Matrix TF30 Treadmill Review

Matrix TF30 Treadmill With XR Console


The Matrix TF30 is one of two foldable treadmills newly introduced to the residential market from one of the most well-respected names in the industry. The company decided to bring the high commercial quality that they are known for to the home market, and so far they are doing an incredible job. This machine is compact and durable, a combination you don’t find very often.

The TF30 is ideal for those looking for a rock-solid machine that is maintenance free and will last for years no matter how much use it gets. These are health-club level treadmills, without the exorbitant price tags, making them a great choice for the home gym.

Let’s take a look at the TF30, one of our best buy treadmills and top pick in several different categories.


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Speed : up to 12.5 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.25 HP Johnson Drive System

Display : Three Console Choices

Treadbelt : 20" x 55"

Cushioning : Ultimate Deck System

Folding : Yes

Maximum user weight : 350 lbs.

Warranty : Lifetime for frame, motor, cushioning, 5 years parts, 2 years labor

Matrix TF30 Treadmill - Best Features

Ultimate Deck System

The TF30, as well as its big brother, the Matrix TF50, both feature the Ultimate Deck System, which includes a heavy duty frame and commercial grade cushioning.

This is the same system found in their professional treadmills, which ensures years of use with little or no maintenance required, regardless of how often or how hard you train.

Matrix Treadmill Consoles - XR, XER, XIR

Multiple Console Choices

Perhaps the coolest feature of the Matrix treadmills is the ability to choose one of three consoles that suit your needs.

You have the basic XR LCD display, the XER Intuitive with a 10″ touchscreen and Bluetooth, and the XIR Ultimate with a large 16″ HD touch screen and web browser built in.

The XER and XIR come with a library of apps as well like Netflix, Twitter and Hulu, plus the ability to sync your workouts to My Fitness Pal and other entities.

With each step up you get more features and capabilities, so it’s a matter of finding the console that has what you are looking for.

No other company currently gives you this level of customization.

Foldable Frame

The Matrix TF30, along with the TF50, is one of the few high-end, commercial grade treadmills that actually folds up for storage. (If you don’t need folding check out the T50 model as well.)

So you get the benefits of a health club machine with the convenience of a residential model…the best of both worlds.

ViaFit Tracking and Passport

Another unique feature of the Matrix treadmills is ViaFit connectivity, which allows you to track all of your workouts, share your results with friends, set goals for yourself and more. This really keeps you motivated and one feature that a lot of customers talk about.

The TF30 is also Passport Ready (module sole separately), which means you can watch HD videos of various locations while you run, synced to the speed and intensity of your run.

So it’s like you are actually there training, with the treadmill automatically adjusting to whatever terrain you have chosen.

Other Great Features

The Matrix TF30 includes the exclusive Sprint 8 Interval Training Program, a special workout designed to provide great results in a short period of time.

You also get an additional 5 to 14 built in workouts depending on which console you choose, so you can really change things up from one day to the next and ramp up your results.

The TF30 comes with the durable yet quiet Johnson Drive System, 20″ x 55″ deck, up to 15% incline, max user weight of 350 lbs., transport wheels, heart rate grips, water bottle holder and a solid warranty.

So there’s a lot of nice features included here.

Matrix TF30 Treadmill - Drawbacks

Not Ideal For Very Tall Users

The TF30 is perfect for average size users, but with the 55″ length taller/larger individuals may prefer the TF50 treadmill with a 60″ long deck.

That model has a larger max weight capacity (400 lbs. vs. 350 lbs.), a thicker belt, soft touch buttons and a few additional features.

So if anyone who is using the machine is well above average height or size, they will probably be better served with the TF50.

Otherwise, the TF30 is a perfect choice.

Matrix TF30 Review - Conclusions

The Matrix TF30 is one of the best treadmills you can buy for your home. It’s essentially a health club machine right in your own gym.

Build is second to none, cushioning is ideal, you have good incline, plenty of workouts and console selection that you don’t find anywhere else.

Again, if you are on the tall side consider the TF50 as well. It will be much more comfortable for you. But you really can’t go wrong with either of these two folding treadmills.

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