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UPDATE: This treadmill is no longer available. Check out the latest LifeSpan treadmills here.

The LifeSpan TR 800 is a good machine, meaning it allows you to light jog or run in a safe and injury-free way. Many advantages and specific details make this machine notable amongst others of the same $1000 price.

If you care for your safe and constant light workouts, you may want to take a quick look into the TR800 and its offerings.

Read more about this treadmill and get a clearer view over its advantages and disadvantages in our Conclusions section!


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Speed : 0.6 - 10 MPH There are 4 Quick Speed buttons on the console: 3mph, 4mph, 5mph and 6 mph

Incline : 15 levels available There are 4 Quick Incline buttons on the console:4, 6, 8, 10

Motor : 1.75 HP Continuous Duty

Belt : 18 x 52 inches/ 46 x 132 cm

Maximum User Weight : 275 lbs/ 125 kg

Unit Simensions : 66" Length x 31" Wide x 54" Height/ 167 x 79 x 137 cm

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, 1 year for parts and labor


Display Info

The star of the treadmill is the Backlit LCD that gives you proper feedback during workouts. What you can follow during your walks is information on time, calories, distance, heart rate, speed and incline. It’s more than enough for a machine built for light exercise.

The console is quite easy to use. It’s really user friendly. There are large soft-touch keys, the Start, Enter, Up/ Down buttons and Quick Start that allow you to start your workout with the speed and incline of your choice. And the kicker is that you can control speed and incline while holding the handlebars.

Heart Rate Monitor


The handlebars are also useful for monitoring your heart rate. You grasp them and hold the hands still for about 15 seconds. It’s great to be able to monitor your heart rate and also change speed and incline so easily. It keeps your workout constant, undisturbed. This is quite important, especially for beginners, whose bodies are not adjusted to serious fitness.


This treadmill has quite a large array of workouts. There are 2 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 17 preset programs and you can engage in any of them, in conditions of safety and comfort.

Each of them is made of 20 segments that can be used at 3 intensity levels. Feel free to change speed and incline during workout. The preset programs include Sports Training, Healthy Living and Weight Management. Each has its specific purpose and its own description, but you can make all modifications you want. The disadvantage though is that you can’t insert age or weight for more accurate feedback, so this is something you’ll have to take into account when making your decision.

The user setup only allows you to enter speed and incline values for each segment. Still, good workout, as we see it.

There are also 2 heart rate control workouts. They offer great cardio workout. One of the programs keeps your heart rate constant and the other lets you insert maximum and minimum values that determine the evolution of your performance.

And don’t worry about the cushioning system. It manages the impact on your knees, ankles and feet, so no worries in this area.

Folding Options



The TR800 is a cheap model, easy to use and with notable characteristics that may indulge many of you looking for a good run/ walk. We recommend it only to those in search for a machine designed for daily light fitness. Great for walks or light jogging, but don’t expect too much from it. Still, there are some things that you should consider if you want to check out the TR800.

On one hand, there are 17 preset programs, 2 Heart Rate programs and 2 customized user programs that you can choose from. It’s quite generous and they gather all necessities of a light walker and jogger. Some of them may even be accessed by runners with experience. The cushioning system keeps you comfortable and injury-free, which is more than important for any user.

Then, there are the handlebars. Not only you can monitor your heart rate while grasping them, but also you can change speed and incline. It’s a great premise for balanced and constant workouts.

The heart readings are not 100% accurate. It’s a known disadvantage on all treadmills that have this option. A wireless chest strap can calculate heart rate better but Lifespan TR800 is not built for that. As we see it, this is not a machine dedicated to heart rate workouts.

This is also a space-saving treadmill. Its folding system allows you to easily fold it and deposit easily, of course until the next day, if you want to be consistent about your fitness endeavors.

There is no fan and there is no entertainment with this model, and there couldn’t have been for such a low price. Basically, you buy this machine if you are determined to keep your body fit. For entertainment you must use other gadgets which you easily find in your home.

There is one detail that is kind of an inconvenience. You can’t insert age and weight while setting up the customized user program. You won’t have maximum accuracy with this console, but you will have specific and simultaneous feedback.

And the warranty is poor. One year for parts and labor justifies the low price. To be sure you can use it for a long time, buy it only if you know few people will use it daily and for light workouts only. For intensive workout you need a more expensive mode;.

In conclusion this is a good machine, for a fair price of $1000. For more details you can visit the Lifespan website

2 Responses to Lifespan TR800

  1. Sandra Page says:

    Hello, I recently bought a lifespan treadmill Tr 800 and experiencing an error code on it. It reads E9.

    I’ll be grateful if your support team can help out, by explaining what it means and how i can get my treadmill working again.


  2. admin says:

    @Sandra – We asked around but no one from our team experienced Error 9. We experienced E1 error once, and in this case you should lubricate the belt with silicone spray. The best advice we can offer is to send an inquiry to LifeSpan customer support. This is the URL: If you have the time, tell us what E9 stands for. Perhaps it will help us or other readers to solve it easily, if we meet with this situation.

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