ProForm Power 1080 (2011 model)


This model is no longer available for sale. Check out all of the new ProForm treadmills here.

The ProForm Power 1080 is an upgraded version, launched as a 2011 model. With this treadmill, ProForm released a machine that combines various features and programmable functionality with a decent price. You won’t need to break the bank in order to take advantage of what this treadmill has in store.

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Speed : up to 12 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.25 CHP Mach Commercial Pro

Belt : 20" x 60" / 51 x 152 cm Commercial Grade

Cushion System : ProShox Elite 2

Folding : EasyLift

Maximum User Weight : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Unit Dimensions : 70" L x 34" W x 59.5" H/ 178 cm L x 86.4 W x 151 H

Warranty : lifetime for motor and frame, 5 years for parts and 2 years for labor


Display Info

The 7″ Full Color Touch Screen Display is divided into several displays. They keep track of following info: elapsed time, approx no of burned calories, distance, speed of the belt, incline, a ¼ mile track, time to complete one lap, current lap no, remaining time, approx no. of burned calories/ h, no of vertical feet, pace in min/ mile and heart rate.

Pressing buttons is replaced with swiping your finger over the console.

Heart Rate Readings

Monitor your heart rate with the handrail contact sensors.


The Power 1080 comes with 30 preset workouts, of which 20 calorie burn and 10 all-terrain workouts.

To use a Set-a-Goal workout, press Workouts and Set-a-Goal buttons. Press Time, Distance and Calories buttons to set a time, distance or calorie goal. Use Increase/ Decrease to make adjustments. Also set the speed and incline. Start the program. Monitor your progress.

To begin a Calorie Burn or an All-terrain workout, press Workouts and then Calorie Burn or All-Terrain buttons. For a Calorie burn workout, choose difficulty level. Select the workout and the display will give you duration and approx no of calories you’ll be burning.

You’ll also be given distance and no of vertical feet you’ll be climbing. Additionally, you’ll be given a topographic map of the trail. By pressing Profile, you’ll access a profile of the incline settings of the workout. Start the workout and use displays to follow progress.

This console also features an iFit Live mode. Enabling it will give you the option to download personalized workouts, create your own, track results and some other options (all you need is a monthly subscription).

Connect the treadmill to a wireless network. Select the Start menu and press Workouts then Live Workouts. Press Switch User button to switch between users.

iFit Compatibility


Stereo sound system with iPod compatibility-


Workouts Intensity Control

Use this feature to adjust exercises intensity.

Set-a-Goal Workout Center

Select speed, time or distance goals and the treadmill creates a customized workout.

Settings Mode

Use this mode to connect the treadmill to your own wireless network and log in to your personal iFit account. Choose a language, unit of measurement and turn on/ off the demo mode.

To access it, insert the key into the console, select Start menu and press “i”.

Maintenance Mode

Use this mode to calibrate the incline and speed, factory settings, calibrate the screen, perform a network test, update console and access technical info. Press Maintenance mode in the lower right corner.



Folding options



The thing about the ProForm Power series is that it represents an upgraded version of starter models. The 1080 is the improved version of 995, bringing forward more stability and a more solid construction. We recommend this good value treadmill when it doesn’t exceed $1,500. Luckily, it presently sells for $1,300, so you may have a chance to buy it at a good price.


This treadmill best suits runners and heavier users. The motor is strong and well-built, it’s decently priced for a continuous duty motor and may we add, it definitely powers the belt that is above average.

You don’t have to worry about the cash you’ll be taking out of your pocket for maintenance. The warranty is good.

The touch screen display is large enough to make feedback reading comfortable. The display is divided into several displays and you can change settings by swiping your finger and nothing more. This is the kind of display that makes our workouts easier and stress-free.

The cushioning system provides comfort and keeps us away from any injury. It’s amazing how this treadmill keeps our bodies brand new even after exhausting programs.

Workouts are customizable and can really enhance your training. Set-a-Goal workouts allow you to customize the program so that it meets your fitness goals. You can listen to music with the quality speakers which include iPod compatibility.

It’s extremely easy to fold the treadmill and to back this all up, the warranty is quite satisfactory, given this machine that basically can do everything.

Main Perks

Having iFit Live with Google Maps included is a straight way to intense, customized, audio coached workouts. We can run wherever we choose to run and secondly, we have the option to begin workouts tailored to our fitness goals. If you’re the race kind of runner, this treadmill will provide you with races through built-in routes.

And while you’re running, you get to see how your competitors are doing and what their strategies are. But you need a laptop for that, and it doesn’t come with the treadmill. Which leads us to Disadvantages section.


You need a wireless connection for iFit Live and you need a laptop if you want to see how your competitors are doing during races.

Overall, we highly recommend this quality treadmill that combines functionality with an affordable price.

UPDATE: The ProForm Power 1080 is no longer available for sale. You can check out all of the latest ProForm treadmills on the official site to see which one is right for you.

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