Cybex 770T Treadmill


The Cybex 770T is a machine mostly built for commercial use but becoming more popular in home gyms for those who can afford the steep price tag. It offers stability, comfort, challenging workouts and great entertainment. This unit was designed to reflect the natural movement of the human body while you walk, jog or run.

Let’s take a closer look at this powerful machine…


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Speed : up to 12.4 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 5 HP Peak AC

Belt : 60” x 22” / 152 cm x 56 cm

Cushioning System : IS3 system

Maximum User Weight : 400 lbs/ 181 kg

Unit Dimensions : 82.5”L x 36"W x 59"H

Unit Weight : 500 lbs/ 227 kg

Warranty : Drive, Belt and Deck - 10 years, 3 years parts and labor

Best Features

Display info

The 770T comes with an 8 x 15 LED display with readouts of speed, incline, time, distance, calories, calories/ hour, METs, Watts, Pace and Heart Rate. There are Speed and Incline controls located next to the contact heart rate grips.

There is also a 4.3″ touch screen for workout and entertainment setup, also found on the top of the line 790T treadmill.

Heart Rate Readings

You can monitor your heart rate by using the contact grips or a wireless chest strap for more accurate readings.

Plenty of Workouts

The 770T offers a wide range of workouts including time, distance, calorie, military tests, 1 mile fitness test and Gerkin Protocol as well as Quick Start and Manual.

The CardioTouch display offers a single command center for every exercise program and entertainment control. Users can set up an exercise program or charge an iPad or iPhone.

Intelligent Suspension System

The 770T comes with IS3 technology, a scientifically designed deck that provides the ideal amount of flex and firmness to mimic your natural stride and reduce impact on your joints.

Other Great Features

The Cybex 770T gives you up to 15% incline for more diverse workouts, a powerful 5HP motor, two water bottle holders, magazine rack, utility tray, a cooling fan (not found on the 525T or 625T), color options and plenty of entertainment choices as well.


The Cybex 770T is another beautifully designed treadmill from one of the leading commercial brands on the market today.

If you have the money for it, there are few rivals.


The primary reason why you should consider the Cybex 770T is the incredibly powerful motor that provides the strength and stability for any user who wants to walk, jog, run or engage in more challenging workouts.

A motor this powerful is quite demanding, so you can be sure you’re in for an intense workout experience.

Then, there is the running surface. No user need worry about their height or weight, as long as it doesn’t exceed 400 lbs. Another plus in the comfort category.

The ARMZ technology is an insurance of protection and self confidence. You’re in for a secure and comfortable ride. At first we weren’t too excited about this feature, we thought it wasn’t necessary. But we were wrong.

Not to mention the array of workouts that is satisfying, to say the least. Any challenge you may seek, it will be fulfilled by these demanding workouts. Well, as demanding as you please.

Incline and speed adjustments reside in your hands. Literally. You have speed and incline controls right next to the heart rate grips. If you want even more speed and incline check out the up-level 790T treadmill.

Challenge and cool off come hand in hand. As tough as the demand is on this treadmill, as powerful is the cooling fan. And the warranty is just an insurance this treadmill is built to last.

Main attraction

The buzz with this treadmill is that it has a CardioTouch display that offers a single command center for every exercise program and entertainment control. It’s quite cool, this feature. Especially if you’re an entertainment addict.

But most of all, we like the suspension gear. Once you’ve set foot on this treadmill, you can rest assured you won’t feel any stress or injury once you’re done or during the workout. Our workouts were smooth, comfortable, safe, no impact, no shock whatsoever.


We can’t seem to identify any flaw with this treadmill, at least not up to the point we are writing this review.

To conclude, the 770T is a machine built for users who like a good challenge, but also for those who are interested in plain jogging or walking. It costs almost as much as a brand new car, but if you have it in your budget, you’ll be quite satisfied. If you need more details you can visit the Cybex website.

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