select a level. Set the time with the Up and Down buttons. Press Start.

Folding Option



As a compact treadmill, the TR100 treadmill has features that make this model a decent purchase. Those who lack the space are the most attracted by this treadmill. But there are lots of minuses that you have to accept if you want to buy it. This is why this is a treadmill that we recommend to light and small users, for light jogging only.

LifeSpan TR100 comes with both advantages and disadvantages. But let’s start with the pros.

First off, you take it out of the box and you place it right where you want it, no assembling, no neighbors needed to help you out, no screws missing. It comes already assembled, which is something most users look for. Its dimensions make it easy to store, either under the bed or against a wall.

Secondly, the TR100 has attractive speed workouts. But the motor has little power so you have to keep limit your speed.

Another detail we like about this model is that it’s quiet. And it weighs little, so you won’t need any help to move it around.

As far as disadvantages go, the lack of incline is the most important. But because this is not a treadmill for those who want to prepare for a race, it’s something you don’t need. The treadmill is built for walkers and light joggers only (to do that minimum 30 minutes of daily exercise).

Then, there is the running surface. It’s quite narrow, so taller and heavier users shouldn’t consider this model. As this is a lightweight treadmill, it doesn’t offer that much stability.

The TR100 is a treadmill for small apartments. If you have the necessary space, you should consider a larger deck and bigger motor. More details about this unit can be found here.

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