Horizon Evolve SG (Discontinued)


UPDATE: The Horizon Evolve SG is no longer being sold. It has been replaced with the very popular T101 model which is comparably priced and offers many more features not previously seen on entry level models.

From the beginning we want to highlight that this treadmill is in fact the 2009 Model for the Evolve treadmill version. The Evolve Treadmill review was published on our website a few months ago.

What is new on Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill in comparison with its predecessor? You get a better motor, heart rate monitor through handlebars readings and an entertainment feature (audio jack with speakers).

This is a machine at $600 price Horizon designed for easy training. Its main attractions are the storage system (as this is a fold-able treadmill) and that no assembly is required.

See detailed specs below and find more about Evolve SG in our conclusions.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0.5-6mph (0.1 mph increments). Speed is controlled from the Quick Arrow Keys located on the Console. Supported speed levels are the same as on Evolve Treadmill.

Motor : 1.5hp continuous-duty motor Horizon did slight improvements on the motor version for this treadmill: from 1.25 hp (Evolve) they upgraded it to 1.5 hp (Evolve SG). This motor is also quiet allowing comfortable training sessions.

Belt : 17" x 45" running area with ComfortZone cushion system The belt has the same dimensions and features as Evolve version. As a maintenance note the belt and deck must be lubricated every 6 months for proper functionality.

Machine’s dimensions : In assembled mode: 59"L x 23"W x 27" In the box: 62"L x 30"W x 12"H

Features and functions this treadmill doesn't include : Inclination, Fan, Contact Hand Grip, Wireless Heart Rate, Chest Strap

Supported user weight : 250 lb (114 kg)

Warranty : With this purchase you receive 10 years for the frame, 5 years for the motor and 1 year for parts and labor. Extended warranty is available.


1. 2 Programs

a. Manual – this is a program with time based goal (maximum 99 minutes). You manually change speed during workout.

b. Weight loss – this program includes a warm up and cool down periods (basic elements in any treadmill workout). The workout is limited to 30 minutes and 4mph speed.

2. Targeted Heart Rate Zone Chart

The chart is useful to manually monitor your heart rate. You can compare the chart value with the heart rate readings completed through the handlebars.

Additionally you have the “Thumbheartrate”. This is a button on the console designed to monitor your heart rate.

This is a new feature in comparison with its predecessor version, Evolve Treadmill.

3. Audio In Jack and Speakers

The Audio In jack is compatible with CD/Mp3 players. Once you connect the CD or the MP3 player sound is heard from the 2 speakers located on the console.

This is a new feature in comparison with its predecessor version, Evolve Treadmill.

4. Easy Storage and No Assembly required

The treadmill can be stored horizontally or vertically. The folding feature and easy storage are possible due to a pair of transport wheels and the 2 stabilizer legs. The shipping box brings the machine already assembled to your door. You can unpack it and start using it without going through a complicated assembling process.

5. Frame: welded metal

6. Safety Key


You can hardly compare a sparrow to an eagle. Following the same logic it’s pretty hard to compare Horizon Fitness Evolve SG Treadmill to a professional treadmill. But you can compare it with LifeSpan TR200, a compact treadmill that sells at $630.

Still, this Horizon machine has its merits and benefits. To better highlight them for this review we’ve had in mind the basic principles why people need to do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day: weight loss/control, health, tonus and energy.

Evolve SG helps you do the minimum required for a healthy life. It’s a basic machine for those who prefer inside workout, hate walks on a cold/rainy weather or just don’t want to take it to the next level.

All those who choose Evolve SG must know this is a machine for light running/normal walking. All its features and functions are meant for basic movements your body needs to work your muscles, especially if you have a sedentary life.

The machine misses so many features and functions, but as said at the beginning this is a sparrow so we don’t want to focus on what it doesn’t have.

Pay attention to what it has though and be sure you respect the maintenance rules as this is a fragile equipment.

The price is indeed a good offer but you need to know for what you want to use the treadmill before going and buying it. For example, do you want to train for a marathon? If so this treadmill is not for you.

Do you want to do basic walking/light running exercises? If yes, then this can be what you’ve been looking for.

Note it’s very uncomfortable to use on a carpet so be attentive to where you want to install it during the workout time.

Don’t count on the heart rate readings if this is what attracts you on this machine. It’s not very accurate and it may not even work.

Statistics are available only when you workout. Multitasking is required if you want to know how good you did after a workout session.

Although it produces discomfort, use the safety key always!

The machine has a decent warranty and Horizon is a respected brand, but just to be sure go for the extended warranty.

In conclusion the choice is done based on your needs. Still remember this is a basic training machine and even so it can help you improve your life. But in order to reach its goal you need to keep in mind you need to be consequent with your training! This is the only way to achieve results.

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