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UPDATE: This treadmill is no longer available. Check out our latest Life Fitness reviews here.

We will start this review with a note we consider important. This treadmill’s price is $4,200.

Most important details you find on this treadmill are found also on Life Fitness T5-0 version (which costs $3,700). But this treadmill’s console makes it a great choice (either you choose it as a Home Treadmill or Club Treadmill).

Besides the excellent components quality (built to resist for a long time) it features also advanced electronics that keep you motivated during workout and offer great feedback.

The powerful motor, the generous deck and the Polar heart rate monitoring system are only few of the details we appreciate.

Read next to learn more about the Life Fitness T5-5 and check also the Conclusions where we list more details about our experience.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5-12 mph/ 20 kph

Inclination : 0%-15% with 0.5% increments

Motor : 3.0 CHP Magna Drive

Belt : 22”– 60” (56 cm x 152 cm) The Belt is backed by Standard Flex Deck Cushion System, same as T5-0 version.

Supported User Weight : 400 Ibs/ 180 kg

Technical dimensions : Length: 80.25 inches (204 cm), Width: 32 inches (81 cm), Height: 59 inches (150 cm), Weight: 320 Ibs (145 kg)

Warranty : This treadmill offers lifetime warranty for frame and shock absorbers, 10 years for motor, 7 year guarantee for electrical and mechanical parts and 1 year for labor. This is the same warranty as on the T5-0 or T7-0 versions.


Display Info

The T5-5 has an extremely easy to use navigation system. Colors are pleasant and keys are touch-sensitive, very easy to press and change. The user changes workouts by following the amber colored characters or the blue backlit areas.

The following information is accessible on the display:

– Message Center (Incline, Workout Intensity Level, Distance, Heart Rate and Calories Burned)

– Left Window for speed and pace details

– Right Window for time or time in zone

– Centered Window (workout profile details)

Click the Display Lock Key to toggle workout information in message center and Right/ Left windows

Same as on the T-5.0, you also have included the Activity Zone console (located below the main console). It helps you scroll through the desired information much easier. Controls are:

– Incline Up/ Down buttons and Display Window

– Speed Up/Down buttons and Display Window

– GoSystem Speed keys (customizable per each user profile)

– GoSystem Incline keys (customizable per each user profile)


The T5-5 has 15 pre-programmed workouts, complete and suitable for any runners. To select them, you have quick buttons on the console. See below what keys include what workouts:

Sports Training Workouts button includes:

– Sports-Training Time-Based Goal, a workout that trains the user for outdoor running
– 5K
– 10K

Daily Workouts (used frequently) include:

– 30-Minute Walk, that simulates outdoor walking
– 45-Minute Cross-Train, a workout that reduces the risk of stress-related injuries that can be an effect of repetitive activities
– 10.000 Step, a workout designed to reach 10.000 steps as a guideline related to the ideal number of steps/ per day

Classic Workouts include:

– Manual, for those who want to control levels of intensity
– Random, a workout for motivational variety
– Hill, for cardiovascular endurance
– EZ Incline, for cardiovascular endurance without rigorous endeavors

HeartSync Workouts (ideal for weight loss) include:

– Fat Burn, a workout that uses fat stores as sources of energy
– Cardio, for cardiovascular endurance and fat burning
– Heart Rate Hill, that adapts to the user’s fitness level. As the fitness level increases, the workout becomes more difficult.
– Heart Rate Interval, which is more challenging than the Heart Rate Hill workout, also aiming at raising the fitness level
– Extreme Heart Rate, designed to improve leg muscle strength by running up hill

Custom Workouts: 5 total

User Menu

In this menu you have My Tread Statistics, Tread Statistics, Tread Settings and Software Versions. This is a similar feature as on the Life Fitness T 5.0 mode (only that you will have additional statistics for the additional workouts included with this version).

My Treadmill feature allows 4 users to adjust the software according to personal requirements and body information. It is meant to facilitate the ability of customizing a My Tread Profile and then save it for future use. Personal Information you enter for each user is: name, age, sex, fitness level.

My Workouts feature allows you to select up to 7 preset workouts for your profile so you can access this info easy and start workout quickly.

The Custom Workouts is another feature that backs-up the eligibility of the T5-5. This treadmill has 2 custom intervals (that allow you to edit speed and incline and target heart rate in time intervals) and 2 custom records (that allow you to adjust a Life Fitness workout and then save the changes).

Heart Rate Readings

The T5-5 comes with the Polar wireless contact heart rate monitoring system with the wireless chest strap included. There are some tips you should be aware of when using this feature. For accurate readings, you should not be close to electromagnetic signals (like TV, antennas, cells, or another wireless transmitter within 90 feet).

Sound System

Not Included

Folding Option

Not Included


This is definitely a professional treadmill which you can use at home or in a Gym. Same as T5.0, it has been an awesome experience to use for our daily workout routine.

We mentioned at the beginning the price: $4,200. This is not a cheap treadmill (you can buy a car with this money). But the truth is that if you’re looking for a professional treadmill, Life Fitness surely has a few models you can look into.

This is one option we recommend for all professional trainers or runners.

You can always choose the T5.0 model (for $3,700) but the fact is that this treadmill is an improved version of the T5-0. It has more programs and more options on the console.

This equipment offers amazing performance. Workouts options are for any type of runners: beginners, athletes or professionals.

The running surface is complete. Workouts are smooth, impact free and effective.

The deck is generous. It gives plenty of room during workout and keeps you injury free.

Since day 1 this treadmill proved to be a secure and comfortable performance machine, there is no doubt about it. Still, there are certain disadvantages that may determine you to reconsider your decision: it needs space, it doesn’t fold, it’s extremely heavy to assemble or move around, you have no entertainment features and it costs a lot.

Life Fitness T3 or Life Fitness F3 Treadmill Review are also good options, for less money and with same strong characteristics.

To conclude this review, if you have the money, go for it! More info about this unit can be found here.

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