HealthRider Club Series H155t


IMPORTANT: This review of the HealthRider Club Series H155t treadmill is obsolete since this model is no longer mass produced and better treadmills are available on the market in 2012.

Read our reviews to learn more about these current models.

HealthRider Club Series H155t is a model that comes with diverse entertainment features for little price.

When we say little price we refer to $1,600 and although not a small amount of money, it’s small when you list a TV Console as part of the buy.

The rest of the features are basic for this price category and the offer comes with a limited warranty.


Click Specifications to see detailed model info

Speed : 0 -12 mph (19 km/h)

Incline : up to 12 %

Motor : 3.5 CHP Commercial Pro Motor

Belt : 20 x 60 inches/ 51 x 152 cm, The belt is backed by adjustable cushion system (a feature we appreciate on any treadmill that has it). For more firmness, you must step off the treadmill and slide the platform cushions toward the front. For less firmness, slide it toward the back. This cushioning system absorbs impact on the knees and ankles and makes you feel comfortable during workout, while also keeping you safe. The more you weigh or faster you run, the firmer the cushion should be.

Maximum Weight Capacity : 350 lbs/ 159 kg

Fan : Included

Folding options : Included, The treadmill doesn't have any easy fold up system. It's heavy so pay attention to not hurt yourself.

Sound System : IPOD compatible First, connect your player to the console. Then, follow instructions regarding the audio jack and press Play. If you add up the personal television, this console becomes quite entertaining.

Warranty : lifetime for frame and motor, and 1 year for parts and labor.


Display Info

The display system offers 5 options. There is the Matrix that displays a ¼ mile/ 400 meter long track. The segments will activate according to your current segment.

The Time Display shows the elapsed time.

The Distance/ Incline Display shows the walked/ run distance and the incline for a few seconds when the incline changes.

The Calorie/ Pulse Display shows the approximate number of burned calories and the Speed Display shows the speed of the belt.

This is the basic feedback you need in order to keep yourself on “the right track”, so to speak.

Heart Rate Readings

through handles

Stand on the foot rails and hold metal contacts on the handrails, while avoiding moving your hands for 15 seconds. This system is difficult to use during an intensive workout.


There are 28 preset workouts of which 6 Distance workouts:
* 1 Mile
* 5 K
* 5 Mile
* 10 K
* Half Marathon

There are also 10 Performance workouts, 10 Weight loss workouts, 9 Aerobic Workouts and 4 Create and Save workouts.

In order to select a preset workout, first you have to press Weight Loss, Aerobic Fitness or Performance. After selection, the display will give you duration of workout, maximum incline, workout number and maximum speed setting.

If you want to create a My Memory workout, press the My Memory button repeatedly until you reach the desired program. Make your selection and set incline and speed. Then, start your workout.

There is one detail in particular that you’ll find pretty attractive about this console. You can adjust the intensity of your workouts any time you want. Whenever you feel you want to take it slower or maybe you need to run a little faster, just set your desired intensity and the program will adjust to your request.

Entertainment: Personal Television

This treadmill is designed to keep you focused and in motion through its entertainment options.

The TV console must be properly set-up before use. Make sure there is a CATV cable, an antenna or the AV wire connected to the console. You can also connect a VCR or a DVD player, and then you surf through the available channels until you get to the one you want. Make sure the settings are set correctly. Select a source by pressing TV/ AV button repeatedly. You have a remote control to browse through Channels and adjust volume.

Press Menu to enter the main menu and Exit when you are finished. Follow instructions as they will guide you through your settings.

Information Mode

With this personal record of the console you can keep track of total distance of the walking belt and total number of hours that the treadmill has been used. To select it, hold down Stop while inserting the key into the console and then release the button.


Until recently HealthRider Club Series H155t was a gym model. But its features and settings make it more compatible with Home Gyms. Although not the most advanced treadmill, for light joggers who want entertainment this is a recommended option.

First off, let’s talk about quality. This is a basic HealthRider model with standard quality. Even the TV console it’s not the best you can find, but it works and this is important. While we used it the treadmill performed well. Still we are reluctant when we see treadmills with only 1 year warranty for parts and labor.

Secondly, let’s talk about utility. You can’t complain about workouts diversity, because there are plenty of options available: 28 preset programs and 4 customized workouts. You can choose out of a generous array of programs or you can design your own. And while exercising, it is easy to follow your progress with the 4 displays, each showing specific information that helps increase performance.

Also we like the the cushioning system that can be adjusted. This is a big plus.

Feedback isn’t complete, though. You can’t enter your weight and age, nor gender. If you did, feedback would be more specific. And this is something that we find very important in a console, although not quintessential. After all, the workout selection is so various that will make your workouts worthwhile. Plus, we would really enjoy a wireless heart rate system to backup our effort all the way.

Thirdly, let’s talk about entertainment. At least, for those who want it. There are runners that don’t need music, TV or any other kind of entertainment. But there are others who need it in order to keep themselves on the track. It’s easy to lose focus on the treadmill, this is a fact. So, it’s recommended to use whatever works in order to keep you motivated, while shedding some extra pounds. So this console offers you a personal television, easy to adjust and a decent quality sound system.

Add a powerful motor and a long belt, and in the end you get a good $1600 investment for the HealthRider Club Series H155t.

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