HealthRider H75t


IMPORTANT: This review of the HealthRider H75t treadmill is obsolete since this model is no longer mass produced and better treadmills are available on the market in 2012.

Read our reviews to learn more about these current models.

The HealthRider H75t is a good-quality budget treadmill that offers a generous selection of workouts, plus it features and iFit slot which completes the exercises options.

A decent motor, a 325 lb maximum user weight and folding options are few of the perks that this treadmill comes with

Its price is $1,000. Either this is a fair price or it’s not, you can decide after you finish reading this review.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : up to 12 mph 1-Touch Speed

Incline : up to 10% 1- Touch Incline

Motor : 2.5 CHP

Belt : 20’’ x 55’’ (51cms x 140cms)

Maximum User Weight : 325 lbs

Warranty : lifetime frame warranty, lifetime motor warranty and 1 year for parts and labor.


Display Info

The H75t uses 3 different displays meant to help you keep track of performance. The Center Display offers 3 display modes, when Manual mode is turned on. You choose the display mode by pressing Graphical Display repeatedly. You’ll be shown the following info:

– Speed
– Walking/ running pace in min/mile or /km
– Approximate number of burned calories
– Elapsed time
– Distance
– Completed laps
– Incline
– Heart rate
– An animation of the road

The left display lists incline, elapsed time or approximate number of burned calories. The right display shows distance or speed, and also the heart rate when handgrip sensors are used.

To see the total number of miles run/walked and calories burned, press Total.

You can also change the Volume level or simply mute it. During workout, the intensity meter will indicate the approximate intensity level of your exercise.

Heart Rate Readings:HadleBars

To measure your heart rate, just stand on the foot rails and hold the metal contacts. Your pulse will be detected and then your heart rate will be displayed. Stay still for another 15 seconds for more accuracy of the result.

It’s hard to use during exercise and have accurate feedback.


The H75t features 12 preset workouts, of which 5 weight loss workouts, 4 aerobic workouts and 3 performance workouts, plus 3 Create and Save workouts.

If you’re not in the mood for a preset workout, you can create your own. In order to do so, press Custom Workouts. Start the belt and setup your speed and incline.

iFIT Workouts


This treadmill also features iFit workouts. You can purchase the iFit cards from the producers or other distributors.

To use it, first insert the iFit card and select a workout by pressing iFit Increase/ Decrease buttons. The exercise is composed of several minute segments, each with preset speed and incline levels. Press Start.

The cool thing about iFit workouts is that you have a personal trainer to guide you with voice enabled. When you’re done remove the iFit card.



Folding treadmill

You can also fold the equipment so that it doesn’t occupy too much space when you’re not working out.

Sound System

The H75t comes with sound system in the console. All you have to do is connect your player to the console, plug in the jack and press Play. You can also adjust volume.

Information Mode

This mode will keep track of the total distance and total number of hours the treadmill has been used. It allows you to set audio settings for the iFit workouts and select miles/km as unit of measurement.

Hold down Stop and insert key into the console, and then release Stop, in order to activate the Information Mode. Just remove the key to exit.


The HealthRider H75t is a 2010 treadmill model that we find quite generous as far as workouts go and quite attractive as far as features go. So yes, this is a treadmill that we recommend, especially if you’re a bit low on cash.

The 2.5 CHP motor is not the strongest, but it sustains flawlessly the workouts selection that come with this treadmill. There are 5 weight loss workouts, 4 Personal Trainer, 3 Performance and 3 Create and Save workouts. It’s enough if you just want to stay fit.

And don’t forget about the iFit workouts that are a serious add-on for the exercise this treadmill offers. They cost additional money, but they are recommended to be bought. Read more in the iFIT Workouts article.

Users up to 325 pounds may use this treadmill, which is great news. So is the power incline control that simply crowns this model.

A disadvantage is that calories are not read with accuracy. You can’t insert your profile details and therefor calories calculations are based on a general formula (let’s say 15% accurate).

Also, there are some problems with the heart rate monitoring system.

The warranty for parts is poor. It’s the first detail that make us believe that you may have to start investing in new parts soon after the 1 year guarantee expires.

Still, this is a $1,000 treadmill that provides a correct balance between price and quality. You may find machines with similar features, but also with small functional issues, for less than $800. Just do a quick scan of all your options, before making up your mind.

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