Life Fitness T7-0


UPDATE: The Life Fitness T7.0 has been discontinued. Check out the latest Life Fitness reviews here.

In the Life Fitness T Series, T7-0 is the highest priced and the most advanced home treadmill.

This model costs $4,700 Life Fitness T5-5).

What you need to know is that for the $500 dollars difference you receive an advanced and adjustable cushion system, 3 additional preset workouts and 2 heart rate readings options instead of 1. These are the most notable upgrades T7-0 comes with.

It’s important to know also that for $1,000 less you can buy a similar model (with identical frame, motor and functions) but with less workouts diversity. You can read more about it in the Life Fitness T 5.0 Treadmill Review.

See also the Conclusions section to find out how this treadmill behaves during workout.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5-12 mph/ 20 kph

Inclination : 0%-15% with 0.5% increments

Motor : 3.0 CHP Magna Drive

Belt : 22''– 60'' (56 cm x 152 cm) The Belt is backed by Standard Flex Deck Adjustable cushion (T7-0 is the only model with this option). This function replaces different outdoor running surfaces while you can customize the cushioning according to your requirements. It has 3 settings: Standard (with most cushioning, recreating grass or soil surfaces), Firm (simulates a rubber track and provides additional shock absorbers) and Hard (simulates running on pavement and also offers additional shock absorbers). This is a great feature as it meets all possible running preferences.

Supported User Weight : 400 Ibs/ 180 kg

Technical dimensions : Length: 80.25 inches (204 cm), Width: 32 inches (81 cm), Height: 59 inches (150 cm), Weight: 320 Ibs (145 kg)

Warranty : lifetime on frame and shock absorbers, 10 year on motor, 7 years for electrical and mechanical parts and 1 year on labor. You have the same warranty as on the T5-0 or T7-0 models.


Display Info

Life Fitness T7-0 display is identical to T5-5 version. We posted a complete detailed description of this feature in the Life Fitness T5-5 Treadmill Review.


The T7-0 has 18 workouts included. 15 workouts are the same as Life Fitness T5-5, plus 3 new exercises:

– Sports Training-Distance-Based Goal

– 3 Mile Jog (Daily Workout)

– Weight Loss (Daily Workout).

Read the Life Fitness T5-5 to see the list of the other 15 workouts this treadmill console includes.

As we already mentioned before all these workouts are designed to be used by Beginners, Athletes and Experienced Runners. The User Manual includes complete details about how they should be used.

User Menu

As the T5-0 and the T5-5, the T7-0 has a Main User Menu with the following main options: My Tread Users, Tread Statistics, Tread Settings and Software Versions.

My Treadmill feature is common for T5-5 and T7-0. It allows 4 users to create personal treadmill software profiles that match the body type, quick speed preferences, quick incline preferences and a few others. Having a My Tread Profile helps you access it quickly through My Treadmill.

My Workouts is also a common feature for these three Life Fitness models. It allows you to set up personal information for a particular workout and save it with a customized name. The T7-0 allows you to save up to 7 My Workouts.

The Custom Workouts Feature lets you design your own workout. The T7-0 has 3 custom intervals (you can change speed and incline or heart rate target in time intervals) and 4 custom records (you can adjust a workout while exercising and then save changes).

Heart Rate Readings

Wireless Chest Strap and HandRails

The heart reading system that Life Fitness has already made very popular is efficient and makes workouts smooth and pleasant.

The Polar wireless system with the chest strap included is a common feature on T5-0, T5-5 and T7-0.

In addition, the T7-0 has an extra feature that differentiates it from other models, the Lifepulse digital contact heart rate monitoring system useful to measure the heart rate through the handlebars.

Sound System

Not Included

Folding Option

Not Included


This is a wonderful treadmill to have, if your budget allows it. After using it for several weeks we can strongly recommend it for any beginner or professional athlete, at home or at the gym. If you have the $500 more needed to buy the Life Fitness T7-0 instead of Life Fitness T5-5, choose this one. The adjustable cushion system makes it worth it.

This is the perfect home workout equipment. It seems that producers thought of every detail: from how to adjust the running surface to how to personalize your workout profile completely.

All Life Fitness Models we tested have an attractive design. For the money paid, we need this detail.

The FlexDeck Select Feature is amazing, as we mentioned above. We tested it on all levels. It replaces outside running surfaces very well. From our point of view, this model has the best cushion system from all the other Life Fitness Treadmills tested.

We also like that this treadmill allows 4 users to create personal profiles and custom workouts. Each user can save 7 pre-set workouts to access easily.

Life Fitness added up to 20 levels of difficulty for some exercises, so any runner (from beginner to an athlete) can use the entire selection. If this isn’t everything a runner needs from a treadmill, we don’t know what is.

The heart rate reading system is pretty accurate. It’s preferable you always use the Polar wireless System to have freedom during exercise. This will wear out quickly, but it doesn’t cost that much money to replace. The system itself is needed for efficient weight loss workouts.

If we got to this note we want to mention that Life Fitness Treadmills are built for overweight people too. T5-0, T5-5 or T7-0 support 400 lbs.

Life Fitness F3 and Life Fitness T3 models support 350 lbs. And it’s not just a marketing lie you usually find on cheaper models. If you want a treadmill to lose weight and use it for more than just a couple of moths (even years!) you can look at any of the Life Fitness options.

Still, we noticed the same disadvantages as on the other similar models (T5-0 and T5-5). The treadmill is very heavy! It will be hard to move around so you should place it from the beginning where you want it installed. You need help to move the pieces when they are shipped. Plus there are no entertainment features and it’s not foldable.

Life Fitness doesn’t build entertainment features. They invest in the console software and in quality components.

In conclusion, Life Fitness T7-0 is an amazing training machine. We totally recommend it to anyone, from beginner to experienced runner. More info about this model can be found on official page.

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