LifeSpan LS-5T – 2008


IMPORTANT: This model is obsolete. If you need a budget machine for jogging, choose LifeSpan TR800.


The LifeSpan 5T is a good choice for walkers and light joggers who want to stay fit.

This low-budget treadmill has 6 different workouts, it’s very easy to store and to fold.

Check out the entire description of this treadmill and go to Conclusions to read more about our experience.


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Speed : 0.6 -7.5 mph (12 km/hour)

Incline : 3 Levels, Adjusted Manually This treadmill doesn’t have an automatic incline system. You have to manually adjust Incline before you start the exercise. If you want to change incline again, you stop, get off the treadmill, change incline and resume the exercise. Honestly, it’s very time consuming and annoying.

Motor : 1.5 CHP

Belt : 16’’ x 48’’ (41 cm x 122 cm)

Maximum User Weight : 220 lbs (100kg)

Treadmill Dimensions : - Length: 59 inches (150 cm) - Width: 28 inches (71 cm) - Height: 47 inches (119 cm) - Unit Weight: 102 pounds (46 kg)

Warranty : Only 90 days for frame, motor, parts and labor.


Display Info

The console has a 4.3 x 1.7 inch display. Workout feedback is very clearly shown. You see the approximate number of calories burned, workout time, speed, heart rate, laps or distance.

You can control Speed only through the up and down arrows.

Heart Rate Readings

Handle Bars


The 5T’s console includes only 1 Manual workout and 5 Speed programs.

For each of the 5 preset programs you can choose between 3 intensity levels. These preset workouts are easy to use and control. You can adjust the intensity at any time. But remember that workouts are designed for walkers or light joggers only.

Folding Option


When folded, treadmill’s dimensions are: 23’’ (58cm) Length x 28’’ (71 cm) Width x 55’’ (140 cm) Height.

Entertainment Features

Not Included


The LifeSpan 5T is an entry level treadmill. After testing it for a few weeks, we can recommend this machine only if you consider the following: you use it 30-40 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week and for light jogging only.  You’re not interested in workout variety and automatic incline system.

The only advantage we see worthy to mention is that it folds and it’s easy to store in narrow spaces.

But everything you buy comes with a 90-day warranty only. This investment has high risks!

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