Matrix T75 Treadmill Review

Matrix T70 High-End Treadmill


The Matrix T75 is one of the newest treadmills in the lineup, replacing the previous top of the line model, the T70. With a powerful, yet quiet motor, commercial-grade cushioning and large runner’s deck, it’s a great choice for those who want the very best for their home gym.


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Speed : up to 12.5 mph

Incline : up to 15%

Motor : 3.0 HP AC Drive System

Display : Three Console Choices

Workout Tracking : Yes, ViaFit

Treadbelt : 22" x 60"

Cushioning : Ultimate Deck System

Maximum user weight : 400 lbs.

Warranty : Lifetime for frame, motor, cushioning, 7 years parts, 2 years labor

Matrix T75 Treadmill - Pros

Advanced Technology

The Matrix T75 features exclusive technologies that make it one of the most powerful, well-designed treadmills on the market today.

The Ultimate Deck System includes a rock solid frame and thick running deck with the most advanced cushioning to minimize impact on your knees and joints.

The Johnson Drive motor is powerful and responsive, yet quieter than most commercial grade treadmills on the market today.

Other unique features on the T75 include ViaFit workout tracking, Passport HD videos and the company’s exclusive Sprint 8, a science-backed interval training program that offers amazing results.

Large Runner's Deck

Just like on its predecessor, the Matrix T70, you get one of the largest running surfaces on the market…a generous 22″ wide and 60″ long.

This gives you plenty of room to stretch out and run, regardless of your height. Most if its competitors have a narrower 20″ deck.

Unique Console Selection

Unlike many other treadmills out there, the Matrix lineup comes with three different console options to choose from, allowing you to customize the machine to fit your needs.

You have the basic XR, which is a wide LCD display; the mid-level XER, which is a 10″ touch screen; and the top of the line XIR, which is a 16″ HD touch screen.

Depending on which console you choose, the machine has different features and workouts included…which we discuss below.

Plenty of Workouts

The Matrix T75 gives you plenty of built in workouts to choose from, which really helps vary your workouts to help you reach your fitness goals.

As we mentioned above they all come with the Sprint 8 interval training program, which alone will give you quite a challenge.

The XR console has 5 total workout programs…the XER gives you 10 total workouts and the XIR gives you 11 programs.

All of the consoles allow for wireless heart rate monitoring, but the two upper levels consoles actually come with a Polar HR strap, which is a nice plus.

Other Great Features

In addition to everything above, the Matrix T75 gives you up to 15% incline capability, water bottle holders, tablet rack, soft touch buttons and aluminum side rails.

Matrix T75 Treadmill - Drawbacks

Not the Cheapest Treadmill

This isn’t a drawback per se, but we really couldn’t find any fault with the new T75, so we had to come up with something. 🙂

At just under $4,000 with the basic console, it’s certainly not the least expensive treadmill you will come across. However, for what you are getting, it’s actually a great price, and cheaper than some of the other commercial models out there.

You should take a look at the Matrix T50 as well, as it has most of the same features and it will cost you about $1000 less.

Matrix T75 Review - Conclusions

If you are looking for the best treadmill money can buy, the Matrix T70 pretty much fits the bill.

The construction is top-notch, the cushioning is commercial-grade, the deck is large and 1 inch think, you have three console choices, plenty of workouts, incline capability and workout tracking.

There’s nothing missing here, and that’s rare even on a higher end treadmill.

We recommend the T75 for the ultimate health club experience right in the comfort of your own home.

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