LifeSpan TR 2000e


The LifeSpan TR 2000e Treadmill is one of the most interesting units we’ve tested so far. It has features that will blow your mind. But at the same time it comes with a minus in the core technical features (you can find more details in our conclusion below).

The unit has a 2.5 CHP motor and a generous running space. It includes a superb incline & decline system that allows you to add variety in your training sessions. You get a very useful collection of preset workouts and some interesting training features (like Step Counter).

The LifeSpan TR2000 treadmill is a machine recommended for walkers or light joggers. It is also an excellent solution for those who want a qualitative treadmill and are interested in saving valuable space when storing it.


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Speed : .5 to 11 MPH

Inclination : 0-15% The machine reaches a maximum incline of 15 degrees. The elevation value is set via 4 quick incline buttons or through the classic up & down controls.

Motor : You get a 2.5 CHP motor backed by a lifetime warranty.

Belt : 20’’ x 56’’ This treadmill has a 2 ply belt, 56 inches long, enough to provide a spacious running space. As a plus the belt is supported by a cushioning system formed of 8 Variable Density Elastomers.

Warranty : The LifeSpan TR 2000e treadmill has a lifetime warranty for motor and frame, 5 years for parts and 1 year for in house labor.


Uphill Walking

this is a rare feature which we find very interesting. The TR 2000e treadmill gives you the option to do both up and downhill workouts. There are 15 levels for incline. Hill interval training becomes much more interesting when you can run uphill also.

Open-Deck Design

The TR 2000e is smartly designed. LifeSpan installed the motor under the frame and this way they saved a lot of floor space. That’s why this model doesn’t take a lot of space when storing it.

Intelli-Guard Technology

This is a unique piece of technology. The treadmill “feels” when your foot is no longer touching the belt and the machine turns off automatically in order to prevent any possible injuries.

Step Count

This training program counts your steps during workouts and helps you monitor the progress of the number of steps you make each new day.

The machine supports a max user weight of 300 lbs LB.

The following features and function are included: EZ-Drop Folding System, Wrap Around Handlebars with Front Safety Bar, Large blue backlit display and 2.5’’ rollers.


We had high hopes for this machine before starting to test it. Overall this treadmill has most of what a top machine offers in general (even a little more than regular). But unfortunately “most” doesn’t mean “all”.

lifespan tr 2000 treadmill console

This unit was very close to enter the top 3 treadmills in $1500 value class but it didn’t make it in the end. Let’s see why.

First of all the motor has only 2.5 CHP. This gives enough power for walking or light jogging but it needs a little more horsepower to satisfy a runner. The same logic applies for speed and elevation systems. A walker/jogger will be satisfied with a top speed of 10 mph, a runner will want more for sure.

Now the cool part: This machine has an incline of only 10 degrees which is a low value when you compare it with the top models. But do these top units have a decline system also?

Decline feature blew our minds. We pushed those buttons like 10 times just to make sure it was not a dream. And we confirm: this unit has a decline system and it works perfectly. We did the hill training (with up and down elevation) and we were completely satisfied.

If you read other reviews on this site you’ve probably noticed that we are not big fans of regular folding systems. It’s simply because in most cases the folded treadmill doesn’t save too much space. You end up with having a large piece of metal that it’s not on the floor but leaned on the wall. Well this case does not apply here.

LifeSpan had an ingenious idea and mounted the motor under the frame. This move made the machine smaller and it saves a lot of floor space when it’s folded.

The preset workouts offer a large variety for your training sessions. There is a decline program, a My Zone Program (targets a specific heart zone) and two Custom User Programs.

There are no entertainment features like speakers or mp3 dock. It compensates with a good warranty: lifetime warranty for motor and 5 years for parts.

As a conclusion of LifeSpan TR 2000e treadmill review: unfortunately this unit has some core features less than what it’s considered enough. Because of this it cannot enter our top 3 for under $1500 treadmills. However this is a very good training machine for walkers and light joggers.

This LifeSpan version comes also with one of the more exotic features: the decline system.

Even if it’s not one of the top treadmills this machine is the best when it comes to saving space. We cannot award this unit for the overall performance but we can say: this is the best space saver treadmill for under $1500. For more details visit the official page.

P.S. If you can find it on sale for closer to $1000 or under it’s a much better deal.

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