Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill

Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill with Turbo Training


The T-45 is Bodyguard’s mid-range treadmill, improving upon the base T-30 model with more diverse workouts, including the Turbo Training interval program. At a little over $3,000, it is on the pricey side, but it is a solid, gym-quality cardio machine with everything you need to get into your best shape.


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Speed : 0.5 - 12 mph

Incline : 0% - 15%

Motor : 3 HP DC motor

Belt : 22" x 56"

Step-up height : 7.25 in

Cushioning system : Bodyguard Dissipation System

Folding options : Not included

Maximum user weight : 400 lbs.

Unit dimensions : 74" x 30" x 54"

Unit weight : 272 lbs.

Warranty : Lifetime for frame and drive motor, 10 years for parts and 3 years labor

Best Features

Turbo Training/Programs

As we mentioned above, one of the unique features on the T-45 model that is not found on the base T-30 treadmill is Turbo Training.

This is a unique high-acceleration interval program that was created to mimic a sprint workout, offering cardio benefits that take your fitness to the next level.

You also get an additional 14 workouts including speed, hills, heart rate, track, calorie, JustGo, distance and random…so there are plenty of ways to vary your routine each time you get on the treadmill.

Advanced Cushioning

The Bodyguard T-45, as well as the other two treadmills in the lineup, come with the patented BDS cushioning system.

This is about as close as it gets to an outdoor track feel, keeping your feet stable while minimizing impact on your knees and joints. Along with the X-Frame, the BDS system ensure that you are running in the most natural, comfortable way, allowing you to remain on the treadmill longer for better results.

Safegrip Handles

Another unique feature on the T-45 is the safe grip handles, unlike the straight bars you find on most treadmills. It is much easier to grip, especially if you find yourself slipping off the machine, and you can also rest your towel on it for easy access.

Incline Capability

You can ramp up the machine up to 15%, which gives you the ability to further target different muscle groups in the legs as well as increase your cardio burn. So even if you choose to use it manually, rather than choose one of the many workout programs that are built in, you can still change your incline to make the workout more challenging.

Other Great Features

The T-45 comes with a powerful, efficient 3HP motor, up to 12 mph speed with quick adjustment keys, a 400 lb. weight capacity and a 6.5″ LCD screen, also upgraded from the T-30 model.



There’s plenty to like about the T-45 treadmill from Bodyguard. We love the advanced cushioning, which is as good as it gets even in the commercial world. You have a wide array of programs including the turbo training, heart rate and plenty of others.

You have incline capability, a nice display, USB port and adjustable feet for leveling. You also get a nice heavy max weight capacity and solid warranty.


Although we like the T-45, it does have a few drawbacks that are worth mentioning. For starters, the belt is 22″ x 56″. The width is great, but the length might be an issue for runners, especially taller ones with very long strides.

As such you might want to take a look at the T-75 model, which offers a 22″ x 60″ belt as well as decline training to -3%.

Also, at this price level it would be nice to have workout tracking capability, and perhaps a touch screen display like you find on some of the others, like the Matrix treadmills.

Bottom Line

The Bodyguard T-45 is a very solid gym quality treadmill, with plenty of features and capabilities that you will surely appreciate. The company stands behind its products and you will get years of maintenance free enjoyment from it.

However, if you are more into workout tracking, sharing and that sort of thing, you’ll be better off with a Matrix treadmill.

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