Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill Review

Horizon Adventure 3 treadmill


The Adventure 3 is an entry-level treadmill from Horizon. Compactly designed and affordably priced, the treadmill has a high-quality drive motor, a unique three-zone cushioning system, and a large number of built-in training programs.

The treadmill also has some very innovative features like ViaFit and Passport, which are designed to improve your workout experience and help you get better, faster results.


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Speed : up to 12 mph

Incline : up to 12%

Decline : NA

Motor : 2.5 CHP Johnson Drive System

Tread Belt : 20" x 55"

Cushioning : Three-Zone Variable Response Cushioning

Heart Rate Monitoring : Contact Grips

Display : 5.75” extra-wide yellow-green LCD

Heart Rate Monitoring : Contact Grips

ViaFit Connectivity : Yes

Passport Ready : Yes

Foldable : Yes

Sound System : Included

Tablet Rack : Included

Bottle Holder : Included

Footprint : 71” x 34” x 54”

Weight Capacity : 300 lbs

Warranty : Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, three-year warranty on parts, and one-year warranty on labor


Large Collection of Workout Programs

The Adventure 3 has a number of built-in training programs, which is pretty impressive for an entry-level treadmill. Your choices include interval training, calorie burning, step, and distance programs.

Very Quiet Performance

The treadmill has a 2.5 CHP Johnson Drive System, which is very quiet. The motor is designed to run at low RPMs, which reduces noise to a great extent.

Innovative Cushioning

The machine features a 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning System, which is similar to the cushioning you will find in a runner’s shoe.

The three different zones of cushioning are: The front zone that has a thick layer of cushioning for a softer landing area, the back zone with a thin layer of cushioning for a firmer push-off area, and the middle zone with a moderate layer of cushioning for increased comfort and stability.

Incline Training

Horizon Adventure 3 inclines up to 12%. Incline training not only makes your workouts more challenging, but also helps you reach your fitness goals faster. It revs up your metabolism and allows your body to burn off more calories than it normally does. It also improves your cardio and tones the muscles in your body.


The treadmill is equipped with ViaFit, an exciting new technology that makes fitness tracking easier than ever before.

ViaFit connects with your Wi-Fi network seamlessly and records stats like time, calories burned, distance, and heart rate every time you work out. You can create an account on the ViaFit website and access the data any time you want by logging into your account.

ViaFit is also compatible with multiple third-party fitness tracking tools. So, you can link your ViaFit account with any fitness tracking program or app of your choice and track your fitness progress effortlessly.

The best part about ViaFit is that it is completely free. There is no trial or beta version and there is no need for any paid upgrades.


Passport Ready

The Passport feature connects your treadmill with your television. You can watch HD footage of famous landscapes from around the world on your TV while your treadmill adjusts its resistance and incline automatically to simulate the landscape. This is similar to ICON’s iFit technology which incorporates Google maps.

Foldable Design

Horizon employs a hydraulic folding system which allows you to fold the treadmill up effortlessly. When folded up, the machine has a small footprint (45″x34″) and takes up very little storage space, making it ideal for home use.

More Great Features

The Horizon Adventure 3 has an MP3-compatible sound system with built-in speakers. It has contact grips to measure your heart rate during workout sessions. It also has a tablet rack and a bottle holder.


Smaller Track

The 20″ x 55″ track is sufficient if you are of average height or if you plan to use the machine only for walking or light jogging. If you are tall or if you are a runner, you might want to look at the Adventure 5, as a treadmill with a 60″ track might be a better option for you.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Although the contact grips are fine, we would have liked to see wireless technology with chest strap for more accurate readings. But at this price you can’t really demand that. It is found on the higher end Elite models such as the T7 or the T9.


The Horizon Adventure 3 is a solid entry-level treadmill. It has a quiet motor, excellent cushioning system, and a large collection of training programs. It also has innovative features like ViaFit and Passport to make your workout sessions more productive and exciting. So, it is a very good choice for walkers and joggers.

For runners, the Adventure 5 from Horizon would be a better choice. For a few hundred dollars more, the treadmill offers a 60″ running track, a larger number of training programs, and a larger display.

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