HealthRider H95t


The HealthRider H95t is an Icon Fitness model well designed and fit for regular training.

For $1,000 you receive a large deck, entertainment features, qualitative components and a wide workouts selection. But parts are backed by a poor warranty.


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Speed : 0-12 mph (19 km/h) 1 Touch

Incline : 0- 12% 1 Touch

Motor : 2.75 CHP , The motor is backed by a standard cushion system. In comparing with other models, this version is built to reduce shock with 15% (compared with road running).

Belt : 20'' x 60'' (50.8cms x 152 cms)

Maximum user weight : 325 lb/ 147 kg

Warranty : lifetime warranty for frame and motor, 1 year warranty for parts and labor


Display Info

There are several display modes that you can access. Each of them shows certain information. Just press repeatedly Display in order to choose the desired display, which will indicate the following information:

– Elapsed time
– Walked/ run distance
– Approximate number of burned calories
– Pace in min/ mile or min/ km
– Speed
– Incline
– Heart rate

Heart Rate Readings: Handlebars

Heart Rate Readings are done through the handlebars sensors. When you use this system keep your hands still for about 15 seconds for more accurate results.


The H95t offers 22 preset workouts, of which 10 Performance workouts, 6 Weight Loss workouts and 6 Distance Workouts, as following:

– 1Mile
– 5K
– 5 Mile
– 10K
– 10 Mile
– Half Marathon

Preset workouts are various enough to sustain training for half marathon.

From our personal point of view we are satisfied with the array of workout programs this treadmill offers.

The preset workouts are easy to access and control. To make your selection, press the iFit Workouts button. Then, press Performance or Weight Loss on the screen or on the console.

When a workout is selected, you’ll have the name, duration, max speed, max incline and a profile of speed settings.

For distance workouts, the duration of the workout will not appear. For performance workouts, the intensity can be changed. You can follow your progress with the display. The flashing segment is the current segment of your workout. Incline and speed can be changed during workout.

There are the competition workouts that are truly interesting and motivating. To select one, press iFit Workouts and then press Competition on the screen or console. In order to personalize race settings, you must go to Settings and select max incline by pressing Increase/ Decrease. Then, select your speed and press Continue.

The race can offer 1 opponent or a group of opponents. If you choose one opponent, select Head to Head. Select an opponent by pressing Next and Back. For each opponent, you’ll have the level of endurance, average speed, maximum speed, level of spirit.

Each opponent may appear in more than once in different levels, tiers or difficulty. The least challenging is tier one and most challenging is tier 3. Press Race Against a Pack to compete against a group. After setting the number of opponents, you can set the distance of the race.

During walking or running, the display can give you an animation of a runner which represents you and of course it is labeled “U”, animations of other runners, a map of your running course on the left side of the screen, the number of seconds you are ahead of the opponents, your rank, speed, incline, approximate nr of calories, distance, elapsed time, heart rate, incline settings, the rate at which your opponents recover energy, the energy that your opponents have left, racing tactics of the other runners, average speed.

Folding: Included

This treadmill can be folded and save you storage space.

Sound System

Connect an MP3 or a CD and you can play your favorite music while exercising from the console. The sound system works well and makes workout much more enjoyable.

iFIT Live Module: Optional

The H95t is compatible with iFit LIVE Module but it’s purchased separately and works with a monthly subscription. We tested this device on other several treadmills and this one too. It’s highly recommended to be purchase if you’re interested in a larger variety of workouts. Also you can download personalized workouts and track workout information on the iFit Live website.

We have a special article dedicated to this feature. Read more in the iFIT Workouts article.

Information Mode

It’s a good thing to have an Information Mode in your workout console, because it makes it easier for the user to keep track of workout information such as: total number of hours that the treadmill has been used and total distance that the belt has moved.


The HealthRider H95t is a good treadmill and we recommend it to all home users with a limited budget, but with a known risk.

There are numerous advantages of this treadmill that make workouts efficient and why not, fun too. After all, it does have attractive entertainment options, such as the music ports and iFit access. But let’s say that entertainment is not something any user needs.

Apart from these options, there are other features that we’re sure any user needs. The advanced shock absorption system reduces impact on joints and knees with 15%. Foot strikes are safe and comfortable, which keeps your body healthy and your workouts long and efficient. There are more advanced systems available but for basic training you don’t need more.

The 2.75 CHP motor and the 20 x 60 inches deck increase the comfort. This is a good combination that makes this treadmill suitable for tall runners which prefer to use speed during workout.

Another advantage is that you receive 22 preprogrammed workouts, which we’ve tried all and enjoyed most of them. You’ll be allowed to race against one or more opponents which is highly motivational. You set the intensity level so this program can be used either you’re a beginner, an intermediate or advanced runner, although it may be harder for beginners to keep up.

It’s also true that you have no fan to cool you down during requiring workouts. For some users, the fan is not questionable. It is our case also.

But its highest disadvantage is the warranty. 1 year for parts and labor is poor and makes us wonder if this treadmill can perform well on a long term as well.

This treadmills price is only $1,000. This is a good price for the varied pack of features that this treadmill presents. Equally good is also the NordicTrack A 2750 Pro Treadmill, with a similar range of features and also for the same price of $1,000. They come from the same manufacturer. For other details go an visit the product page.

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