The New 2021 Treadmills – What’s New This Year?

New 2021 Treadmills - Happy New Year

It’s mid-December 2020, that time of year when we start to take a look at the new 2021 treadmills…those models that tend to come out right after Black Friday in time for the Christmas holiday. Sometimes it’s an all new machine that we’ve never seen before, sometimes it’s just an upgrade of an existing model. But whatever the case may be, we’ve got them all covered here in our annual review of the new treadmills.

As always, we’re focusing on the major brands here, including NordicTrack, ProForm, Sole, Horizon, Bowflex, Life Fitness & Precor. Of course if something else pops up on the radar from a different manufacturer we’ll cover that as well.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the 2021 treadmill scene to see what the New Year has in store…

2021 Treadmills – Brand New Models To Choose From

New things are always exciting right? So let’s start out with treadmills that we haven’t seen before and then we’ll get into the upgrades/redesigns, etc.


We can always count on NordicTrack for a new release or two, and this year is no exception. They just introduced the new X14i Incline Trainer, joining the relatively new X22i and X32i treadmills.

The Incline Trainers are the most advanced cardio machines that NordicTrack offers, with incredible incline as well as decline capability, something that is rare to find these days. The X14i replaces the previous X11i, and includes all kinds of upgrades including a 14″ Smart HD touch screen, Improved graphics, a better iFit workout experience, new operating system, new Bluetooth headphone integration and faster Wi-Fi connectivity.

The X14i Incline Trainer has a huge 22″ x 60″ commercial tread belt, up to 12 mph speed, powerful 3.75 CHP motor and tons of additional features and capabilities. If you’re looking for a serious treadmill, this is it. Check that one out to see what it’s all about.

NordicTrack has also enhanced its entry level T Series treadmill lineup, with two new models there. The all new EXP 7i and EXO 10i replace the previous T 7.5 and T 8.5, with various enhancements to the design as well as the technology. It is possible that the T Series will be discontinued, although the base T 6.5 Si and top of the line T 9.5 S treadmills remain as of this writing.

ProForm Cit L6 Treadmill


Whereas NordicTrack’s latest treadmill release is a top-end Incline Trainer, ProForm went the opposite route and just released a new entry level treadmill called the City L6. This one is geared towards apartment dwellers and those with limited workout space.

The ProForm City L6 is one of the most compact treadmills the company has ever released…perhaps as a solution for those stuck at home due to COVID-19. It’s just 70″ long and 29″ wide, with a 17.5″ x 45″ running area. It also folds flat for easy mobility/storage.

With such a small belt, 1.6 CHP motor and 8 mph top speed, this is certainly not a runner’s treadmill, but if you’re just looking for something you can burn some calories on that won’t take up a ton of room, this one might be a great choice for you.

Besides the City L6, which may be part of a new expanded City Series, it’s worth mentioning the other new series that recently came out called the Carbon Series. This would be the mid-range series between the City and the Pro, and includes the Carbon T7 and the Carbon T10, the latter of which is actually free with a 3-year iFit membership.

The Carbon treadmills are more advanced than the City Series, with touch screen displays, larger belts, incline capability and stronger motors. These are definitely worth taking a look at if you want something beyond a basic treadmill, but not quite at the Pro Series level/price point.


It looks like Bowflex is about to release a brand new treadmill for the first time in a few years. The Bowflex Treadmill 10 is looking to be a beat of a machine and might just give the NordicTrack Incline Trainers a run for their money. It has a 10″ adjustable touch screen console (the first for Bowflex), speeds up to 12 mph, -5% to 15% decline/incline capability, a 22″ x 60″ belt, Bluetooth heart rate and built in Bowflex JRNY free for two months.

This might be a game changer, as there has not been a decline touch screen treadmill on the market besides the NordicTrack Incline Trainers and Commercial Series treadmills. The previous Bowflex treadmills, including the BXT116 and BXT216, did not have nearly the technology that the new Treadmill 10 has. We’re excited to see how this plays out!


Building on their enormous success as a result of the pandemic, Peloton introduced a new, more affordable version of their popular Tread + simply called the Peloton Tread.

This new treadmill is a less advanced version, with a smaller footprint, smaller touch screen and traditional belt (as opposed to the slats on the Tread +). Yet you still get their awesome interactive classes that allow you to choose from endless workouts with certified personal trainers.

2021 Treadmills – Upgrades & Redesigns

So that about sums up the new 2021 treadmills, but what about the carryover models? Let’s take a look at those as well.


In addition to the release of the new X14i model, the X22i and X32i Incline Trainers get facelifts for 2021, with upgraded touch screens, iFit memberships, automatic trainer control and HD graphics. The incline motor receives new quieter technology, new operating system and Bluetooth headphone connectivity.

The Commercial 1750, 2450 and 2950 treadmills received similar upgrades.


ProForm has upgraded two of its Pro Series treadmills for 2021…the entry level Pro 2000 and the top of the line Pro 9000. They now have Rebound Pro cushioning, which replaces the previous ProShox cushioning.

The Pro 2000 now has a larger 10″ touch screen replacing the previous 7″ one. The Pro 9000 now has a 22″ touch screen, replacing the previous 10″ one.

Other than that some of the specs changed…some improved, some seem to be downgraded a bit for some reason. But the focus is on screen size and iFit technology, as both machines now come with a free year of iFit family membership included with the price.


Sole is interesting in that they seem to have the same treadmills year after year, with a rare new addition now and then. Sole’s 2021 treadmills are no exception. You still have the popular F80, as well as the F63, F65, S77, F85 and top of the line TT8. They recently discontinued the TT9.

We’ll keep an eye on Sole to see if they release anything new or announce any upgrades to the existing lineup.


Just like Sole, Horizon seem to be carrying over the same models. You have the Go Series: T101, T202, T303 and you have the Studio Series: 7.0 AT, 7.4 AT, 7.8 AT.

They have narrowed their offerings somewhat over the years, and seem to be focusing on low-mid priced treadmills that offer a lot of value.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness seems to be struggling a bit, as most of their treadmills and other cardio equipment was not available in 2020, likely due to manufacturing and shipping issues during the pandemic. The only treadmills that you can buy for home use are the very expensive Club Series models, which are out of reach for most consumers.

The more affordable entry level F and T Series treadmill have had the “Out of Stock” label all year long, and we’re not sure if this situation will change in 2021.

2021 Treadmills – Bottom Line

Despite all of the craziness in 2020, some companies have managed to keep everything going, even adding new 2021 treadmills to their lineups. NordicTrack, ProForm, Bowflex and Peloton all have brand new offerings for the home market.

Sole and Horizon are still going strong, choosing to carry over their models for the new year. And Life Fitness, a solid brand in the commercial market as well, may continue to have problems getting their popular lineup back to market.

We’re going to update this post often with any new developments, so check back in periodically to see if there are any late add-ins to the 2021 treadmill scene!

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